Session Five 8th Peonu - 18th Peonu 720

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Session Five 8th Peonu - 18th Peonu 720

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8th Peonu 720

The warband awakes the following morning and makes their way downstairs to break their morning fast.

Atol spends the night atop the keep huddling into his thin blanket. Although the night was uncomfortable and little sleep was had Atol awoke not the worst for ware.

The warband joined the other patrons of the inn for their morning meal. They enjoyed a meal of porridge and dried fruits for their meal. Atol had a rather unfulfilling pottage for his meal.

During the meal the warband discuss how they are going to organise a defence for Atol during his upcoming appearance in Lord Storzand’s court.

While they are discussing possible efforts the Innkeeper Ranald of Swainy over hears their conversation and offers some advice “Dablan is a known thug and bully, there would be plenty of people here abouts that would be willing to see him dropped down a peg or two. Too long he has been relying on his Lordship for protection now he might yet feel the bite.” With a smile the innkeeper continues “I would like to be able to help you myself young travellers but I find myself in a precarious position, I am married to his sister and for fear I might yet be beaten with a skillet I will not be able to offer witness myself. I hope you understand my position. But there will be others around that will be pleased to help.”

“May we talk to your staff?” says Raan. “You may but please wait until after the morning rush has died down, they still have work to do,you know.” and with a smile leaves the group to the rest of their meal.

After the meal the warband speak with several members of the the town. Most are willing to help by either telling a tale of what they have witnessed or offering a name of someone who may be willing to talk. Several are frightened of the repercussions from Dablan but there are around 12 villagers who are willing to attend the court to act as a witness to Dablans violent behaviour.

Atol spends the day shackled at the wrists atop the roof of the keep constantly under the watchful eyes of two guards. He is allowed to wander around the roof of the keep several times during the day.

The warband gathers at the inn after a long day of wandering around the town.

They enjoy a warm meal and seveal meads before retiring for the night.

9th Peonu 720

Atol spends an uncomfortable night atop the keep trying to avoid the cold. He has little sleep this night.

The warband, however, spends a comfortable night with the warmth of the hearth fire and their own blankets to shield them from the cold.

The warband awake this morning and after their morning meal continues to gather witnesses for the impending trial.

As the warband attempt to gather witnesses Anvil gathers a meal together with a blanket and a wineskin and wanders to the keep to deliver these items to Atol. “May I deliver these to my friend whom you have under guard in your keep?” asks Anvil. “Begone from here before I have you locked up as well and don’t let me see you around here again.” the guard responds.

The warband spends the rest of the day attempting to gather as many witnesses as possible.

As the warband returns to the inn for the night Anvil attempts to take his companion a meal from the inn to his friend. The guard allows him to pass and give the meal to his friend.

Kjarl while having several ales in the inn overhears 3 men talking. One of the men is near tears at having lost his true love to another man and his companions are trying to cheer him up when Kjarl overhears one of them say “Go and see Drell and let him mix up one of his love potions for you that will get her back.” This news does little to cheer the man up and not long later the 3 men leave the inn.

The warband discuss the ‘Drell’ affair and decide that there is no substance to what they have overheard and they must concentrate on getting Atol cleared at the Lord’s hearing.

Anvil returns to the inn where he shares several meads with his companions before they all retire for the night.

10th Peonu 720

The warband awake early and enjoy another filling meal from the kitchen of Ranald the innkeeper.

The warband wash and attire themselves in their best clothes in readyness for the Lord’s court.

Anvil leaves the inn a little earlier than the others to take Atol his best clothes for his appearance, the guards allow him access and deliver Atol’s clothes. Before he is asked to remove himself quickly.

The warband makes their way to the keep of Lord Storzand where they are allowed to gather inside the walls of the keep.

Several other complaints are heard by Knurri Storzand before the hearing of Atol is brought before him. A man in his early 30’s appears at the keep entrance and yells “All those appearing as witness for or against Atol Jalten of Hilzstrom, Lord Storzand will hear your plea.” With that the man returns inside the keep. As the warband enters the keep they see a hall approx 50’ x 80’ clear except for a pedestal located to the rigth of the entry on which there is a single seat, seated at this seat is a rather brutish man with a thick black beard he is well dressed in a variety of furs. Also in the room are two tables at one sits a scribe taking notes of offenders, offences and punishments at the other is seated Atol surrounded on each side by heavily armed Huscarls. An assistant leans in towards his Lord’s ear and whispers a few unheard words and then Knurri Storzand says “Atol Jalten of Hilzstrom you appear before this court for assaulting Master shipwright Dablan Maagaar with your axe.”

