Session Fifteen 23rd - 24th Kelen 720

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Session Fifteen 23rd - 24th Kelen 720

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23rd Kelen 720

The warband are awoken during the early morning by a disturbance coming from somewhere in the camping area.

Peering from under rain soaked blankets they see 4 figures moving around the camp calling for Kjarl to come forward.

They seem to erratic in their search and are waved on by the sleeping mass. Kjarl turns to the warband and says “I think I have upset the locals by winning the melee and this group seek retribution.” The 4 individuals soon approach the warbands tent and have sensed trouble coming and have doned helmets and shields.

Seeing this the 4 figures loom out of the darkness, they all wear armour and are carrying shields, axes and swords all currently sheathed. One of the individuals wears a patch over his left eye.

“Which of you is Kjarl?” says the taller of the 4. “I am.” replies Kjarl as the rest of the warband move a little closer to Kjarl but remain behind him.

There is obvious slurring to this warriors words as he speaks and appears to have had a few ales before venturing to find Kjarl.

A crowd has started to gather to watch the events as they unfold.

“We have some unsettled business you whelp.” says the same figure, this man appears to be in his mid thirties and both he and his comrades are clearly huscarls. “The warriors melee was not decided fairly and now I have come to settle it for good. Pick up....” and without allowing Kjarl time to grab his spear this warrior moves forward drawing 2 hand axes and swings them deftly in both hands.

The other warriors and the warband watch each other warily as they look to prevent each others intervention in this fight.

Kjarl has time to draw his Keltan as the huscarl steps forward and strikes Kjarl squarely on his helmet, leaving a small but noticable dent. Kjarl attempts to defend himself by lunging with his Keltan at his attacker but his blow is parried without effort.

Raising both his arms above his head the warrior says in a raised voice “Tis as it should have been, I am the true champion of the melee.” Taking a few steps back from Kjarl he turns and after recieving a few pats on the back from his comrades he turns and makes his way down the slope and back into the darkness. His friends retiring with him, but not before one of the other warriors turns and says “This matter is not yet concluded!”.

As the crowd disperses and makes their way back to the beds, Kjarl removes his helmet and thanks Sarajin for giving him the sense to put it on it probably saved his life on this occassion, for the blow was not only swift it fell true despite the warrior being intoxicated.

The warband return to their beds to get what rest they can for the coming day.

The day dawns with a wind blowing in from the SW and the dark clouds hang low in the sky. The rain has stopped for now but looks to begin again soon.

The warband makes their way back down into the small town square after conducting their usual morning routine to find their usual pieman standing in his usual spot and they purchase a few pies from him and then consume several ales purchased from a local alewife.

The market place is not as busy today with most of the stalls closed for the day so that the merchants can either take part in todays events or enjoy watching the competitions. There are only a few merchants plying there wares today.

The warband then notice a crier calling for contestants to enter the days events. There is a run of a little over a mile, a throwing event, a lifting event and a carrying event. The warband are excited by the days activities and ask the crier where they can sign up and are told they entries are paid at the temple.

The warband quickly finish their morning meal and make their way to the temple of Sarajin to find a long line of people waiting to enter. Ashain signs up for the run, the throw, the lifting and the carrying events, Kjarl signs up for the lifting and carrying events, Kalyn signs up for the run, Raan signs up for the lift and carry while Anvil sits all the events out. Each event costs 5d to enter and returns the winner of each event with 50d.

Once all entries are complete there is a short wait as the course for the run is outlined to the assembled crowd. Around 25-30 runners have signed up to enter this race. The race will start and finish at the temple front gate. With the start signal given the competitors head off. The rain that has fallen makes the going slippery under foot for the racers.

Kalyn and Ashain keep pace with the lead group of runners as they make their way over the bridge towards the town. Heading towards the wharf both Kalyn and Ashain remain with the lead group. Kalyn taking the lead briefly.

From the wharf the runners turn and head into the town itself here there are numerous spectators as they cheer on the runners. The runners have formed into 3 main groups by now with a lead pack of 7 runners then a main body trailing back along the path consisiting of around 12 more runners with the remaining 8 runners bringing up the rear.

