Session Seven 21st Peonu 720

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Session Seven 21st Peonu 720

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21st Peonu 720

As the warband finishes their breakfast of porridge, bread and dried apples 4 men enter the inn. As they enter they spy the warband sitting at the table, 2 men wearing leather caps and quilt armour carrying spears and roundshields while the other 2 men wearing plate half helms and ring armour and carrying swords, axes and roundshields move towards the warband.

The older of the 4 men says to the warband “My Valhakar has heard of your arrival and wishes to speak with you, please come with us.”

The warband sensing they are at a disadvantage with shields still by the table and their weapons still sheathed sit at the table and Kjarl says “As you wish, we will gather our gear and be right with you.” The older man steps forward and says “These 2 men” indicating the men wearing the quilt armour “will take your weapons and shields for you” he continues. With a nod Kjarl hands his weapons over as the rest of the warband deciding that another fight in an inn is not to their benefit hand in their weapons which are collected by the 2 warriors.

With the weapons collected the warband are lead out of the village and up the small rise towards the pallisade, the 2 warriors struggling with all the extra equipment.

The warband are lead into a compound through a double wooden gate. Entering the compound the warband see 3 longhouses and numerous out buildings either side of the path which leads to another set of closed double wooden gates. Men, women and children can be seen moving around this compound, several of the men are conducting their trade, a timberworker can be seen plying his trade, a metalsmith can be seen working at a set of bellows. Animals croud the compound with pigs, geese, dogs and other beasts can be seen moving around the compound.

The warband are lead through the gates at the far end of the compound where they enter a smaller circular compound with 3 buildings within. The first building standing opposite the gates is a large longhouse with ornate totems either side of the door, the other buildings appear to be a stable and a storehouse a well stands near the stables.

The warband are shown into the hall of the longhouse, the 2 men in quilt armour stay outside, the main hall is ornately decorated with Ivinian trophies, swords, axes and shields decorate the walls. Several tapestries hang on the wall. Two doors exit the hall one at each end of the hall, otherwise the hall is empty except for a small dias that sits opposite the entry, 2 seats sits on the dias. The younger of the 2 huscarls disappears behind one of the doors reappearing several minutes later. He moves towards the older man and whispers to him. The older man than says “If you would care to follow me I will show you where you can wash up before meeting my Valhakar.” He leads the warband outside to the well and motions for the warband to help themselves.

After washing up the warband are lead back to the hall and after a short wait they are shown into the hall. Seated on one of the chairs is a man in his late 30’s or early 40’s he is well dressed seated next to him is an attractive women obviously of Jarin decent, standing between them and the warband are the huscarls. The older huscarl whispers to each of the warband and says “What are you called?’

“I am Kjarl Taaren, journeyman shipwright and nephew to Harka Taaren Valhakar of clan Taaren of Horko.”
“I am Atol Jalten, huscarl to Jarlaas Jalten Valhakar of clan Jalten of Hilzstrom.”
“I am Kalyn Jalten, shieldmaiden and journeyman healer, neice of Jarlaas Jalten, Valhakar of clan Jalten of Hilzstrom.”
“I am Raan Jalten, fisherman and nephew to Jarlaas Jalten, Valhakar of clan Jalten of Hilzstrom.”
“I am Anvil Jalten, woodward of Hilzstrom and nephew to Jarlaas of Jalten, Valhakar of clan Jalten.”

The older of the two huscarls introduces his master “Valhakar Taarl Ragan, Lord of Fornin, Lord and Master of Djol , Gewerhjen and Kolarysaam thrans and protector of the southern seas.”

With the introduction complete the Valhakar nods towards the warband and says “Which one of you leads this group?” Each of the warband looks too Kjarl and sensing that they mean him Kjarl answers “I am Lord Ragan.”

“Which one of you was responsible for threatening to harm one of my Jarin fisherman and his family?” With an embarressed look Kjarls bows his head “It is a misunderstanding Lord Ragan, we merely sought passage using his boat and I fear that our language difficulties has caused some confusion.” With a nod of his head Lord Ragan continues “It is as I thought journeyman Taaren. You would not have come into my village and insult me by threatening to harm my villagers and then stay the night at the inn.”