“Master Shipwright I will hear your case” says Lord Storzand.

“My Lord while drinking at the Tomcat an inn that I am known to frequent I was approached by this man” pointing to Anvil “He was wearing armour and carrying weapons although none were in his hand, I feared that I was about to be set upon so I lept to my feet and swung at him with my fist but missed I then picked up a bench that was nearby and swung it at him in my defence I know not whether my blow struck home or not for his friend had set upon me with his axe resulting in my wounds. My Lord as a result I will not be able to work my shipyard and as a result I find I may fall short in some of my contracts this could ruin my business.” With that Dablan steps back and takes his place amongst the crowd.

The man earlier seen at the keep door steps forward and says “Is there anyone who will speak in your defence Atol Jalten?” Atol stands and says I will “My friend merely approached this man to enter into conversation with him. Dablan stood as he approached immediately attacked him with the bench, my friend shocked by this attack had suffered several blows from Dablan before I entered the fray to assist my friend. Lord Storzand I meant no harm to this man but to subdue him and stop his attack on my friend to this purpose I used the blunt of axe and not it’s blade.” Atol returns to his seat.

“Is there anyone else that wishes to be heard in this case?” Kjarl steps out of the crowd and says “Lord Storzand I am Kjarl Taaren journeyman shipwright and son of Terdri Taaren brother of Harka Taaren Valhakar of Horko. We have gathered members of your town who have suffered the same attacks as my friend” pointing towards Anvil “at the hands of Dablan Maagaar they have come here today to offer their own evidence to this hearing.”

“How many have come here” yells Lord Storzand, more than 20 hands rise from amongst the crowd. “Very well, I wll not here all their stories as I have other pressing matters. Atol for the assualt of Dablan Maagaar I fine you 12d. To compensate Dablan Maagaar for his lost work I order you to pay 12 shillings.”

With Atol released Lord Storzand can be overheard to say to one of his retainers “I have heard enough today cancel the rest of the hearings and gather the thrangaard in here immediately”

One of Lord Storzands retainers approaches Atol and says “You will have to make payment of the fine immediatley, are you able to do so?” Looking towards the warband Atol recieves a nod and replies “I am able” the retainer continues “You will have a tenday to make recompense to Dablan Maagaar Master shipwright.”

After the fine is paid to Lord Storzand’s retainers Atol is allowed to leave the keep.

With that the hall is quickly cleared of the assembled townsfolk.

Gathering together the 12 shillings needed from the warband Atol makes his way to Dablan’s shipyard. He can be seen bellowing orders at his workers. Atol makes his way towards him and says “Here is your money.” Dablan replies “Tell your friend that I will see he never works as a shipwright in Orbaal, ever!” Atol glares at Dablan and replies “Is that so!” and with a sneer Dablan answers “IT IS. Now get out of my shipyard.” With that Dablan turns and begins to bellow orders at his workers again.

While Atol has been paying his compensation the rest of the warband has made their way down to the docks and finding a 40’ Nivik tied off alongside make enquiries about obtaining passage to Sherwyn.

They are introduced to a Captain Kolvin master of the Stormcrow. After striking a deal the warband obtain steerage passage to Sherwyn for 25d to be paid immediately with an additional 1d per day to be paid prior to making Sherwyn.

Captain Kolvin informs the warband that they will be taking on stores tonight and will be ready to sail on the morning tide they must be onboard by then or the ship will sail without them.

The warband returns to the ‘Tomcat’ inn for one last night of relative comfort before heading to sea.

11th Peonu 720

The warband arrive at the docks before the sun has risen above the horizon.

They are greeted by a tall, well built man that introduces himself as Kun, the ships bosun. He helps the warband stow their gear aboard and despite the warbands offers to assist with the crewing Kun says that it will not be necessary.

It is not until late morning that the weather improves enough to all the ‘Stormcrow’ to leave port. The ship heads north leaving Pled behind. As the sun dips below the horizon the ship is still sailing north out of a fjord.

