Session Nine 23rd - 29th Peonu 720

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Session Nine 23rd - 29th Peonu 720

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23rd Peonu 720

Returning inside the thran Lord Ragan congratulates his warriors for their efforts and then recommends the warband get some rest.

The watch is once again set.

The warband decide that several hours of rest are needed first to repair, mend and dry their equipment before they decide to get some rest.

After tending their gear and with the smell of smoke in their noses and the sound of rain falling on the ground outside the warband decide to get their heads down. The warband do not notice that the hideworkers business premises are set alight during the night and by morning it has burnt to the ground.

3 of the buildings in the outer thran were set alight by the Jarin another 2 main buildings and 3 of the smaller buildings also caught alight during the night and by morning they too have burnt to the ground and are nothing more than smouldering piles of charred wood and rubble.

The Jarins buildings too have burnt to the ground during the night.

The warband awake late in the morning to find that the thran is slow going about the chores. The women and children are going about their business while the warriors are still weary after their efforts last night.

The weather has changed little overnight with a strong wind coming in from the SW, the rain continues to fall and the clouds refuse to reveal the sky.

The thran compound is humming with activity as all forms of livestock wander the thran, women go about their chores and the children when not helping out are playing around, most with wooden swords mimicking their fathers and brothers. Everywhere there is activity, if business takes someone outside they dart through the mud to seek shelter from the rain.

Just before midday the warriors assemble in the thran compound and spend an hour so under the supervision of Charrin practicing their formations and skill at arms. The rain seems to have soaked any enthusiasm from the warriors for now.

The warband spends the morning checking and maintaining their equipment, Anvil notices that one of the straps on his backpack has the stitching starting to fray and needs attention. Anvil takes the time to tend to his gear, but unsure of his handiwork takes his backpack over to Nori the thran hideworker who checks the work and says to Anvil “Leave it with me, I will restitch this for you. I will have it ready for you tomorrow” With a nod Anvil leaves his pack with Nori.

During the day Lord Ragan has made arrangements for his stable and smithy to be able to accommodate his clansmen to ease the situation within the main hall.

The warband spends the rest of morning and early afternoon huddling from the rain. Anvil chaffing from being confined within the thran begins to conjure ideas of sneaking out and gathering information from the Jarin or attacking the Jarin during the night. His companions quickly trash each idea as being too rash.

The warband spends the rest of the day in quiet contemplation. Each with their own thoughts.

The evening meal is had amid the noise and activity of nearly 50 people crammed into the hall all talking, some laughing but all appear to be at ease for now.

With the rain continuing to fall the warband have sated their appetite and thirst, have a roof over their heads and a place by the fire. They sleep well for the first time in several days despite the crowding.

24th Peonu 720

Awakening the next morning the warband are disturbed by the thran going about its usual business of setting up for the day. Tables and benches are being placed as preparations for the morning meal are well underway.

The rain continues to fall on and off during the day, the wind has picked up slightly and the clouds have broken slightly to reveal the blue sky beyond.

After breaking their fast the warband seek to entertain themselves by practicing their skill at arms during the breaks in the weather.

The warband notice that Charrin and Madin are diligent in their duties around the thran taking it in turns to supervise the sentries and ensure they are awake and alert.

During the afternoon Lord Ragan summons the warband to the main hall. As the warband gather around him and his huscarls he says “I have another task for you, I have a dispatch that I need you to take to Caer Sherwyn. It details the events of here and Linon.” Noticing the apprehensive looks he is getting from the warband he continues “I understand your reluctance to return to Sherwyn, however, I would not task you with such a mission of it were not of utmost importance. I have included in my dispatch that you are in my employ and that I vouch for you and that your trials may continue once this rebellion is put down. It would be prudent for you to travel by night, so if you are ready you can leave tonight?”

Kjarl bowing his head says “We are at your service My Lord. We will make our preparations and leave an hour or so after last light, if this meets your approval.” Lord Ragan nods his head in approval and with that the warband are dismissed from their audience.

The warband returns to their equipment and take a seat on the floor. They begin to discuss the best way of getting from here to Sherwyn. Anvil dismisses himself from the discussions to pick up his backpack from Nori. During his trip he is stopped by Turaas Junilden the thran woodward. Turaas informs Anvil that he is aware of their task and that the best way to Sherwyn from here is to travel in the direction of Linon and then head due east to the coast and avoid the road and the majority of thrans and villages. The going will be difficult but it will avoid the populated areas. Anvil thanks Turaas for his advice and picks up his backpack from Nori.

On returning to the warband Anvil packs his equipment and like the rest of the warband makes ready to leave after nightfall.

The warband in Anvil absence have decided to make their way through the village to the beach and take a boat along the coast to Caer Sherwyn.

After nightfall the warband are lead from the inner thran into the outer thran and the remains of the buildings now extinguished. The rain has stopped and the clouds have broken to reveal a thin sliver of moon to cast what little light it has on the countryside, the wind has died down to a mild breeze. They are lead by 4 warriors of the thran who when arriving at the outer gate remove the bar from across the gate. The gate is opened slightly and Atol peers through the opening. The Jarin village spreads before him, the burnt buildings can be seen about 100 yards ahead.

