Session Three 22nd - 24th Nuzyael 720

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Session Three 22nd - 24th Nuzyael 720

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22nd Nuzyael 720

The warband awakens and begin to pack their gear away and make a start for Pled. Atol looks at his bruised stomach and shoulder and notices that it looks like the bruises are starting heal already.

Kalyn noticing that the warband are making preparations for the road says to the group “Should we not wait and see Ran as he instructed yesterday?”

The warband discusses the option of leaving now and forgetting about Ran but soon decide that waiting might be the wisest option.

Making their way down to the inn they join some of the crew of the ‘Ghostrider’ breaking their fast. It is not long after the group starts their breakfast when the inn is full of sailors all wanting to eat. The inn hums with activity and the innkeeper although working furiously has a smile on his face.

As the meal winds down the sailors begin to go about their business for another day.

The warband wait till after breakfast for Ran to appear. With impatience the warband wait, Ran fails to show and Anvil leaves the inn to find him.

Making his way to ‘the Boot’ Anvil sees the town starting to wake up. Villagers making their way into the fields to finish the preparations on the fields, guildsman setting up their workshops to start another days work.

On entering ‘the Boot’ Anvil finds Ran sitting at a bench alone enjoying the last of his breakfast. Anvil notices one of the staff sporting several bruises around his face but he is unable to remember seeing this man around the inn before. This man was fairer than the other Jarin and might have passed for an Ivinian to the unaware.

Anvil asks Ran what happened to him and Ran replied “that he needed reminding of his place”.

Ran tells Anvil that he has decided to travel with them to Pled and see about gaining passage to Sherwyn with the warband and that if they intended to travel with him, he will be leaving at first light tomorrow.

“How far is it to Pled?” asks Anvil. “2 to 3 days walk I believe.” answers Ran.

The warband on hearing this news complain about another wasted day in town.

After breaking his fast Kjarl made his way down to the docks and spoke with Orin and told him “the warband has found employment in Sherwyn and will be leaving the boat and crew soon to make their way there.” Orin replied “It is good you are finding your feet young Kjarl your Uncle will be glad. Go with Sarajin and may the Grey Slayer watch over you and your companions.”

The warband spends the rest of the day making preparations for the trail, ordering trail rations and bread from the innkeeper, while 2 wineskins are filled and will be ready for the travellers when they leave.

23rd Nuzyael 720

The warband is awoken by one of the inn staff, it is still dark outside as the warband pack their equipment and make preparations to leave.

Atol notices that the bruises around his torso are healing nicely and his shoulder is starting to get a little more movement in it.

As the warband makes their way downstairs the innkeeper sees them and approaches “Would you be liking something to eat before you leave good sir’s?” he says. “No we will eat on the road” replies Atol.

Anvil asks if the provisions that were requested are ready and the innkeeper replies that they indeed are and orders one of the staff to fetch the supplies.

As the warband leaves the inn the first speckles of rain hit their faces. A light rain has begun to fall and seems to have begun not long ago.

“Tis not a good omen for our journey,” says Kjarl.

In the gaining light the warband notices a figure looming out of the darkness and as the figure approaches they recognise Ran.

Once the warband has assembled they head along the trail leaving behind Geldeheim.

The warband spend the morning following a well defined trail easily wide enough for 2 carts to pass with drainage ditches either side.

By mid morning the warband have entered and left several small thrans several of which contain Ivinian clanhouses, arriving at a larger thran which holds a keep. The countryside is mainly cultivated land of which some has been ploughed and sown, some appears to have been ploughed and is awaiting sowing and still some lies fallow. This land is interspersed with small copses of woods.

In the fallow fields sheep and goats can be seen grazing.

Deciding to push on they leave this larger settlement behind and follow a less defined but still recognisable trail some 10’ across that would be capable of allowing 2 carts to pass at a pinch.

Following the trail the warband continues their journey. In the distance the warband notices a thran and behind that what appears to be some distance away wooded mountains loom.