Around midnight the ship sails into a thick sleet that reduces visibility to almost nothing, Captain Kolvin is forced to reduce sail to almost nothing in these conditions.

The warband get as much rest as they can amid the regular ships routine which the warband are all to familiar with.

12th Peonu 720

Just after midnight the sleet lifts but the conditions on board do not improve much the cloud still fills the sky and the wind blows through the icy night.

The day dawns and the warband are greeted with a warm pottage that although rather bland is at least filling. The weather has not improved much with the clouds still hanging low in the sky and an icy wind blowing from the NW.

As the warband take stock of where they are they see that they are surrounded by water.

Sleet again falls around the ship around midday, lasting for several hours.

The midday meal is a slightly improved pottage that fills the crew and warband and removes some of the chill of the weather.

The weather does not improve at all with low cloud and a steady wind blowing in from the NW. It does at least allow the ship to make some headway, although it is slow.

The weather turns for the worst and the evening meal is served as bread, cheese and some dried fruits.

The warband retire for the night feeling that they are in store for another storm this night.

13th Peonu 720

Around midnight with conditions not improving a thick sleet falls around the ship. The warband get little sleep on the ship this night.

The morning dawns with the sleet still falling and the biting cold of the a northerly wind lowering the warbands morale.

The warm pottage that is served as the morning meal does little to improve the warbands attitude.

Just before midday the sleet stops falling and the wind shifts to the NW. It is still a steady breeze and with conditions now right Captain Kolvin orders an increase in sail and almost immediately the ‘Stormcrow’ picks up a few extra knots.

The rest of the day the ship makes good speed towards it’s destination.

The midday meal is served with another pottage being served.

Conditions on board the ship remain good with the crew and the warband fearing a storm but as the ship ploughs through the rising swell Captain Kolvin remains optimistic and has 3/4 sail ordered.

Through the night the ship continues on it’s course towards Sherwyn making good speed.

14th Peonu 720

The weather does not improve during the night but the expected storm does not break.

Just after dawn another sleet begins to fall. After a short while the sleet stops and for the first time in several days the crew and warband can see the sky through the clouds.

Around midday the clouds have again begin to gather.

The crew go about their routines and there are whispers that the way this storm is brewing it is going to be a big one.

The ship goes through it’s routine of watch on, watch off, watch on......only being broken by the serving of meals.

Not long after sunset the sleet begins to fall again and continues all through the night.

15th Peonu 720

With the sleet still falling the night wears on.

The warband like the previous nights get little rest on a swirling deck in very rough conditions.

At first light on of the on duty watch calls out “Land to starboard, Captain!”

Captain Kolvin makes his wary forward and with a keen eye scans the approaching landmass. With a smile he turns to the members of the warband and says “We will be in Sherwyn in a few hours, I suggest you pack your things. I will send the bosun so you can settle up your account.”

Soon the bosun Kun can be seen approaching and it is not long before the account has been settled and the warband are prepared to make for shore.

As the vessel enters the bay, the captain orders an anchor away and the ship slowly draws to a halt. From the docks a small talbar can be seen leaving and within the hour it has pulled alongside of the ‘Stormcrow’ and a pilot has come aboard.

He quickly steers the ship to a mooring at the dock and in quick time the vessel has been tied off. The harbourmaster is next to appear as the warband leave the ship and make their way on to shore.

It is only early morning and the warband have arrived in Sherwyn....

Kjarl quickly makes his way to the shipyard to ascertain his employment chance. On arriving an apprentice approaches and says “How can I be of service to you stranger.” Kjarl replies “I am Kjarl Taaren, journeyman shipwright and I seek employment with your master.” The apprentice says with a raised eyebrow “If you will wait here journeyman I will fetch one of my journeyman for you” and with a nod of his head he quickly turns and makes his way to another older looking man who approaches Kjarl and says “I hear you seek employment with my master” Kjarl replies that he does and the journeyman says “I will see if he is free to talk with you otherwise you may have to come back later.”

The journeyman disappears into the building at the shipyard and an older man appears and makes his way towards Kjarl “I am Staabo Yragol” Kjarl recognises the name as an excellant shipwright and surely to gain employment with him and have his signature on his journeymans papers would be a great advantage when he wants to become a master shipwright. “Master shipwright at these shipyards, I understand from one of my journeyman that you seek employment with me. Show me your papers if you please.”

