Rothesay 5:6

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Rothesay 5:6

Postby Sir Haldavis » Tue May 09, 2023 6:23 pm

They captured fortified cities and a fertile land.
They took possession of houses full of every good thing,
Hewn cisterns, vineyards, olive groves,
Fruit trees in abundance.
So they ate, were filled and grew fat,
And reveled in Your great goodness.

Repurposing Nehemiah to plan for taking Minarsis. Add ideas and thoughts in this thread.

Information gathering
    metalsmiths- observing the easily observed, seeing only what Caldeth's doing now
    may want update before spring; new spies?
    embed undercover person going to Vemion
    interrogate person coming back from Vemion
    psionic scrying, other keeps if not Minarsis
    are his allies, or attempts to gain them, a weak link?
    who might be his recruits, confidants?
    can we use someone from Baseta or Kolorn?
    can we infiltrate via Laranian abbies (Lyntord, Irtivir, Halaina)?
    can we visit Nenda via the Silver/Vemion ways (or up the Selene)?
    can we learn anything from the miners' guild?

Whatever we're doing, Caldeth is probably doing too. How do we stop it?
    look out for new people, be suspicious of eager volunteers (ours or allies)
    keep planning on the DL
    mentally shield the inner circle
    watch out for subversion at Baseta, weaseling from Kolorn
    feed disinformation to folks and see where it travels
    invent plans for fake spies to feed Caldeth's suspicions
    find out what mercenaries he's talking to

Straight up military conquest
This is what the Queen wants but it might weaken us or destroy the prize
Recruit more knights, soldiers; promise land and/or treasure
    contacts via our back stories or bar visits
    invites from tourney entrants
    hiring mercenary companies/caravan guards
    bring in siege engineers and sappers (from Tharda?)
    find out what Prehil is doing (as Sh. Vemion)
    how to use Scina and Dariune's men
    other foreign mercenaries? vikings? :wink:

Weaken/peel off Caldeth's forces
    put a thumb on his current vassals
    hobble his horses, torch his forges
    make sure Neph doesn't ally with him

Economic strangulation
This is a two-edged sword but could be used to threaten
    inderdict the wool harvest
    spoil his harvest or growing crops
    corner the grain market ourselves

If there was no Declaen, and no wife/heir, why not accept the Queen's choice (Ewen). Sure, we can't have it be traced to us...
    send in Cekiya or hire Navehans
    turn one of Caldeth's loyal retainers
    set an ambush in Vemionshire
    blow his mind, as much as that can be done remotely
    character assassination to turn vassals against him?
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