Noticing nothing out of the ordinary, Atol steps through the gate, followed by Kjarl, then Raan, followed by Kalyn and lastly Anvil follows. A shieldwall has been formed by the warband with Raan on the left with Kalyn next, then Atol and Kjarl on the right, Anvil takes up his position behind the shieldwall with bow strung. The gates are closed behind them.

As Anvil takes his position a single arrow falls to the left of Raan striking the ground not 5’ from him. Quickly the warband hunker down and search the surrounding area for the would be archer.

Peering out the warband notice nothing as another volley of arrows falls amid the warband an arrow striking Raan in the belly. With not more than a grimace Raan takes the pain. The warband look on and notice that the arrow went deep and the blow serious.

The warband advance towards the beach and the unknown archers. A third volley follows the arrows striking amid the warband again this time an arrow takes Raan in the right upper arm, the blow is less serious but Raan with the colour fading from his face says “I cannot continue my friends, I must retire to the thran, good luck.” The warband wishes Raan good luck as he breaks from the shieldwall and makes his way back to the outer gates.

The warband continues to advance. Volley after volley are fired at the shieldwall as they continue to advance most of the arrows fall harmlessly around the warband but several strike the shields of the advancing warband. Most bounce off their shields without any damage, however, one arrow strikes Kjarls shield and hitting the grain of the wood causes the shield to splinter slightly. The damage is only light and the shield would be easily repaired.

Raan on reaching the gate bashes furiously against the doors. In several moments he can here the bar being lifted and soon after the gates are opened slightly to admit him entry.

Raan badly wounded manages to get out “They are getting pounded out there.” Before he is lead away to have his wounds tended.

The warband advancing in good order have spotted the archers. 4 archers have setup amongst the burnt buildings 2 each in 2 buildings, They have advanced to within charge distance of the archers and with a yell Atol yells “CHARGE!!!!!”. The warband breaks formation and heads towards the archers at a jog, the archers seeing the warband charging take to their feet and flee.

As the warband close on the building hiding 2 of the archers the warband can see the archers continuing to flee behind the inn and notice gathering behind the inn a mass of Jarin men carrying all forms of weapons including some shortbows.

The warband slow their advance and form another shieldwall. Anvil elects to take cover in the now empty burnt out Jarin building. Sensing an opportunity the warband dash for cover into one of the other Jarin buildings, Anvil leading he charges the door and smashes it with his axe allowing Kjarl to enter, while Kalyn makes her way around the back.

Kjarl's shield is struck twice more by arrows as he makes his way to the building. His shield has suffered serious damage now and is on the verge of being ruined.

Anvil taking cover begins to fire on the Jarin, his arrows do little damage.

Kjarl and Atol entering the Jarin building discover that it is the home of a Jarin family. Within the house are 2 older women sheltering 4 children, 2 females in their early teens and 2 males, 1 not yet in double figures and the second in his late teens.

Atol seeing the older male swings his axe at him, the nibble youngster dodges this attack and stepping back draws a knife from his belt. Kalyn standing near the backdoor tries to make entry but fails to break in through the door. Unseen by Kalyn the Jarin archers loose a volley in her direction. The first arrow takes Kalyn in the right knee the arrow bites deep and causes her to cry out in pain, just as a second arrow takes her in the left buttock but the arrow fails to penetrate her armour fully leaving a small scratch, feeling faint Kalyn remains on her feet. Kjarl makes his way to a back door and opens it allowing Kalyn to enter and out of the line of sight of the archers.

The young Jarin continues his fight with Atol. Kjarl turns and assists Atol in the fight against this young Jarin. The young lad dodges the attacks of both Kjarl and Atol and launches a counter attack of his own against Kjarl which is blocked by Kjarl’s shield, bearing the brunt of this attack and with the previous damage done by the arrows Kjarl’s shield can take no more punishment and the shield is effectively destroyed. Kjarl having turned his attention away from the Jarin women and children they attempt to flee the melee in terror, the older of the 2 women leading. Kalyn steps in to stop them and shield bashes the first women, sensing the strike the Jarin women dodges the blow and lands a fist on Kalyn’s right cheek, with her previous injuries Kalyn is unable to stay on her feet and she collapses into unconsciousness.

Kjarl enraged by this attack launches his own attack striking the women in the head with his spear she collapses to the ground along side Kalyn as the other Jarin escape into the night.

Atol by this time has dispatched the young Jarin male with a blow to the shoulder that cleaved him from his collarbone to his belly.

Now trapped in the building and with 2 of their companions out of the fight the warbands situation is looking desperate. Anvil has managed to strike 1 Jarin in the knee causing him to collapse. Several arrows are fired back at Anvil but most fly harmlessly by or strike the remains of the burnt out building, 1 arrow, however, has found it’s mark and struck Anvil in the left upper arm doing only light damage.

Kjarl taking up a position at the end of the building closest to the Jarin he begins to fire at the Jarin. But he too misses his target.

Atol breaks from the cover the building and tries to flank the Jarin position, moving from cover to cover as arrows fly harmlessly by.