Kjarl hands over his papers which Staabo carefully reads hands them back and continues “I will take you on for a month trial you will recieve 30d for the month and I will cover your room and board at my shipyard. Do you agree.” Kjarl shakes Staabo’s hand and says “I do!”

Staabo continues “I see that you have just arrived” pointing at the journeyman that first spoke to Kjarl, Staabo says “Bjel will show you where to put your gear, I will give you today to stow your gear and prepare your tools and you can start tomorrow.”

Kjarl spends the rest of the day stowing and preparing his gear.

The rest of the warband make their way to the ‘Iron Boar’ inn and as they arrive they run down condition of the premises moves them on to the inn of ‘The Green Bowl’ there they find themselves some accomodation.

The warband decide to wander the town for awhile to gather a feeling for the mood around town. It is not long after that they get the impression that things are as bad as Ran has described. The locals move around silently with little regard for what is going on around them and this is apparent particulary among the Jarin.

Atol makes his way to the Temple of Sarajin after wandering around the town for around an hour and speaks with the priest a Dalstaar Eagatta clan priest. He offers Atol a chance to serve the Grey Slayer as a guard and servant of the church. Spending his day between doing chores around the church, tending the fields and practicing his weaponcraft. Atol accepts eagerly and is told that he too can start tomorrow.

The rest of the warband spends the rest of the day wandering around the town. Anvil enquires about hunting and is told that as long as he stays out of the Lords woods he should have no problems he duely finds out where these restricted areas are. With the idea of going on hunt in mind he spends the rest of the day preparing his gear.

Kalyn makes enquiries about a town healer or apothecary and finds that at the moment the only person to fit such a discription is the witch Gerdeen. Her enquires uncover the useful piece of information that Gerdeen “is feared by some, loved by some but ignored by none”. This leads Kalyn to find out more. Kalyn finds out where Gerdeen lives and banging on her door when the door opens says “Are you an apothecary I seek work” has the door slammed in her face.

Kalyn turns and leaves vowing that she will speak with this woman no more.

Raan spends the day wandering around the town looking for any employment amongst the fishing fleet but on finding that Sherwyn has no such fleet and that the town obtains most of it’s fish from the otulying villages wanders along the shoreline looking for good fishing spots.

The warband all get together back at ‘The Green Bowl’ later in the evening to share a few ales and tell each other of their day before retiring to bed.

16th Peonu 720

The warband awakes the next morning. Kjarl eats a filling breakfast prepared by Staabo’s wife and eats with the other journeyman and apprentices.

It is not long after sunrise that they make their way to the shipyard and begin their days work.

Kalyn spends her day at the inn filling in time and perusing her apothecary and healers notes refreshing her knowledge on these subjects.

Atol makes his way back to the temple and spends the day working away performing the tasks set out for him by Dalstaar the priest.

Anvil decides that he is going to try to make some money bringing a game from a hunt. Having spent yesterday preparing his equipment Anvil heads off just after first light.

After heading west and travelling for a little over 40 minutes Anvil passes a small village nestled along a river. Continuing west along the trail Anvil passes through another village about 30 minutes after leaving the first village.

The surrounding countryside so far has been mainly cultivated land with the odd copse of trees, many of the villagers working the fields, removing weeds, keeping birds at bay and conducting general maintance work around the fields and village.

After leaving the second village Anvil follows a small hunting trail west that follows a river leading west. Not long after leaving this village the cultivated lands give way to woodlands, the hunting trail continues to wind it’s way westward. Around midday Anvil breaks for a meal at the beginning of some hills and discovers that 2 of his 3 days rations have spoilt possibly to being contaminated with seawater after their voyage. Anvil continues to head west up into the hills through the trees he can make out a range of mountains ahead. The trail skirts the mountains to the south and just before last light Anvil makes camp to the west of the mountains.

Raan while in the village decides to do some fishing and as he makes his way to a fishing spot he discovered yesterday finds a man already fishing there. Raan asks if he may join this stranger while he fishes, the stranger around 5’6” in height with a medium build with grey hair and peircing blue eyes agrees and Raan introduces himself, the stranger Horvald Theel introduces himself.