Turning from the town ship the runners head towards the fields to the north and then turn and make their way back towards the temple. Several of the runners have lost their footing on the slippery climb up the hill.

Kalyn has kept her position at the head of the pack while Ashain has dropped back into the trailing group.

Crossing the ford towards the temple Kalyn has hit the front and is leading by about 100 yards. Two of the other runners mount a serious challenge against her towards the finish but Kalyn keeps the distance matching these runners stride for stride and wins the race by at least 100 yards.

Ashain was not able to finish the race......returning to the temple with the stragglers.

Once the race is finished all the competitors are given some time to wash up and refresh themselves. Soon the spectators and runners are gathered around the temple and Kalyn is awarded a pouch containing her 50d prize.

The crowd moves over to an area near the market where a covered area has been setup. A small 1lb stone sits near a roped off area. This area has been setup for the next competition the throw.

Each competitor will be allowed 3 throws with the longest distance counting as there best throw. The competitor that has the longest throw will be declared the winner. There are 19 competitors including Kjarl, Ashain and Raan. Kjarl is called for his turn to throw. With his first throw falling near his feet, Kjarl picks up the stone and for his 2nd throw hurls the stone 24’ for his best throw.

There are several other throwers then Raan is called up for his turn to throw. On his 2nd throw he hurls the stone a massive 33’. Ashain is the next of the warband to throw and his best effort of 14’ is not enough to gain him a win. Raan’s throw is the longest for the competition and Raan is declared the winner and after a short ceremony he is handed a pouch containing his 50d winnings.

The rain falls intermitantly during the afternoon. The canvas keeps the competitors dry while they compete while the spectators and others stand amid the falling rain all enjoying the events.

The crowd breaks up shortly thereafter, as they head off to have their midday meal and catch up with their personal affairs.

By mid afternoon the crowd has assembled at the covered area again for the days events to resume.

The next event is the lift. Each competitor is allowed 3 attempts to lift a stone rock. If they succeed with any of their 3 attempts they move on to the next heavier weight, if they fail to lift the weight after their 3 attempts they are eliminated.

15 competitors including Raan, Kjarl and Ashain line up to begin the competition.

Kjarl the first of the warband to compete successfully lifts the 200lbs weight on his first attempt. As does Raan and Ashain. Kjarl then attempts to lift the 280lbs weight and lifts this on his first attempt. As does Raan, however, Ashain on his first attempt strains his back and is unable to finish the competition.The next weight of 340lbs is successfully lifted on his second attempt. Raan succeeds on his first attempt. Kjarl is unable to successfully lift the next weight of 380lbs with his 3 attempts, however Raan successfully completes the lift on his second attempt. There is only Raan and one other competitor left in the competition at this point with only the 400lbs weight left to lift.

Raan is the first to lift and fails. Hral Velstrom of Aselt is the next to lift and fails the lift. Raan successfully completes his second lift as Hral fails both his second and third lifts. Raan is declared the winner of this competition and is given his 50d prize.

After a break giving the competitors a chance to rest the last events see Kjarl and Raan ready to compete. As Ashain is now injured and cannot compete. The same competitors line up ready to compete. The same rocks are used for the carry as were used for the lift. The first weight of 200lbs

Each competitor has to pick up the weight and carry it 20’, each competitor has 3 attempt at each weight.

Kjarl is the first of the warband to carry and manages to carry the 200lbs the 20’ with some effort. Raan manages to carry the weight also. Kjarl attempts the 280lbs carry and manages to carry the weight on his second attempt. Raan also manages the weight on his first attempt. Kjarl fails to carry the 340lbs the whole 20’ on his 3 attempts with his best effort of 12’. Raan attempts the 380lbs fails to carry it the whole 20’ on his 3 attempts with his best effort of 11’. Mald Anjanir of Byrn is the winner of this event being able to carry the weight the whole 20’ and he is awarded the 50d prize during the prize giving ceremony.

