First session 1-7 Nuzyael 720

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First session 1-7 Nuzyael 720

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1 Nuzyael 720

Two days ago two small fishboats went missing and have not returned. A watch was posted and a watchfire started on the nearby headland to keep a watch for the returning fisherman.

Early this morning the watch called "The boats are here, the boats are here!"

There was a great commotion aroung the thran of Hilzstrom. As the villagers made their way down to the docks they saw that not two boats but one were making their way to the docks and instead of a crew of 6 or so the boat was being crewed by a solitary crewman. Other bodies could be seen onboard but they appeared to be injured.

As the boat approached the docks several of the watchers tied the boat off. "Where are the others" a spectator cries. The lone fisherman replies "We were on the western edge of Geld Bay, when someone in the other boat saw a ship with a black sail approaching". Everone knew that the black sail could only mean Rognan pirates. The fisherman continued "We were no match for it, it caught us quickly and slew all those aboard the other boat, which sank, we thought that they might choose to take it and leave but the boat sank and they started to pursue us. They started firing arrows at us and it was not long before all about me were dead or dying. Bodies fell on me, I think that is why they did not kill me I was hidden."

As the fisherman relates his story the spectators can see 2 other men in the boat both are badly wounded. The first with an arrow through his upper arm and the second with an arrow to his upper leg. "They left us for dead I think, anyway, once the pirates left, I pushed the dead into the sea and began to sail back home."

The two wounded men are lifted carfully from the small boat and taken away to be treated.

By this time Jarlaas Jalten the clan Valhakar has made his way down to the docks and he hears the story from the fisherman.

Once all the men have been taken away Jarlaas turns to one of his huscarls and says "Jurgen fetch the thrangaad we need to sort out this mess!"

The warband disperses along with the rest of the crowd and go about their business.

Later in the day the warband are summoned to the clan longhouse.

Jarlaas sits at the head of the table and the thrangaad are assembled around him, Jarlaas asks that the group be seated.

Once the warband have seated Jarlaas continues "These pirates are ruining us, their continual attacks are bleeding us dry. It is time that something was done and done quickly. You are to travel to Horko and ask the Valhakar of clan Taaren for assistance, we cannot stand up to these pirates alone any longer. Kjarl I hear that you have completed your apprenticeship under my brother so I am sending you so that you will be able to bear witness to our plight and so that you may see your family once again and plead our case before them. The rest of you are to accompany him."

"Take your leave of your families and make the necessary preparations for your journey." With that the warband are dismissed.

The warband visit the docks and arrange for a small boat to take them to Horko. They spend the rest of the day preparing their gear and organising supplies.

2 Nuzyael 720

The warband makes their way through the morning fog down to the docks, they are met by the master pilot of the vessel. He says "The conditions are too bad for us to put to sea, we shall wait until the fog burns off and see if this wind will die down some."

Several hours later with the fog burnt off and the wind dying down some the warband board the vessel and under the direction of the master pilot the crew make sail and head northeast towards Horko.

The voyage is uneventful with the vessel arriving late in the day. The weather conditions make the last leg of the trip difficult requiring the warband to take to oars and row into Horko's docks.

Once the vessel is tied off the warband led by Kjarl make their way through the steets of Horko towards clan Taaren's longhouse. All except Kjarl are bewildered by the size of the town.

On arriving at the longhouse the warband are greeted by members of the Taaren clan. There is much excitement within the longhouse as it has been some 7 years since Kjarl was here and all are interested in catching up. An audience is arranged for the warband to meet Lord Taaren.

Before long the warband are shown into the hall. Seated at the end of a hall is Lord Taaren and seated around him are his thrangaad. Kjarl approaches his Lord and says "My lord I have been sent on behalf on clan Jalten to request your help. The pirates of Rognan have proved to be more of a menace to them to your other tributories my Lord." Taking a step forward he continues "These last two years have seen the pirates strike on more than one occassion, the last time but two days ago, when two fishing boats were attacked for no apparent cause or gain, leaving 2 men fighting for their lives and another 9 men dead or drowned."

Looking around the thrangaad Kjarl continues "They need your help urgently."

Lord Taaren stands as do the rest of the thrangaard and warband following his lead. "I will discuss this matter with my thrangaad. I will talk further on this matter tomorrow, but for now let us lay a table fit for your return. You and your friends have the hospitality of my hall for this night."

"Come Kjarl tell me of your time in Hilzstrom, there are others keen to see you also." With that his mother and father enter the hall. Serving staff offer all mead to drink.

A feast is laid out that equals any meal the warband has ever had. There is much merryment during the night. Each member of the warband offering up his voice for song or tale and all perform well except for Raan who tried to relate a tale told to him by Tyralin but did not remember important details to the saga and thus ruined its effect.

Much mead and food consumed by all. Kjarl is welcomed home by all and sundry.

3 Nuzyael 720

The morning breaks with the thralls stepping over bodies where they have fallen during the night. The warband slowly awake with that slight soreness to the head following a night of drinking. Kjarl on the other hand having been offered drinks all night by his friends and family is suffering the effects of a severe hangover.