The 2 men fish for the day, Horvald not catching a thing, while Raan manages to bring in 4 fish bringing in a total of around 12lbs. Horvald sensing an opportunity says to Raan “How about you bring your fish back to my place and let my wife prepare them, she can cook an absolutely splendid dish” Raan sensing what this man has meant agrees and they make their way to Horvald’s house.

Raan offers Horvald the fish of which Horvald is most grateful as he accepts Raan’s offer. Back at Horvald’s house he and his family enjoy a wonderfully prepared meal of fish. After sharing several ales with Raan, Horvald says that it is getting late and that he and his family should be getting to bed. Raan offers to join Horvald tomorrow at the same fishing spot and Horvald agrees.

Raan makes his way back to the inn where he finds Kalyn and Atol. Both have already eaten Kalyn from the kitchen of ‘The Green Bowl’ and Atol recieved his meal from the Temple of Sarajin for his days work.

Kjarl has had an exhausting day working diligently under his masters careful eye. Staabo stops by to admire Kjarls work and offer him advice on different techniques during the and after their evening meal Kjarl makes his way to ‘The Green Bowl’ and joins his companions for a few ales as they tell each other of their day. Not long after Kjarl returns to his lodgings and collapses exhausted into his sleeping pallet.

Everyone is a little weary from lack of rest during the voyage and there exersions during the day and retire early.

17th peonu 720

The warband awake with their first view of the sky for several days the weather is a little better today with a light wind blowing from the SE.

Kjarl enjoys another meal prepared by Staabo’s wife before making his way to the shipyards to begin another day at work. Staabo makes sure that he keeps a careful eye on Kjarl while he works, however, on this day he notices that Kjarl appears to be proficient at this trade and by the afternoon is paying less attention to this new journeyman.

Kalyn spends her day wandering around the town trying figure out what is wrong here. She soon learns that Venril Sherwyn the Valhakar of clan Sherwyn is a brute and a bully and has no repect for anything but his own power.

If she stays here long enough she might well feel ‘his power’ herself.

Raan joins Horvald again as the 2 men spend the day fishing a good catch is had by both men this day with Horvald bringing in the lions share of the catch today. Horvald offers to smoke Raan’s fish for him if he wishes and Raan agrees.

Anvil still in the woods spends the best part of the day tracking a deer but alas late in the afternoon the trail fades and Anvil loses his quarry. Spending some time in the afternoon foraging so that he has something to eat today. He makes camp to the north of the mountains late in the afternoon.

Atol again spends the day working the fields and training around the temple.

The warband (less Anvil) gather at ‘The Green Bowl’ again in the evening after several meads and ales the warband retire for the evening.

18th peonu 720

Each of the warband awakes and enjoys their morning meal.

Kjarl spends the day as yesterday working in the shipyard. This day he is given a few more difficult tasks that require him to work with some of the other journeyman.

Kalyn spends the day in the ‘Green Bowl’ inn resting herself up.

Raan again goes fishing with Horvald....

Atol makes his way back to the temple to begin another days work.

Anvil after waking packs his gear and enjoys a meal of friuts and berries that he gathered yesterday. He wanders the surrounding countryside for around an hour. Anvil during his travels comes across a trail cutting east west through the woods as he scans the surrounding countryside for game something catches his eye along the trail. Moving towards the sign he begins to see several figures laying just off the side of the road.

Nearing the figures he can see that there are 4 men, 3 men wearing nought but there cloth undergarments while the remaining figure is still clothed in a fine and what must be an expensive attire.

After conducting a search of the surrounding area and the bodies Anvil discovers that the 4 men were on horses when they were attacked. All 4 men have been killed by what appear to be puncture wounds possibly spears or arrows. The 4 horses have been lead back towards the east. No other sign can be seen of the fight.

Anvil decides to call his hunting trip off and heads east to return to Sherwyn. Following the trail and travelling no more than 20 minutes Anvil can hear the sounds of horses approaching. As the horseman appear they can be seen to be well armoured men carrying shields and swords.

As they approach Anvil says “Well met, I fear that some evil has taken place just back up the trail some ways, there be 4 men killed by the side of the road.” The Huscarls gather more information regarding the location of the dead men before one of the huscarls says “Take him back to Sherywn I will go and check out what has happened.”

