Session Eleven 2nd - 5th Kelen 720

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Session Eleven 2nd - 5th Kelen 720

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2nd Kelen 720

The prisoners are secured inside the inner compound and the warband assist the warriors to blinfold, bound and gag each of the prisoners. A watch is set among the warriors taking turns to watch them. The prisoners all show fear and look to pose no threat to the guard.

Kalyn spends the early hours of the morning tending the wounded until finding little else she can do to aid the wounded finally gives in to her fatigue and collapses in her sleeping gear until morning.

The warband are awoken like the the other mornings with the kitchen staff beginning the work of the day, placing more wood on the fire, moving the tables and benches out into the hall while deftly stepping over still sleeping figures until each of the sleeping figures is awake and the staff truely get to work ensuring that the tables and benches are ready for the morning meal.

It appears the family members of the wounded have slept fitfully by their warriors side ensuring that they are looked after.

There is a sombre mood within the hall this morning. The sleet outside and the cold weather do little to lift anyones spirits.

Kurnd Ragan the thran miller gathers the warband together after the morning meal and asks them if Anvil, Kalyn and Kjarl would follow young Birand into the woods and find the campsite the Jarin have been using and see if it is still in use and return back to the thran with the information quickly.

“How long should this trip take?” asks Kjarl. “No more than 4 hours or so” comes the reply from Kurnd.

The warband agree to this task and with Raan and Atol left behind to heal their wounds the remainder of the warband leave the main hall. There they see young Birand standing in the open with spear and shield in hand and ready to leave. Birand quickly leaves the thran behind as they make their way through the woods.

Approaching the half way point in their journey the warband spy a group of humans approaching, the warband quickly find cover and watch as a group of around 12 Jarin men pass by, they are wearing little armour and several appear to be carrying shortbows which are not strung.

There is a brief discussion about attacking but this idea is quickly put to bed and the warband remain hidden.

The warband watch as the men approach and pass them by to the left the warband continues to watch as these men pass by and disappear amongst the trees behind them.

After waiting a short while to ensure the Jarin do not return the warband continue on their journey.

Birand sensing that the warband are approaching the Jarin camp calls a stop and alerts the warband to the situation.

Anvil tells the group to remain here and silently makes his way towards the camp. As he moves forward he can make out a clearing ahead. Moving closer he can make out several shelters near the camps perimeter.

Birand stands near Kjarl and Kalyn taking solace in their close proximity. Nearing the edge of the clearing he can make out several fires now extinguished near the camps centre. Anvil moves into the camp and finds that all is still.

Anvil calls the warband forward while he conducts a more thorough search.

Anvil discovers the camp at it’s peak probably accomodated around 70 occupants, 6 small shelters are scattered around the perimeter enough to house probably 12 men, while 4 fires pits can be seen in and around the camps centre, a smell draws Anvil to the outskirts of the camp where he finds the latrines along with an area away from the camp that was used to gut and clean kills made by the camps hunters.

Deducing that the camp is no longer in use the warband decide to go back to the site where the Jarin men were found and follow them to see where they are going.

Making their way through the woods the warband find the site from where they saw the Jarin and begin their search for their tracks. The continuing sleet does little to aid the search. After a complete search of the area is done, Anvil finds the tracks of the Jarin and after loosing their sign on several occasions manages to track the men back to the village of Fornin.

Nearing Fornin the warband pass by the previous days battle site and find that the bodies of the fallen have been collected and apart from the low wall little is left to indicate the events that took place yesterday.

As the warband approach the village they dispatch Birand back to the thran with the news that the Jarin camp is unoccupied and that the warband are currently in the village searching for Jarin.

Raan and Atol on hearing this news dress themselves and begin to head into the village to assist their companions. On leaving the compound they notice that several of the Ivinian warriors are interrogating some of the prisoners. Atol chatting with one of the Ivinians watching the proceedings discovers that the Jarin leaders were killed during the battle, little else has been discovered as yet.

