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Over the past two decades, the Jarin of Orbaal have quietly seethed in their discontent, awaiting the right moment to rise up against their Ivinian overlords. The previous uprising in 702-3, primarily in the Lorkin region, lasted only as long as it took for the Ivinians to muster enough troops to retake the fortress. The brief interruption of Ivinian control in Lorkin in 721 has not been forgotten, but since it had little or nothing to do with the Jarin, and due to its macabre nature, it is not spoken of willingly. The fragmented Jarin, have yet to find the right spark to unite them, and the three major Jarin lords of Leriel, Gwaeryn, and Pethwys, have seen no reason to upset the status quo.

That changed late in 729. On the 30th of Navek, Eamonn Marwyn, Prince of Leriel was murdered in his bed, apparently with an axe. The deed was widely attributed to an Ivinian. Within two weeks, King Alegar refused to confirm Eamonn’s grandson Eagan, as the new prince. He produced a witness who claimed the princess was raped many years ago, and that his father Eafyn was sired by the rapist, not the dead prince. Alegar sends huscarls to seize the castle saying that without a direct heir, Leriel is forfeit to him. As discontent simmered throughout the kingdom, the Jarin princes met, inviting leaders of the Jarin resistance, most of whom refused to attend. Throughout the spring, sporadic conflict flared up between the Jarin and the Ivinians.

By Peonu, King Alegar II had mustered his huscarls and begun the march to Leriel. On the way, he invests Pethwys, and its Lord, Felan Weymyss flees to Leriel with his men. As Alegar marched, the Aenghysa, under the leadership of a hitherto unknown Jarin Lord named 'Lodros,' attacked and leveled Arone. They subsequently seized Shese and Lorkin, the latter reputedly by treachery. Afterwards, it was said the Jarin executed every Ivinian they could find. By early Kelen, Alegar had laid siege to Leriel, but had also sent spies to learn what is happening in the east. They did not return.

In the chaos, several of the Ivinian lords of Orbaal conducted raids to settle old scores. Bjan Verakaar, the Lord of Tandir, took the opportunity to raid Geldeheim while Alegar's attention was diverted. Meanwhile, the Jarin Lord of Gwaeryn marched to support Leriel.

Somehow alerted to events far away, King Arren II of Tharda had already mustered several of his legions and sailed to Orbaal with several of his barons and the Earls of Westmarch and Gerium. They landed at Arathel in Nolus, and Tursi Cyeen, Lord of Arathel surrendered at once. King Arren ordered the Earl of Gerium to take control of the surrounding area and secure as much food as possible. He then reembarked and set sail for Cape Akag. Once there, he quickly seized the lightly defended Tandir Castle. Lord Verakaar, having successfully raided Geldeheim and carried away King Alegar's dragonship, returned to find the crack I Legion of Tharda in control of his lands. Taken by surprise, his forces were overwhelmed and Lord Verakaar was slain by the Earl of Westmarch. King Arren then seized Gyfyn and Quiam.

In mid-Larane, lack of water forced the surrender of Leriel. Under cover of night, the Princes of Leriel and Gwaeryn and most of the better soldiers slipped away, leaving the castle virtually undefended. They made their way east, hoping to reach Lorkin. King Alegar left Hunris Hammarkel, Lord of Shien, to hold Leriel, while he took his huscarls and allies and returned to Geldeheim. He also sent for help to his Agrikan allies in Quimen, though they were slow to respond.

In the intervening time, King Arren and the Earl of Westmarch had scouted the terrain south of Fjaga. Early in Azura, word came that Alegar, having called in all his loyal lords, had raised what power he could and had begun to march north towards Tandir. King Arren commanded the Earl of Westmarch to array the I Legion in a line just south of the small village of Ronaryl. At the same time, he put his knights under the command of Sir Pavers Xelados, and moved them into an ambush position.

When King Alegar arrived, he found the road held against him, but as he was emerging from a pass, he could not scout the area and fully determine the force before him. However, he had a low opinion of the 'southrons' as he termed them, and did not expect they would be a match for his peerless huscarls. He ordered as assault against the enemy. Although they were slowed somewhat by King Arren's archers, they crossed the field and engaged the medium foot of the Legion. As the battle joined, Alegar saw his young adversary through the confusion, and turned to his key advisor, Bjan Drogo and said, "Before this day is done I'll have that whelp's head on a pike." At that moment, Sir Pavers launched his attack, and the cream of Thardan knights hit the Orbaalese flank hard. Though stalwart and brave, the huscarls were on foot, and they proved no match for the mounted cavalry of Arren II. As they broke, and scattered, Sir Pavers and a group of the household knights made for Alegar, and before anyone could react, had captured him.

King Arren was in possession of the field, and with his Royal captive, he retired to Tandir. There he ordered the captured dragonship to be burned, and leaving the Earl of Westmarch to hold the castle, boarded ship with many of his troops and sailed back to Tharda, Alegar II with him.

At the end of Azura, the soldiers of Tharda held Arathel, Gyfyn, Quiam, and Tandir. Fjaga and Gwaeryn were largely abandoned. The Jarin held Lorkin and Shese, and the Orbaalese - bereft of their King, the rest.
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