On entering the thran the warband notices a clan longhouse sited on a small hill. The warband decide to have lunch while in the thran. While here the warband make enquiries about the relative safety of those mountains in the distance. “There is nought to worry about in those hills,” they are told.

It is not long before the warband leave the thran behind and leave it behind. Less than a mile later the warband leaves behind the last of the cultivated lands and begins to climb up into the wooded mountains.

Several hours before sunset the warband spy 2 figures leaning against some trees amongst their shade. As the warband approach the 2 figures stand and move onto the trail, one of the figures is considerably shorter than his companion.

“Well met.” says Raan as they near these strangers. “Well met, travellers.” replies the taller of the 2 men. “I am in need of assistance if you are willing to give it.” says the tall stranger.

“What is it you require?” asks Kjarl. “There are some Jarin rebels not more than a half mile or so into the woods but there are too many for my son and I to handle and thus require some assistance.”

“Jarin rebels, you say!” says Kjarl as he rubs his chin. “Of course we will help.” says Atol and Anvil almost at the same time. “Excellent, I am Balir and this is my son Haldirs of clan Arsen. My son can lead the way.” Balir continues.

“Forgive our rudeness.” says Kjarl as he introduces the warband .

“There is between 8-12 rebels in the camp, they are not well armed or armoured from our reckoning.” says Balir.

“I cannot fight” say Ran and it is quickly decided that Ran will stay at the back and try to keep out of trouble. Anvil hands Ran his axe and says take this in case of trouble. Ran looks at the axe strangely but accepts the offer.

Haldirs leads the group through the woods arriving at the rebel encampment shortly before sunset.

“You stay here and look after you son, Balir.” says Atol. “I AM A HUSCARL TO CLAN KONIG AND I WILL NOT STAND BY IDLY AND WATCH THIS FIGHT, my son and I are capable of looking out for ourselves in this fight.”

“I mean no offence.” replies Atol. “There is none taken, Atol” Balir says with a smile. A smile creeps across Haldir's face too.

The encampment can easily be seen from the glow of a fire against the trees. As the warband approaches they can see 9 men around the fire. 2 stand and appear to be on watch while one group of 3 sits near the fire while another group of 4 sits nearby. “Let the archers weaken their numbers first then move in.” says Kjarl.

Anvil and Raan creep to the other side of the camp while the main body moves forward. While they move through the trees one of the sentries stops and turns in their direction. He stands still for several moments and then turns and moves to his companion. After a brief conversation the second sentry turns in their direction.

They both stand watching for several moments, when the first sentry turns and heads towards one of the seated groups.

Raan is the first to loose an arrow taking the second sentry in the belly. Yelling in pain the sentry keeps his feet. A second arrow follows from Anvil which strikes a tree before the other sentry.

Anvil looses a second arrow which strikes the second sentry in the chest and he falls to the ground unconcious. Raan follows with another arrow at the other sentry which flies wide.

The Rebels startled by the companions cry leaps to their feet grabbing at weapons and shields as they do.

Haldirs looses an arrow and strikes one of the defenders in the back another cry of pain echoes through the woods. Atol sensing his moment leaps from cover and charges the rebels camp.

Kjarl and Kalyn join in the charge on the camp to assist Atol.

Anvil fires another arrow into the camp striking one of the defenders in the belly. Raan fires on a second defender but misses.

Haldirs lets fly with another arrow striking his target in the back. The rebel collapses to the ground. Atol continues his move on the camp and setting himself upon on the defenders, strikes but the blow is deflected by the rebels shield.

2 rebels move in to join the fight against Atol as the first rebel swings a blow with his axe but the blow was deflected. The second rebel swings at Atol, Atol is unable to deflect the blow which lands savagely on his left knee and with a cry of pain Atol collapses to the ground.

Kjarl and Kalyn both move into contact with the rebels and Kjarl strikes at one of the rebels catching his shield with his spear and sundering the shield with his blow. The remnants of the shield falls to the ground destroyed.

