Session Fourteen 19th - 22nd Kelen 720

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Session Fourteen 19th - 22nd Kelen 720

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19th Kelen 720

The warband wake from a restful night just after first light and after packing their gear say their farewells to the Fornin camp and make their way into the town to peruse the market stalls.

The rain falls on and off during the day.

Ashain Eagatta seeing the warband moving towards the town and remembering them from his visit to Fornin decides to join up with them. Making their way towards the market they pass a street vendor selling baked pastries. The warband purchase several and head closer to the market. Kjarl refuses to eat any of the food, instead fasting in honour of the coming activities. They can see 6 huscarls from Valhakar Sherwyn house standing guard over the market stalls. The market at this hour has little activity as most of the merchants are still breaking their morning fast.

The warband purchase several ales to wash down the pies and stood near an inn called the ‘Iron Boar’ and watched the happenings around the town. From their vantage point the warband notice that work has been done on repairing the burnt out bonding house and harbourmasters but as yet the ruins of the ‘Green Bowl’ inn are untouched.

With the sun rising higher the acitivity in the town increases so too does the sounds with criers advertising certain merchants, vendors plying their wares and the masses milling around waiting for the market to open. The inn appears to be doing a roaring trade as the only competition lies in ruins and as it is located so near the market it appears that it is used a meeting point by all and sundry.

First the merchants and traders begin to make their way to the market to setup and stalls and conduct the first rounds of buying and selling. The warband mistake this as their cue to enter the markets but on trying to enter the warband are turned away by 2 huscarls and told that the market will not be open until the sounding of ‘Bjarri’s horn’. The warband beg pardon from the guards and return to their position by the inn to continue their observations.

The warband from their vantage point notice that as the merchants are conducting their business there is a steady stream of Jarin porters making their way from the makeshift bonding house to the markets bearing differing goods and then receiving a new order that needs to be moved, returning to the bonding house empty handed and then returning to the markets with yet another load of goods for sale.

Sounding through the noisy hum is a blast from a horn, obviously siganlling the opening of the market. By this stage most of the merchants within the market have returned to their own stalls and are prepared for business.

The warband joins the crowd as they flock towards the market. Paying their 1f entry fee they begin to wander around the markets looking for anything that may be a bargain. Making their way along a row of stalls the warband is confronted by 3 huscarls, 2 move into a position to the rear of the warband while the 3rd stands directly in front and challenges Kjarl. “We have a warrant for your arrest, come with us!” says the 3rd huscarl. Taken by surprise Raan replies “What is the warrant for?” The 3rd huscarl then turns to the other members of the warband and says “This has nought to do with you so if you don’t want to be run in as well move yourselves along.” As if that were the only warning needed the warband move away and Kjarl is lead towards the docks where a warboat lies moored at the wharf and 2 other huscarls stand guard.

Anvil, Kalyn and Ashain watch Kjarl get lead off while Raan heeding the huscarls warning has remained in the market square.

There are some hushed words whispered between the huscarls while Kjarl stands under the watchful eye of 2 guards. Another huscarl approaches Kjarl and says “What is your name and business in Sherwyn?”

Kjarl reaching for his credentials says “I am Kjarl Taaren, journeyman shipwright, son of Terdri Taaren, nephew of Harka Taaren, Valhakar of Horko of Menglana.” As the huscarl reads the credentials handed to him he returns the paperwork to Kjarl and says “You are free to go about your business.” As Kjarl turns to leave he sees the huscarl turn back towards the other huscarls and a brief conversation takes place before the group of 3 huscarls follows Kjarl back towards the market.

Anvil, Ashain and Kalyn spot Kjarl returning to the market and move towards him. “It appears as if it is a case of mistaken identity, at least I hope so.” Says Kjarl.

The warband returns to the market place and once again takes up their search for a bargain. While moving through the market the warband find a tentmakers stall and decide that now might be a good time to purchase a tent for the group. Ashain being a local decides to do the haggling although the tentmaker is not from the town of Sherwyn.

The warband look at several tent designs and decide on a 3 man tent for the bargain price of 66d.

By early afternoon the warband have searched the market. Whilst walking through the stalls a Jarin dressed in not much more than rags approaches the warband holding a small cup and says “Spare a coin, master Ivinians?” the warband each dig into their beltpouches and produce a coin each some give 1d and a few give but 1f. The beggar with a smile upon his face says “I thank each of ye for your generosity.” With that he turns from the warband and after a few steps he has disappeared into the crowd.

