Good News!

PBF Campaign begins here

Good News!

Postby Matt » Thu Aug 11, 2005 6:47 pm

The pregames of the three Selds, Haefnir, and Laenvan are complete. I plan to begin the PBF in earnest by the weekend.

All five of you (sans Erdrick who has not been heard from and may or may not join in progress) are encouraged through the private forums or the Development Area to converse with each other, get to know your characters, and definitely plan and speculate on activities you would like to jointly pursue.

Next steps for me are to finish the detailed description of the Battle of Fjaga in which all of you participated and all of you survived (obviously), the Royal Moot which follows in Geldeheim, and kicking off the full group in a group thread tentatively titled "Gamezone" (if you have a better name, please let me know).

Look for another announcement here over the weekend when all that's done.

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