The warband loose the tracks as they near the village. The warband make their way into the village centre and make entry into the village inn. Several women can be seen downstairs going about their days activities, the strain of the last few days is clearly upon their faces. The warband search the building finding the innkeeper upstairs lying on his bed suffering severe wounds. Kalyn inspects the wounded figure and informs the warband that he will probably be dead within tenday. A further search of the rest of the inn finds another 3 mortally wounded men taking up a room.

The warband intent on their search for these Jarin men leave the inn and make their way to one of the village houses. Kalyn and Anvil stand by Kjarl’s side as he yells for the occupant to open the door. There is no answer from within so Kjarl again yells for them to open the door and with no reply a second time Kjarl with axe in hand bashes the door to find that the back door is open and the occupants fleeing away from the building, a search finds the house empty.

Making their way to the next house Kjarl and Kalyn make their way to the front door while Anvil sneaks around the back. Kjarl yells for the door to be open and again there is no reply. Anvil on the other side of the building has the back door opened for him as the female occupant attempts to flee. While Kjarl bashes in the front again. After a brief interrogation of the occupant finds that she knows nothing of the Jarin men that have supposedly moved through the village. The warband leave the house otherwise undisturbed.

As the warband leave the building they see Atol and Raan approaching and wait for them to join the group. They let the warband know of the information recieved from the prisoners as they are then told of the 12 Jarin men and the trip into the woods.

Kalyn turns to the others and suggests that they search the other end of town for signs of the Jarin leaving. The warband makes their way to the other end of the village and Anvil begins to search for tracks in the now fading light of the setting sun. After nearly and hour Anvil finds the tracks he is after. It shows the Jarin men departing the village and heading up into the wooded hills on the other side of the village.

The warband discuss their next steps and quickly decide that it is not worth while chasing the Jarin now with the fading light and that perhaps a further search tomorrow may be more worthwhile.

Reluctantly the warband retires back to the thran.

Kalyn on returning quickly places her gear down and then makes her way around to all the wounded to see how they are all fairing. The others of the warband on entering the main hall notice that Kurnd is in the Valhakars chambers seated at the table and is busy writing on parchment.

The warband settle in for the night.

3rd Kelen 720

The warband rest well during the night and awake with the rest of the Ivinians and go about their usual morning routine.

After the morning meal Kurnd sends Maddin to bring the warband to him.

The warband gather around Maddin and Kurnd. “I have a letter that needs to be delivered to Caer Sherwyn. I have informed the Valhakar off recent events and I need you to take this message for me. You will take a boat from here and sail to Sherwyn and return here as soon as possible.”

“How long will this journey take?” asks Kjarl. “Depending on conditions no more than a day. Follow the coastline to the east, there are a few smaller habitations along the coast but Sherwyn will be the first Caer you see.” answers Kurnd.

The warband look furtively at each other as the events at Sherwyn are still fresh in their minds. “Under whose name do we travel?” says Kjarl. “You represent me.” replies Kurnd. Kjarl replies with a nod, secretly wondering if that will be good enough to keep the warband out of trouble.

Gathering their gear together and with seachests aboard, the warband requisition a 18’ pinda that is on the beach. With wounds aching the warband push the boat to sea.

With the morning weather bringing a strong NE wind blowing and the cloud cover emphasising the gloom, Atol taking command of the vessel orders half sail to be raised and sets a course following the coastline to the east.

With the salt air and the sea spray blowing into their faces it takes the warband back to better times.

Several hours out of Fornin the with Atol at the helm and the rest of the warband keeping watch the vessel strikes some hidden rocks. Kjarl is thrown from his vantage point striking the prow of the vessel hard and injuring himself badly but manages to stay aboard. Kalyn moves to treat Kjarl’s wound and informs him that he may have broken a rib or two in his fall. The vessel takes some damage but is still seaworthy. Repairs to the hull are unable to be made as the shipwright is now to injured to effect any repairs. However the crew manage to make minor repairs to the rigging to remove the tangles and get the vessel back into motion.

The vessel did not run aground with the strike so Atol orders the sails set for quarter sail and the journey continues.