Anvil decides that with a tent now purchased a space had better be found in which to set up this new acquisition. He searches the woods to the north west of the town but wonders if first a place near town should be sought. After a search of an hour or so Anvil finds himself at the temple of Sarajin where he is shown inside on of the temple building where a man is seated behind a table upon which a rough map of Sherwyn drawn on parchment is displayed. After a brief discussion and the payment of 25d, Anvil is shown to an area near the tree line north of the town to a small plot of cleared land and told that this is where he is to set up his tent.

The warband less Anvil spend the rest of the afternoon wandering through the market. Anvil soon rejoins the warband and tells his companions that he has acquired a plot on which they can set up their new tent. Several hours before sunset ‘Bjarri’s horn’ is sounded again and with that trading ceases for the day.

With a few hours of daylight left the warband make their way to the nominated camp site and after some difficulties finally have their tent assembled and ready for use.

Raan, Ashain and Anvil decide to head off into town to see what is happening and get something to eat. Kjarl and Kalyn decide to remain behind and get some rest. The others make their way to the inn arriving just on dark, where they find a crowd assembled outside and serving women plying the crowd taking orders.

The rain has stopped but a mist has formed over the town but with the warm temperatures it adds to the carnival atmosphere in town. The faint sounds of a skald can be heard coming from within the inn.

On returning to their tent they find Kjarl and Kalyn both asleep within. The warband gather the bedding and curl up near the tent as the rain once again begins to fall.

20th Kelen 720

The rain falls sporadically through the early part of the night but after midnight a mist builds up and closes in around the town.

The mist has dispersed by the time the warband have awoken and gone about their morning routine. Noticing that everyone else has left their lodgings standing the warband decide to do the same and leave their tent erected during the day. Leaving Ashain with the tent to commune with his god.

The warband once again heads into town to find a vendor to buy their morning meal from. Kjarl once again abstains from his meal. Once everyone has sated their hunger and purchased an ale or two with which to wash it down with they look forward to once again enjoying the market.

The warband find a place near the inn with which to watch over the market place and await the sounding of ‘Bjarri’s horn’.

During the while the warband discuss the ability of the warband to actually carry their new found tent. They discuss various options and decide that maybe a mule might be ideal. They decide that their first point of call today should be to an ostler. A sleet begins to fall on this cold day forcing all around to pull their cloaks a little tighter around their shoulders.

During this discussion ‘Bjarri’s horn’ is sounded and the warband head off to the ostler’s yard. Finding said ostler the warband begin to discuss price and the ostler settles on 360d as the price of sale for a mule. Leaving the ostler and the mule behind they finally work out that if Ashain can carry the tent pegs and lines, Kjarl will carry the bulk of the tent in his backpack and then place his personal belongings in a sack and carry them outside his pack.

By midday the sleet has stopped.

Anvil has decided after checking the stall out yesterday he wishes to revisit a jeweller and sell off his bloodstone and silver ring (his gifts from the Valhakar of Sherwyn for his part in the battle of Fornin) but the jeweller only offers 2d for the bloodstone and a mere 60d for the ring, not satisfied with the values offered Anvil takes these items to the armourer and offers the ring and his old quilt tunic as trade for a new quilt gambeson.

The armourer eyes off the tunic and notices several tears in it due to old wounds but he concludes that with a little effort they should be easily repaired and then takes the ring in his hand and eyes of its value “What else do you have to sweeten the deal my friend?” says the armourer. “I have this little trinket given to my by the Valhakar of Sherwyn himself he did.” Handing over the bloodstone. Eyeing of the gem the armourer says “throw in 25d and the gambeson is yours.” Anvil stops and rubs his chin and then replies “Deal!” handing over his old tunic, bloodstone, silver ring and 25d and in return walking away with a new quilt gambeson.

With the warband once again moving through the crowd at the market Kjarl believes he has spyed a stranger that appears to be following the warband. He has been seen to looking in the direction of the warband following their same path. The warband discuss a plan to try to catch out this stranger but while they discuss their plan they turn back to find the stranger gone.

