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Postby Imarë » Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:54 pm

Well, we need to discuss how to put into action the knowledge gained by Cekeia (the annual color) before it is announced. Since we have only a few hours, either pay someone an inordinate amount of currency (Sir Ewen has just added around 150 pounds to his wallet) to make an entire outfit or have small amounts of the color added to an existing outfit (cumberbund, scarf, lapels etc). Since we have only about 5 hours, I don't even know if the first is possible. It might cost quite a bit even to get the fabric (as it is officially a secret and nobody would want to be thought of as giving the information away. Maybe Sir Ewen could go to bookies and bet on the color of the year and get some more filthy lucre. Any thoughts?
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Postby Lord Ewen » Wed Apr 29, 2009 5:20 pm

Glad you brought this up, because I left the session a trifle mystified about how this color thing actually works.

The dyers and clothiers are in on the secret, but can't divulge the color until it's officially rolled out, right? Now, when is that again?

Is there nothing to stop a customer from walking into a clothiers and saying, "I want a floppy pin-cushion-type hat in indigo" (or whatever we're calling this year's hue), and fair's fair as long as the clothier didn't spill the beans? Or is all the dyed fabric in lockdown until the rollout, and major bribes and plausible deniability will be called for, just to get a garment created without the clothier being cast into the gibbets?

Do we (or Filen) know the answers to these questions, or are we flying blind here, and need to find out?
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Postby Matt » Sun May 17, 2009 3:24 pm

Apparently, I was supposed to weigh in on this question. Sorry - didn't realize. In any event, the King chooses the color at the summer fair, and it's known to those in the guild from that point. It's 'officially' rolled out for the start of the season on Savor 5. It's likely that there are other leaks, and it wouldn't be surprising to see people in the color.
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