Kalyn stikes out at her opponent and strikes him in the left calf as he tries to deflect her blow with his shield.

Anvil fires another arrow at the lone group of rebels standing about trying to figure where these arrows are coming from, striking one rebel in chest he falls to ground without a sound.

Balir arrives and stands over the unconcious body of Atol and strikes out at the rebels hitting one in the arm.

The unconcious form of one of the rebels stands to his feet but an arrow from Haldirs takes him in the throat and he falls to the ground unmoving.

With their next attacks the rebels fail to land any blows except one that strikes a blow against the leg of Balir, his armour absorbing most of the blow. One of the rebels backing away from the hail of arrows trips as he tries to step over a fallen companion.

Kjarl and Kalyn both dispatch their opponents with blows from their spears.

Anvil fires another arrow at the rebels taking one in the torso and felling him. Raan not seeing anyone still standing drops his bow and moves forward while drawing his weapon. Dispatching the first rebel he finds while saying “May your God take you!”

The 2 of the remaining 3 rebels seeing no one else around take to the trees, Anvil gives chase to one and fires his first arrow at him taking him in the back, with a stumble the rebel continues his escape, Anvil fires a second arrow which catches the rebel in the back again this time without a sound the rebel falls to the ground.

The second rebel has made good his escape.

The 3rd rebel yells “FOR ILVIR!” and moves against Balir and strikes but the blow is parried with his shield. Balir then strikes at this rebel and delivers a blow to the rebels belly which renders him unconcious.

Balir and Raan continue to dispatch the wounded rebels where they fell.

Anvil ties his still unconcious prisoner up and drags him back into the camp where the rebel regains conciouness.

Kalyn sees to the wounded Atol and after a 47 minute surgery declares the operation a success. Atol spends the rest of the night in a drug induced sleep.

Raan and Kjarl remove the bodies from around the campfire and conduct a search of the bodies which reveals 2 hand axes, 6 roundshields of inferior quality and 30d left behind which is split amongst the warband members less Balir and Haldirs.

Balir is seen by the warband what appears to be searching amongst the rebel corpses. When he returns to the camp Balir is carrying a sack and Kjarl asks “What have you got their?” Balir replies “I have their heads for the reward.” Kjarl eyes light up “and what is our cut of this reward?”

Balir smiles and says “the same as my cut of the pillage you took from the rebel bodies.” Haldirs smiles at this comment too.

“Have no fear my companions your cut will be 500d on our return to Konig.”

The decision is made that Atol needs to spend some time recuperating before the warband take to the trail again. It would be best to return to Konig to collect the reward and let Atol lie up and heal.

The warband spend the night by the fire.

24th Nuzyael 720

The day dawns clear and the warband break camp after having their morning meal.

A stretcher is constructed in the morning and Atol's body placed on it.

The warband spends the rest of the day returning to Konig arriving just before last light.

Balir turns to his son and says “Go and tell your mother we are home.” Haldirs nods and departs the group.

They are lead by Balir to the inn where the warband ate the day before “the Sleeping Wolf”. The warband enters the building to find no more than 6 patrons inside and the building dimly lit by rushlights and the fire in the hearth.

The warband lift Atol from his stretcher and help him seat himself at a bench while Balir chats with the innkeeper and hands him a some coins.

Balir returns to the group and says “You have lodgings here for 2 nights the rest is up to you, I will return in the morning. Let me take him off your hands now Anvil.” As Balir takes the bound rebel outside and into the night.

A large portly man with a beard, stain soaked shirt and apron approaches and asks if there be anything the warband would like to eat or drink. “I have someone upstairs now arranging your cots with fresh blankets,they should be ready in 10 minutes or so.”

Roast pig is served with 2 loaves of dark bread some cheese and a selection of fresh fruit. Meads are served to the warband as they enjoy their meal.

It is not long after their meal that the fatigue starts to set in and the warband makes their way to the beds.
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