Late in the afternoon as the warband make their way through the market a Jarin girl of small stature and average looks approaches Raan and says "Master, would ye care to offer me some work?" as she winks and grabs him by the arm. "I'll be back soon!" Raan exclaims to his companions as he leads the girl up to the warbands tent. After paying her fee Raan takes the girl into the tent and spends the next 15 minutes or so with her in the privacy of the tent. (GM: what happened in there not even I know.... :wink: )

Mid afternoon ‘Bjarri’s horn’ sounds yet again signalling the end of another days trading.

Ashain, Kalyn and Kjarl decide to retire for the day making their way back to their tent but not before Ashain and Kalyn partake of a meal as they all partake of an ale or two before making their way to the tent.

Raan and Anvil decide to remain behind in the hope getting a good spot at the inn but by the time they arrive there is only standing room again to be had outside.

Catching sounds coming from within the inn above the din of the waiting crowd outside they hear a skald telling a ballad of brave warriors facing off against a Jarin horde 7 times their number, the young warriors prick their ears up and catch the skald telling his listeners of Valhakar Ragan of Fornin and how he led his brave warriors into this melee and at the end of this battle he lay dead from his many wounds while his brother lay dead by his side while the rest of his couragous warriors fought the Jarin and routed them from the field.

While Anvil and Raan are still down in the town a hue and cry rings out near the warbands tent. “Fire, fire…” is the call and Kjarl, Kalyn and Ashain emerge from their tent to see flames reaching skyward from a tent not more than 20-30 paces from them. Kjarl immediately scans the crowd for Anvil but does not find him. Quickly the fire burns out before any assistance can arrive. Anvil and Raan soon appear amongst the crowd as Anvil assures everyone he had nothing to do with the fire. Soon the occupants of the tent are sifting through the remains while the crowd disperses and returns to their normal activities. Kjarl, Ashain and Kalyn return inside the tent while Raan and Anvil return quickly to the inn to see if they can finally get a good place inside. But to no avail.

After having a few more ales the warriors return to their camp to find the other 3 members inside and sound asleep. Undaunted by the cold they prepare their sleeping gear and quickly fall asleep. Late during the evening another sleet begins to fall.

21st Kelen 720

The sleet that begun last night continues to fall as the warband awake this morning. The warband go about their morning duties.

Like the previous days the warband make their way into the town to purchase some food and drink.

The warband knowing today is the test of arms competitions everyone eats well this morning including Kjarl.

After eating the warband quickly arrange to pay their entry fees into todays events. Kjarl, Anvil and Raan sign up for the spear throwing and Kalyn joins them for the archery contests while Ashain signs up for the axe throwing contest only.

There is not as much activity in the market place this day as all eyes seem to be turned to the skill of arms contests. The warband quickly pay there entry fee of 1d per event and await their call to compete. The sleet seems to make the contests today a little more difficult. Seated in the crowd are the various Valhakars from the surrounding clans and in a prominant position with an excellent view of the contests sits the Valhakar of Sherwyn and seated next to him is the Valhakar of Fornin.

First up is the axe throwing contest. A man wearing the arms of clan Eagatta stands before a target and says “Each warrior will throw 3 axes at a target some 15 paces distant and each axe that hits will score him points based on the ring his axe lands in, his score for each axe will be added to give him a final total, the warrior with the highest total will be the winner should there be 2 warriors having the same total each of the winning warriors will throw another 3 axes and the highest total shall be declared the winner.” Some 15 warriors are assembled for this contest while many more look on and while Ashain failed to land any axes on the target the winner of the contest was a middle aged man named Knar Varsten a visitor to this island for the feast with a second round of throwing with a score of 29 from a possible 30.

The next competition to be held is the spear throwing. Again some 15 warriors are assembled to participate in this contest including some that have already taken part in the axe throwing. The same man as before proclaims the rules of the spear throwing they are similar except the target will be some 30 paces distant. The scores for each of the warriors was Anvil with 6, Kjarl with 3 and Raan with 6 points. The winner of this competition is none other than Birned Alvain the fisherman from Fornin finishing with a score of 27 from 30 after a second round of throwing.

Finally the archery contest is held, due to the weather though the target is setup at only 50 paces instead of the usual 100 paces. For this contest 17 competitors are gathered to take part in this contest.

Each of the contestants is to fire 5 arrows at the target the scoring is the same as the previous events. The warband finish with scores of Anvil 4, Kjarl 6, Raan with 7 and Kalyn with 5, the winner of the contest with a final score of 29 from 30 is Zurin Jalstric a woodsman from the thran of Byrn.