The rest of the journey is uneventful. The vessel sails by each of the villages. Few bare any sign of any form of recent war, however, one the warband later to find out is called Wust has many of it’s buildings laying around in charred ruins.

The warband continues to sail on and by late afternoon has pulled in alongside the pier at Caer Sherwyn. A warboat lies tied off alongside at the other end of the pier. The warband can see nearly 10 men standing along the battlements of the Caer overlooking the pier and coastline.

As the warband gather their gear together the warband notice a group of men along the battlements making their way down towards the dock from the Caer.

4 of the men are wearing metal armour while the 5th man is wearing no armour at all. As this group nears the vessel the 5th man yells “Who are you and what is your business at the Caer?”

Kjarl still wincing from his injuries replies “We are from Fornin and bear a message on behalf of our Valhakar.”

“Very well, you may enter.” says the 5th man.

This group leads the warband up a several flights of stairs and through a maze of walls, gates and passageways towards the main gate of the Caer. On entering the Caer the warband are lead into an area used for storage to a flight of stairs, up the stairs and into the hall of the Caer.

“If you will please hand over your weapons to these men I will arrange for the Valhakar to meet with you at his convinance.” says the 5th man. The warband hand over their weapons immediately and they are taken back downstairs.

Minutes later a man wearing fine clothes enters the hall accompanied by the 5th man “I am the Valhakar of Caer Sherwyn, what message do you bear.” Kjarl bowing his head in recognition hands over the parchment to the Valhakar. The Valhakar checks the seal and opens the parchment and reads it for some time before saying “I will send a reply soon, until then enjoy the hospitality of my hall.” With that he nods towards the 5th man and then disappears back into the room he entered from. The 5th man says “I am Yarran my Valhakar’s ‘keeper of the hall’ if there is anything you need during your stay let me know.” He no sooner finishes saying this than a Jarin women appears from the stairs and places 2 jugs and 5 mugs upon a table and quickly disappears back downstairs.

Yarran then excuses himself and he too disappears back down the stairs.

From an open doorway in the hall it leads to the open air and battlements. Filling their drinkinging mugs the warband make their way outside and find a guard taking a position watching over the nearby coastline.

There are several buildings lying destroyed among the village, the harbourmaster, bonding house and the inn the warband first stayed at lie burnt out as well as several houses.

The warband soon learn that the Jarin rebels launched an attack here to but the Valhakar, his huscarls and his warriors launched a counter attack and within the hour the Jarin ‘army’ had been put to the sword or fled. Since then the Jarin have made little nuiscance of themselves and things have returned pretty much to normal before the attack.

Other places have faired less well though, with some places like Wust suffering badly.

As the last of the ale is had the warband return back into the hall and find that Jarin serving women are in the process of setting the table for the evening meal.

The warband are invited to the evening meal and discover that their host and his guests make horrid dining guests. Their manners are deplorable by Ivinian standards, the food is not noteworthy and their behaviour towards the serving woman is dispicable. The warband watch in horror during the meal. Only Atol seems to enjoy the evenings events. Kalyn finds herself fending off several weak attempts at her attention as the warband tell stories of her exploits against her foes. This distracts her would be ‘friends’ from following through with their attentions.

As the events of the evening wind down the Valhakar leaves the table and taking a Jarin women with him retires into his chambers. The rest of the dinners taking their cue soon leave the table and before long the hall is cleared and space is made around the fire and the warband soon find a place and get to sleep.

The fire keeps the warband comfortable throughout the night.

4th Kelen 720

The warband wakes the next morning and clear their equipment to make room for the tables and benches for the morning meal.

Another unimpressive meal is had for the morning meal.

The warband takes the opportunity to tour the Caer and Anvil tries to find out what happened to his ‘friend’ Ran. He discovers that the locals have no knowledge of anyone called Ran.

The warband boarding their vessel take it across the water to the pierside near the village.