Lord Ragan then says something that the warband are unable to understand but they suspect it is in the Jarin tongue. The warband look at Lord Ragan with a quizzical look as they try to work out what he just said. “Very well” continues Lord Ragan “it is as I suspected and explained to Tanus, the difficulties in language is the reason for the concern. It is good to have visitors to my hall, I would be glad if you would accept the hospitality of my hall for a day or two.”

Kjarl bowing his head says “I would be honoured Lord Ragan to accept you offer.”

“Very well then, my huscarls will show you where to store your gear while you are here.” Atol taking a step towards Lord Ragan says “With your permission Lord Ragan, may I ask whether I might be able to train with your huscarls while we are here?” Lord Ragan looks at the older of the two huscarls and says “Well, Charrin what say you do you have time to teach this youngster a thing or two?” With a bow of his head says “As you wish my Lord, and I have duties to attend to this morning but later today before the midday meal we might be able to conduct some ‘training’ with young Atol.” The older huscarl then ushers the warband out of the hall.

Looking at Atol says “We have duties to attend to for now but we will return here before midday, we can commence the training then. Till then you have my Lords permission to visit the village but be careful these Jarin have little love for us.”

The rest of the warband overhearing this remark look on with interest. The warband consider the village the Valhakar has taken a Jarin wife, other Ivinians seem to have taken Jarin wives. This is something they have not encountered before. Perhaps the situation is better here than elsewhere in Orbaal between the Jarin and the Ivinians.

Once released Kalyn finds one of the Ivinian families to obtain some bandages from to replace her stock. Kjarl, Anvil and Atol stay within the compound and spends the morning tending to his gear and practicing his skills. Several hours before midday the huscarls return. They take a drink from the well and rest for awhile before calling Atol over and they commence their training. Anvil glady watches on. Madin the younger of the huscarls spends most of the time as Atols opponent while Charrin acts as the instructor. Atol soon learns that would probably be his equal in a fight while would certainly be his better.

Raan leaves the compound and makes his way into the village. He soon discovers that his lack of Jarin makes any form of conversation difficult and the Jarin appear to not wish to make conversation anyway. Looking a little disappointed Raan makes his way back to the compound.

The warband gather in the main hall for the midday meal where it appears Lord Ragan has gathered the clans together to join in the meal. There are some 14 men gathered around the table for the meal. The warband enjoys the meal of salted pork, beans, lentils with bread and cheese and finishing off with an apple pie. The members of the warband notice during the meal that a large portion of the clan members appear to have Jarin features themselves. The warband after enjoying the meal spend an hour or so with the rest of the Ivinians of the village passing news of Ivinia, Geldeheim, Pled and their journies. The warband learn that the Valhakar of clan Sherwyn has been killed and some of the clan members find it strange that a new Valhakar has not been selected already. They thought that Wemyrs Sherwyn would have been the obvious choice but it appears the thrangaard have more to discuss. It has been over 2 days since Venril’s death and Wemyrs always seemed to willing to accept the honour.

By mid afternoon the meal has broken up with the other members of the clans returning to their businesses. Kjarl has found the village timberwright and purchased a small piece of pine so that he can commence crafting a small warboat to keep his hand in. He has found a comfortable place to rest as he watches Kalyn, Raan and Atol go about practicing the combat skills. Anvil this time makes his way into the village and finds himself at the inn. With the afternoon trade gone there is no one currently in the inn except for the innkeeper and his staff. Anvil makes his way to the innkeeper and says “It appears that you have a good relationship here with the Ivinians here?” The innkeeper replies “Why do you care, warrior.”Anvil taken aback leaves the innkeeper in peace and returns to his seat.

As the warband practice they notice the main gates to the compound open and a mounted warrior rides inside, he continues to the far set of gates where he is admitted into the compound. The horse has well lathered sides and appears to have been riden with some haste to arrive here. The warband see this rider dismount and is admitted into the main hall. “Fetch my huscarls!” yells a voice from within the hall. Not long after the two huscarls make their way into the main hall.