With the contests completed there is a presentation where each of the winners are presented with their prizes each is granted a small token and a cash prize of 1 pound, with the presentation over there are but a few hours left for those that wish to, to go back to the markets although most of the stalls have been closed today so that they may watch the contests.

With the days events over and the rain beginning to fall the warband decide to retire early tonight as the big melee is to be held on the morrow and all are keen to get a good nights rest before competing.

The rain continues to fall all night.

22nd Kelen 720

The warband sleep reasonably well during the night, the rain keeps waking Anvil and Raan who are asleep outside but too no real detriment.

The warband as usual go about their morning routine gathering food and drink from their now usual vendor who awaits them near the inn. This time he has brought a friend with him who is eager to sell the warband their morning ales.

Finishing up the warband once again make their way down towards the market. This morning the area around the market is full of men and a few women all dressed in armour. The warband make their way down and join the growing mass. The falling rain does little to dampen the spirits of the assembled warriors.

This is the sign on for the great melee. Each warrior on paying his entry fee of 5d will be given his choice of blunted axe or sword with which to take with him into the arena. A warrior is not permitted to wear anything better than leather armour and he may carry a shield if he or she wishes.

To honour the great warrior Bjarri the melee is conducted within a circular field any warrior leaving the field for any reason is deemed out of the contest. Bjarri during his great battle fought off the wolves as they attacked him from any direction and without rest, thus the contest is to be fought as individuals, any team play will be forbidden with each member disqualified from the contest. The contest is fought to first strike with each strike being ruled upon by the clan Valhakars, should they deem a hit then the struck warrior will be eliminated from the contest. A warrior may be struck from any direction and he should do his best to cover his back as best he can.

The last warrior left will be deemed the winner of the great melee. The rain that has fallen during the morning makes footing slippery and the challenges during the melee greater.

The same priest as yesterday stands in the centre of the circle and proclaims the rules for the melee, he confirms that there are no more entries to be made and with no answer coming from the crowd he calls forth all the participants some 80 warriors including some 20 huscarls make their way into the circle then the priest bids them ‘fight’.

The crowd roars its approval as spectators cheer for their favourite warrior, bookmakers call out the changing odds for a given warrior and as punters call for others to bet against. There is pandomonium around the circle with the noise of cheering fans outside the circle and the sounds of battle from within.

In a swirling melee where axes, swords and shields rain down blows upon warriors the members of the warband fight on. With each passing second more warriors are eliminated from the melee. Soon Ashain the young priest of Sarajin has been struck on the left thigh and is eliminated, Kalyn checks on his wound and finds it to be only a minor cut.

The battle ebbs and flows for each warrior, Raan is the next to be eliminated struck on the right shoulder, he was in the last 15 warriors left. Kalyn tends his wound and finds it to be nothing more than a bruise which should heal quickly.

This leaves Anvil and Kjarl as the only 2 members of the warband left in the melee.

Anvil caught flat footed on 2 occassions missed being struck by other warriors. While Kjarl contines to fend off and dispatch his opponents. The number of warriors quickly dwindles down to a half dozen with Anvil and Kjarl in competition against huscarls from clan Sherwyn.

But with some luck and a little bit of skill the last 2 combatants left are Kjarl and Anvil. The melee continues until Kjarl’s shield struck so many times finally succumbs and falls in pieces at his feet. With the melee proving so entertaining a warrior standing by the circle throws in another shield for Kjarl to use.

Deftly Kjarl picks up the shield and places it on his left arm. The fight continues for some minutes until finally fatigue setting in Kjarl lands a blow on Anvil thus ending the great melee. There are roars from around the melee circle many from those losing bets. Kjarl grabbing Anvil by the shoulder as they lead each other away from the circle they are quicly joined by their other companions is heard to say “I told you my fasting was not wasted. My fasting to honour our god and his servant Bjarri has in return brought much honour upon myself. Sarajin surely rewards those who honour him.”

By midday the market has once again opened to all and sundry but the warband do not pay a visit this day instead retiring to the tent to rest and recover from the days exertions. The rain has kept the crowds down today as most have watched the melee and then sought shelter from the weather.

The warband retire back to their tent for the afternoon to gain some much needed rest. The warriors stir breifly during the evening to have a meal and several ales before retiring for the night. The rain doing little to quell their excitement.

The rain continues to fall all night.
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