As Atol nears the Jarin position, he, Kjarl and Anvil hear a war cry and turn to see Lord Ragan and his warriors breaking into a charge against the Jarin. The Jarin seeing the warriors advancing break and flee seeking cover amongst the trees to the west of the village.

The Jarin being more lightly armoured manage to make their escape into the night despite the efforts of the Ivinians.

Kjarl, Atol and Anvil carrying the still unconscious Kalyn back to the thran where her wounds are treated.

With the Jarin warriors now absent, Lord Ragan has 6 Jarin women and 6 Jarin children taken from the village to the thran as hostages. They will be used to protect the remaining buildings from fire, as the Jarin will be housed within each.

The wounded Jarin is taken back to the thran also.

Turaas Junilden takes 2 men and heads into the woods to keep his eye on the Jarin retreat.

Lord Ragan's warriors begin to loot the Jarin village taking whatever can be carried in the way of food or drink and destroying all they find that cannot be taken.

The warband assist Lord Ragan with these tasks as best they can and before long they too are back within the walls of the thran.

The warband settles in for the night taking what rest they can, knowing that they have failed in their task to get to Sherwyn.

25th Peonu 720

The new day dawns and the warband stir and take their morning meal.

During the morning Lord Ragan approaches the warband and says “How are you all feeling this morning, I have heard your wounds should mend with time and of this news I am grateful. I am disappointed with the events of last night. The Grey Slayer provided us with another opportunity. Although you were unable to reach Sherwyn your efforts allowed us to enter the village and take needed supplies. We have also taken hostages and a prisoner. Hopefully they will be forthcoming with information, which will aid us in the coming days. Turaas has pursued the Jarin into the woods during the night and he should provide us with information on his return.” Lord Ragan turns and leaves the warband in peace.

The warband spends the rest of the day resting. With Kalyn, Raan and Anvil drifting off to sleep during the day. Kjarl locates the weaponcrafter and purchases himself a new roundshield.

Raan and Kalyn are given broth for their meals to help their recovery. Their wounds are tended regularly during the day by some of the Ivinian women.

The warband sleep fitfully during the night as the dreams of their failed mission play through their sleep

26th Peonu 720

The awake the next day and while Atol and Kjarl enjoy a solid breakfast the others are offered a meal of broth and bread.

The warband rest up during the day. The are left in quiet contemplation of the previous days events. The warriors of the thran look at them differently now.

During the day Atol is approached by several of the thrans younger boys and one of them says “I thought you were here to help us, my father says that since you have been here you have done nothing but kill Jarin women and children and my uncle says that you have done nought but eat our food and drink our ale. It’s not true is it, huscarl?”

Atol turns to the lad "I am surprised by such attitudes," he responds "We put our lives on the line for your clan and have done our best to protect your lives with little regard to our own, as can be attested to by several of our band with gaping holes caused by the Jarin outside these walls."

With a sigh Atol continues "But alas young warrior, unfortunate as it may be, I did have cause to slay a youth who was trying to do the very same thing to me. I do not regret it, as it was his life or mine. I would wonder whether your father might not feel the same."

Looking down at the boy with a scowl "Now. If your father wishes to slander my name further, tell him he is most welcome to do so to my face."

The boy looking back over his shoulder watches Atol as he races of to join his friends.

The warband rest up for the rest of the afternoon. The warband begin to notice that the local Ivinians are beginning to treat them a little more coolly and avoid the warband where possible without appearing to be rude or give offence. They notice that the smiles and the greetings that they first received on returning from Linon are beginning to fade.

Late in the day with the sun hanging above the trees in the west, a light breeze from north blowing in and with the blue sky for all to see the duty watch call for Lord Ragan and a crowd builds and Atol and Kjarl join them. There they can see the Jarin men begin to make their way back into the village.

Thoughts turn to the safety of Turaas Junilden the woodward and his 2 companions who have not yet returned from their scouting mission.

After dark there is a commotion in the inner compound as the sentries are alerted and by the time that the warband are alerted Turaas and his 2 companions have returned to thran and are entering the inner gates amid the cheers of the Ivinians. None of them appear to be wounded and they are shown straight to Lord Ragan.

The warband returns to the hall and are invited to join with the clans to celebrate the return of Turaas and his companions as they break out extra ale. Again the warband are treated with indifference during the festivities and the warband are not sure whether their efforts are being overshadowed by the woodsman’s or whether the thran doubt their abilities.

The warband rest comfortably during the night

27th Peonu 720

The day passes without event as the members of the warband rest up and heal

Some of the wounds appear to be healing well, while Kalyn's wound to the knee seems to be taking its time.

28th Peonu 720

The day passes without event as the member of the warband rest up and heal

29th Peonu 720

The day passes without event as the members of the warband rest up and heal.

Kalyn’s knee continues to trouble her as it is slow to heal.

Kjarl continues to whittle away on his timber block crafting a small longship. While Atol keeps to himself.

During the day the as the warband's wounds are treated the light wounds suffered by Anvil, Kalyn and Raan appear to have healed well and require no further treatment.

The warband rest up again during the night after enjoying a meal of a salted fish and vegetable broth.
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