They both reappear soon after and gather those members still in the compound while runners are sent to find Anvil. Not long after Anvil is found still at the inn and he is asked to return to the compound, he complies and is led to the main hall where he sees his companions gathered outside. Once the warband is together they are led into the hall.

There they notice Lord Ragan seated on his usual chair and standing near his right shoulder is another man identified as the mysterious rider. He is dressed in the garb of a huscarl although he bears no heraldric arms to identify his master.

“I have received word that you are the warriors wanted for the murder of Venril Sherwyn, I have been instructed to return you to Sherwyn immediately.” Looking towards his huscarls he continues “Have my horse and armour prepared and have the wagon hitched and ready to travel immediately we will leave within the hour.”

Kjarl lowering his head says “Lord Ragan, we have been setup. We are not responsible for the death of this man nor are we involved in his death!” Lord Ragan answers “This I suspect but I have been instructed to return you to Sherwyn and return you I shall. You would be very stupid to have killed the Valhakar and they stay on the island. I fear his killers are either well and truly off the island or have hidden themselves, you have behave honourably during your stay here with exception of the Jarin but this is more a lack of communication than any desire to do harm.”

“Lord Ragan, if we leave here our lives will be forfeit as we were attacked by a band of Jarin as we fled Sherwyn.” With an interested eye Lord Ragan listens. “You will travel under my protection when we leave no harm will come to you. I understand you misgivings but have faith that the Grey Slayer will not let the innocent be harmed while the guilty go unpunished.”

The man standing by Lord Ragan lowers his head and whispers something into Lord Ragans ear. Atol picks up that this is not the instructions that the huscarl had given to Lord Ragan and that Lord Ragan was implementing something that the huscarl had not expected. The huscarl is waved off and Lord Ragan is heard to say “This is the way it will be, be ready to leave within the hour.”

No sooner is the wagon hitched and the warbands weapons are loaded into the wagon than the group make their way out of the inner compound and through the first set of gates, the mounted huscarl leads followed by Lord Ragan mounted on a dressed in a fine set of ring armour with plate ¾ helm and roundshield, the wagon follows, followed by the warband and lastly the two huscarls of Lord Ragan.

The huscarl exits the gates and Lord Ragan stands on the verge of the portal when a volley of arrows slams into the huscarl, his horse and the compound gates. The huscarl falls without a sound but the horse brays in agony while Lord Ragan turns his horse around and cries “To arms, to arms the compound is under attack!” The door is quickly closed behind him but not before 3 more arrows strike the gates.

There is much commotion around the compound Lord Ragan can be seen standing next to his huscarls he can be overheard saying “get the women and children to the inner compound, get the men ready and standing to in the yard of the inner compound and give them back their weapons.” With that Lord Ragan turns and makes his way back towards the inner compound. Charrin says “Here are your weapons, are you able to defend this gate if needed to allow our women and children time to retire?” Atol steps forward and says “Your Lord has shown us great honour and respect, it shall be our honour to assist him in this fight. It shall be done, we will only retire from here when you order us to do so or death takes us!” With a smile Charrin takes Atols hand “We will see you soon.” With that he retires to the inner compound with this Lord.

With 20 minutes the inner compound is clear as the Ivinians have taken their possessions into the inner compound and are sheltering in the main hall. Charrin standing near the inner gates waves and calls the warband to retire. The warband retires to the inner compound in good order.

As the warband enters the inner compound they notice that Lord Ragan is standing at the head of his warriors with his huscarls flanking him and behind them stands 14 warriors, several are in light armour and carrying shortbows, several are in plate helms and scale byrnies with spears and shields while the majority are dressed in quilt with spears and shields. The inner compound is alive with activity, livestock wander the compound at will, children run around the compound with mothers chasing them, other younger men are moving stores into the main hall from the store shed.