With that the first huscarl turns to Anvil and says “Well stranger best you come with me peaceable like.” Anvil agrees and during the journey back to Sherwyn Anvil tells the huscarl who he is and that he has only just arrived in town and that he has no idea who the dead men were.

Not long after starting there journey they pass through a small village near the coast, off shore a small fishing fleet can be seen plying the waters for their catch.

After walking for another 30 minutes the group enter another small village, about 20 minutes later the group pass through a larger village with a keep sitting atop a small rise to the south of the main trail.

Another 20 minutes later the group enter another small village, 15 minutes later the group enter another village with a keep sitting atop a small headland. Not long after the second huscarl arrives back with the group. There is muted conversation between the two then each of them glare at Anvil but say nothing.

The group turn to the south as the trail follows the coastline. The group walk for another or so and pass through another small village and enter another village with a keep.

A little over 1 hour later after passing through another village the group arrive back at Sherwyn.

One of the huscarls tells Anvil to go back to ‘The Green Bowl’ and wait for someone to come and get them.

It is still mid morning when Anvil makes his way back to the inn. By midday the town has heard the rumour that Venril Sherwyn has been killed along with 3 of his huscarls. Atol and Kjarl are dismissed as their respective ‘bosses’ try to find out what has happened,

Dalstaar makes his way to the keep, while Staabo goes to the guildhall.

Horvald is shocked at the news and returns to the town to see if he can find out anymore. Raan returns to the inn to find Kjarl, Kalyn, Atol and Anvil already there.

The warband spend the afternoon debating what has happened. The warband feel that the only one with anything to fear is Anvil as he was the one who found the bodies. But as Anvil points out “we are new to the town and we might all be put in the one basket and you might well be found guilty by association if I am held accountable for this, but I swear to you I had no hand in this attack.”

During the day the warband can see much action taking place there are numerous people coming and going into the keep as riders depart Sherwyn heading both west and north along the roads leaving town.

During the evening a man enters the inn scans it’s interior and on seeing his target moves towards the warband. Looking at Kjarl the stranger says “Are you Anvil Jalten of Hilzstrom?” Kjarl points towards Anvil as he stands and says “I am” the stranger motions for Anvil to sit as he grabs a seat near him. “Ran has sent me to tell you that the thrangaard is likely to find you and your friends accountable for the assination of Venril Sherwyn as you were found near the bodies. I have been told to tell you that no alibi will save you as they have vengance in mind. Ran has sent me to warn you to leave town now while you can or else there will be little he can do to help you.”

“If you leave now, Ran has told me to tell you that he will have a boat ready in the village of Fornin in 2 days time. If you can evade capture the boat will leave during the evening tide of the 20th. The boat will be called ‘Shadow Dancer’” The warband ask for directions to Fornin and the stranger offers them the answers they need “Follow either the western or northern roads to the village of Linon, then follow the southern road and you will pass through two small villages, the next village you come to will be Fornin, beware there is a keep there with a small garrison. If you can stay hidden till the boat is ready to sail it will be to your advantage.”

As the stranger stands up he finishes with “Ran wishes you the best of luck and hopes that the Grey Slayer will watch over you on your journey.” with that he turns and departs the inn.

The warband except Kjarl decide that the best course of events would be for them to follow the advice and leave as soon as it is dark enough to escape. Kjarl not convinced that the best course of action is to flee remains in the inn. Best to die with my honour intact then flee and bring dishonour to my clan. See what happens when you take up a dishonourable job of killing someone for money this will only lead to our dishonour and eventual destruction.

The warband gather together near the Sherwyn common. Kjarl visits Staabo and discusses his options. Staabo having come to know his new journeyman over the last several days says “I have no power to help you in this problem. I know you had no part in this attack and as per our agreement I only offered you a month tenure anyway, I feel that if you were to leave it would be for the best. I do not think you have brought dishonour to your clan. Perhaps a better choice of travelling companion might be a better idea is the best advice I could give you.”

As Staabo was talking he was gathering things together into a small sack. As he finishes talking he hands the sack to Kjarl. “May Sarajin guide you and protect you, young Kjarl Taaren.”

With that parting comment Kjarl turns and gathers up his gear and makes his way away from the shipyard. Seeing his companions gathering near the common he moves to join them.

Without so much as a glance towards his companions Kjarl leads them off along the trail saying “Lets go!”
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