Atol makes his way towards the temple of Sarajin to catch up with the priest. Nearing the temple Atol notices that nearly 12 funeral pyres, now extinguished, can be seen to the north of the temple. On arriving he is welcomed by Dalstaar the priest and they quickly catch up on recent events. Atol learns that the temple was attack once but the attack had no heart and was quickly repulsed. There were only several wounded during this attack. Atol retells Dalstaar of the events at Fornin.

Atol and Kalyn wander the village and find hidden amongst the trees to the west of the village a burial mound recently constructed.

Raan head off to finds his fishing companion Horvald. He finds his house still standing but is otherwise unoccupied.

Kjarl finds Staabo’s shipyards still standing and Staabo still in residence. Several of his apprentices were killed or injured during the figthing but otherwise his business has survived. Staabo and Kjarl sit and retell of the events during the attack. Staabo and his staff saw the attack forming early as the Jarin gathered and ordered his staff to prepare themselves for battle this they did quickly and managed to hold of the attackers until the arrival of the Valhakar and his warriors.

After each of the warband catch up they make thier way back to the vessel and return to the Caer.

They arrive at the Caer and are no sooner summoned to the hall. There the Valhakar informs them “Tell Kurnd Ragan I understand what has happened. I am pleased with the actions of clan Ragan, I will send assistance when I can and I shall offer a pray to Sarajin to watch over his clan.” Looking outside he continues ”I think the tides will be against you now so you may stay within my hall for tonight and sail on the morrow.” He turns and leaves the warband to the own devices as he makes his way back to his quarters.

The warband noting that it would be rude to refuse the Valhakar’s hospitality they spend the rest of the afternoon wandering the Caer and partaking of the Valhakars hall.

The evening meal is another unimpressive affair with the behaviour no less disturbing to the warband, however, there are not as many guests tonight and the dinner finishes early.

The benches and tables are cleared and the fire is set. The warband gather around the fire and sleep restfully throughout the night.

5th Kelen 720

The warband again wake and clear their equipment and make room for the tables and benches.

The morning fast is broken with a plain meal of porridge and dried fruit washed down with the usual weak ale.

The warband are quick to finish their meal and find Yarran to give their thanks to the Valhakar for his hospitality and they should depart as soon as possible with the message for Kurnd Ragan.

The warband are lead through the twisting passages down to the pier where the vessel lies. No damage has been repaired to the vessel since it ran into the rocks.

With a strong NW blowing into their faces the warband go aboard and soon after stowing thier gear set sail. Atol again orders half sail to be unfurled but the warband soon shout him down, and Raan finds himself in command for the return journey.

With quarter sail unfurled and with Raan setting a cautious course home sails westward. The village of Fornin soon comes into view along the coast late in the afternoon.

The vessel sails towards the beach, nearing the beach the warband notice that there are a number of Jarin working outside including no more than 6 Jarin men. The Ivinians have given up placing a watch in the thran too.

A fishing boat is missing from the beach too.

The warband sail the vessel onto the beach, climbing off they haul the vessel up onto the sand before making their way cautiously towards the thran.

Muttering can be heard as the Jarin near the vessel and find the condition of their boat.

Jarin can be seen rebuilding or repairing the buildings in the village.

Nearing the thran the warband can see where 2 funeral pyres have been lit and now lie extinguished to the east of the thran.

On entering the thran the warband notice that the houses in the outer thran that are still standing are now reoccupied for the first time since the Jarin attack.

The warband enters the inner compound and finds that the prisoners are no longer being held. The hall has been cleared of the wounded.

Kurnd on seeing the warband return makes his way towards them and says “What news from Sherwyn?”

The warband retell the story of their voyage, the events during the attack on Sherwyn, the events at Sherwyn currently, the message from the Valhakar and of the events on the return trip.

Once the warband have stowed their gear, Kalyn again does the rounds checking on the wounded, this time travelling to each ones home to find some of them healing well while others will take time to heal from their wounds.

A feast is prepared and the Ivinians gather in the hall to share the meal. All but the most seriously wounded join the meal. The night is spent in revellry with the warband retelling the tale of their recent trip on several occassions.

In the early hours of the morning the festivities begin to die down and the warband fall asleep in their sleeping gear by the fire in the main hall.
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