The warband is offered a small breakfast which all partake in. Although some eat more than others.

Soon after breakfast the group breaks up and goes in search of Horko. Anvil and Atol find a group of huscarls training and Atol asks to join which he is invited to do and after an hour or so has suffered enough insults from Anvil that he decides to call it quits. After lunch he wanders the town stopping at a weaponcrafter's establishment where after much bargaining he picks up a new handaxe which seems to have a better balance and keener edge than the one he already owned and for an exchange of weapons plus 100d he walked away with a new handaxe.

Kjarl sought out an apothecary and purchased a vile concoction that quickly cured his aching head. He then spent the day showing Kalyn around the town. Taking her to the metalsmith's so that she could compare the works to her brothers. All the metalsmiths remember her brother as being a hard working journeyman for them and all sent their greetings to him on her return to Hilzstrom.

Raan made his way down to the docks where he spent the better part of the day telling and listening to stories told by the fisherman and the fishmongers of the docks.

Later in the afternoon the warband are summoned to the Valhakar's hall once again. As they entered the Valhakar and his thrangaad were assembled before them. Lord Taaren spoke first "My companions and I have spoken to great lenghts on what should be done for clan Jalten. It is now decided that we shall assemble a crew for the ship 'Ghostrider' from each of the clans and sail to Orbaal, there to partition clan Taareskeld to send warriors to assist in our fight with the Rognans. Our warriors may yet be needed in the war against Ibanvaal and I await the call to arms from clan Stahler. I therefore cannot spare more than 5 men from each clan, they will assemble here in 5 days hence and then from here to Geldeheim."

Lord Taaren stands and is joined by the thrangaad. "You have the hospitality of my hall again for the night. You may either stay here and await the clans to muster or you are free to return to Hilzstrom."

With that Lord Taaren and his thrangaad leave the hall.

The warband amuse themselves for a few hours before dinner. During the meal Lord Taaren approaches Kjarl and says "You have been with clan Jalten now these last 7 years. They appear to be bearing the brunt of these raids and so I ask that you go as a representative of their clan but bear the Taaren clan name to the task." Kjarl nods his head and replies "I would be honoured to do your bidding My Lord." The evening meal was a much more subdued affair than the night before, but the food was well prepared and like the mead and ale plentiful.

After the meal Kjarl's father approaches his son and says "It is good you have completed your apprenticeship. I hear you will travel to Geldehiem with the Jalten clan." Kjarl nods his head in agreement. Kjarl's father continues "I think it would serve your training well if you were to stay in Geldeheim and work as a journeyman shipwright under the master there, I hear of his reputation and to have this master's mark your papers will serve you well when you wish to become a master yourself." All Kjarl can say is "As you wish, father."

4 Nuzyael 720

The group awoke the next morning and after packing their gear made their way to the docks to find that their ship had sailed the day before. After much arguing the warband decided that no one had asked the ship to stay.

They then turned about and headed down the road. Passing through several small thrans the group make their way home. The only encounter is with 4 huscarls outside the thran of Wurzstorm where they are challenged and asked for their credentials. On seeing the name Taaren the group are allowed to pass quickly and without incident.

The warband return home late in the afternoon. They are summoned to the longhouse where Jarlaas asks to hear what was said at the audience. On hearing the reply and the response promise from the Taarens, Jarlaas slaps his knee and yells in praise.

It is deemed that as Kjarl was selected by Lord Taaren to represent his clan he instructs Kalyn, Atol, Raan and Anvil to accompany Kjarl on his mission.

The members of the warband are united with their family members and each is hit with questions of Horko.

5 -6 Nuzyael 720

The warband spend the next several days making the necessary preparations for the trip back to Horko and their first trip in a warboat.

7 Nuzyael 720

The warband having said their farewells to friends and family depart Hilzstrom and begin the journey to Horko. Arriving in Horko late afternoon they can see other clans have started to assemble making their camp in the commons to the northwest of the town.

The warband decide to join them and as the day draws to a close more and more clans begin to arrive and just before sunset it appears that all have arrived.

With fires lit the rain begins to fall. Anvil has found refuge on the floor of one of the local inns and Kjarl spends the night with his family in the clan longhouse.

Early in the evening Lord Taaren appears on the commons with a small entourage. He stands before the gathered mass and yells "Welcome my kinsman. It is good to see that all the clans have answered my call. On the morning tide you shall sail to Orbaal and deliver a message to my kinsman of clan Taareskeld and ask for his assistance. Taking this message for me will be this man...." a man his appearance hard to make out in this light moves forward he is of average height and build. "His name is Orin and he is entrusted with the task of delivering my message."

Lord Taaren then calls another man forward "and this man will be your pilot for the journey Turaas Latheson. No better pilot is there than he for he is entrusted with my clans warboat for this task. The ship is being provisioned as I speak and will be ready to sail on the mornings tide."

Lord Taaren and his entourage turn and make their way back to the clan longhouse.

There is a murmur throughout the encampment as each man talks to his neighbour about the coming days.

Soon after as the rain lightens and the fires die down the group begin to head to bed.
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