Lord Ragan is overheard giving instructions to Charrin, “…and then have the men ordered into watches and set the watch, have the remainder standdown, make sure that sufficient stores are placed in the main hall.” Turning to the warband Lord Ragan calls the warband to him and they move with the huscarls inside the main hall.

“I have an offer of service for you if you are interested?” Lord Ragan says. “What is your offer?” answers Kjarl. “My warriors will need to remain here to defend our hall and families. I need men that will serve me, you shall be paid the sum of 1d per day, all rations shall be provided, you shall have to pay for the repair of any of your own equipment, you shall pay 1/3 of your plunder to me and I will be provide you with shelter while you remain with me. The contract will be for 30 days and will be renegiotiated at the end of this period. Do we agree?”

The warband briefly discuss the proposal amongst themselves and decide that they will take up Lord Ragan’s offer.

Lord Ragan spreads out a map and lays out the terrain to the warband. “Your first task will be to determine if this attack is an isolated incident or if it is occurring all over the island. Secondly see if you can determine who is behind this attack. I would suggest that you make your way to Linon another thran, this thran is held by Lord . If you can find him and let him know what is happening here it will be of benefit to us also. Importantly you will need to find out if this is but a local incident first.” He points to the map to indicate where the thran of Linon is. “You should go to the storehouse and draw four days rations for each of you. You can leave tonight and I will see you back here in four days or so.”

As the warband leave the hall they notice that a light rain has started to fall and there is a bit of cloud cover this night.

After drawing their rations the warband makes their way into the inner compound, Lord Ragan greets them and hands over a parchment “This is a letter of introduction for you to Lord Hodan. It will explain to him the situation here and call for his assistance.”

With darkness set the warband gather at the inner gate and make their way through the compound to the outer gate. Taking the bar from the gate seems to make a volume of noise that should be heard all the way to Taalengaard. But the gate opens smoothly and Atol peers throught the gap. Noticing a dark patch lying on the path just outside of the gate. The warband slink out of the gate, with the rain still falling they make their way forward and find that the huscarl has disappeared and the horse lays dead on the path. The warband notice that watch fires have been set in the tree line either side of the compound some 500’ from the gate.

The warband peering through the falling rain notice that a figure can be seen silouhetted against the fire to the west. The warband try to move down the slope to the tree line towards the fire with the figure. As they move away from the gate the warband notices that 2 other fires have been set along the tree line. As they near the fire the lone figure can be seen moving from one side of the fire to the other disappearing each time into the darkness of the trees, close to the fire they can no longer see anyone moving about. Anvil decides to scout around the fire using the cover of the rain and clouds to conceal his movement, as he begins to scout around he catches some movement through the trees out to his left side away from the fire, he stops and waits but he finds nothing else and before long he returns to the group.

The warband try to move through the woods and approach the fire from a different direction but to no avail, no one can be seen.

The warband move through the trees towards the next fire, as they approach they find this fire is also unattended. Kjarl decides to remain behind and wait to see if anyone approaches. The rest of the warband head off to the next fire. Taking up a position near a tree he stops and waits. While Kjarl remains behind he catches a glimpse of some movement in the darkness but it soon disappears and does not return.

As the warband approaches the next fire they find no one there and Raan decides he will stay behind to watch. He remains behind and does not see anything during his stay.

The remainder of the warband move on to the last fire and arrive to find no one there either. They wait for a short time and then return to the previous fires and collect the rest of the warband they move into the tree line and and take up a defensive position. They discuss what has just happened and decide that either the fires were lit as a decoy and left unattended or those guards left behind to watch the fires saw them coming and left. The reason that none of them stayed to defend the fire has them wondering.

The warband decide that they need to get into the villlage to see who is behind this attack. Making their way through the trees and fields they struggle to the other side of the village up near the cliff that they first used to watch the village from. The warband manages to skirt the village and aviod contact with anyone and find a place from which to spend the rest of the night. Arriving at this position an hour or so before the sun casts it’s first rays of light on the coming day.

The warband setup a rough camp and await the coming day…..
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