By the time the competitions have been concluded it is late in the afternoon and as the warband stand around discussing the events of the day Sweni Eagatta, Ashain’s younger brother approaches him while he is alone and says “Brother, is it true that you are in the company of this Kjarl the winner of the melee?” Ashain taken by surprise mumbles a reply “I am.”. Sweni then continues “Father wishes to see him later this evening, apparently he has caused all manner of controversy.” Ashain looks at his brother with a puzzled look “Is this because of the use of the shields. It is as I thought. Very well I shall tell him.” Rain begins to fall heavily now.

Ashain passes on the message to Kjarl. Kjarl makes his way to the temple where he spends some time in quiet contemplation and meditation before meeting with the priest of Sarajin. Before leaving Kjarl approaches the priest. “Ah young Kjarl, your efforts in melee have caused much concern among certain members of our town.” Kjarl looks at the priest and says “Who has said this?” The priest continues “This is not of your concern young Kjarl. I have spoken at length with the other members of my clan and called upon the Grey Slayer to aid us in this matter and it has been decided that your fight in the melee although unconventional was not against the spirit of the melee. Therefore, we shall award you the prize of 240d but the usual grand prize ceremony will not be held instead other arrangements have been made.” Kjarl looks on and without saying anything merely nods his head in agreement.

Kjarl reaches into the purse and counts out half of the prize money and hands it over to the priest. "Take this as a gift to the Grey Slayer." With a nod and a thankyou the priest takes the offered money and with a blessing bids Kjarl good night.

Kjarl then returns to the warband through the falling rain and explains the situatuon to the other members of the warband. The warband then enjoys their evening meal and a few ales before retiring to the campsite. The rain continues to fall during the night.

Sitting around the fire the warband decide that perhaps a watch should be set tonight to prevent another mishap like last night. Each warrior except Ashain takes their turn sitting by an unlit fire.

The rest of the warband spends another night under wet blankets.

24th Kelen 720

During the night the rain has stopped and the clouds begin to disappear so that by daylight the sky is clear and although the temperature is cold and a icy wind blows in from the NW the warband are heartened to see the sky at long last.

The warband go about their usual morning routine hanging up wet blankets etc to dry during the day.

They make their way into the town again and once again partake of their usual morning meal.

The warband make their way down to the marketplace and find that the place is abuzz with activity. The merchants trying to sell off the last of their merchandise while the customers are trying to grab that last minute bargain.

With the market ending tommorrow the warband spends some time discussing whether there are any last minute items they need to get. While they are there 2 young huscarls approach them and say “Which of you is Kjarl?” Kjarl’s head slumps as he replies “I am.” The taller of the 2 huscarls then says “ You need to come with us there is someone who wishes to talk with you.” Kjarl answers “Who would that be?” The taller of the 2 looks at the shorter and the shorter one shakes his head. “You need to come with us please, we understand your caution given what has happened recently but rest assured no harm will come to you. But there is someone who wishes to talk to you.” Kjarl sensing that he is not going to be able to avoid this meeting replies “Very well. Lead on.” The huscarls lead Kjarl up towards the town square. Anvil attempts to follow but he is advised to wait here with the others. “Kjarl will meet you here shortly.” Kalyn enters the conversation saying “Unharmed?” The shorter of the huscarls answers with a smile “Unharmed.”

They make there way towards the town square and Kjarl notices that Atol is standing in the square and that he is being lead towards him.

Anvil attempts to follow the group but one of the huscarls stops and turns halting Anvil’s attempts to follow.

Atol says “I have heard rumours that you have been calling me ‘oathbreaker’ and I think there are a few matters that need to be resolved.” Kjarl looks embarrassed to have been caught out. “I swore an oath that I would watch over you as best I could, this oath I swore to your Uncle. Before I left Fornin our group had plans to stay here, it was my intention to always fulfil this oath. How better to protect you and watch over you than to take a place in the household of the Valhakar of this island. I had no intention of breaking my oath.” Kjarl looks on and replies “You gave us no idea of your intentions to take a place in the house of the Valhakar and thus I had thought your oath broken.” Atol continues “I was given little chance to plan this when the offer to join the household was made let alone pass on the reasons for my decision. You have misread me and although we have had our disagreements I had no intention of dishonouring my oath or my family.”

Kjarl holds out his hand and says “It does appear that I have misunderstood you, I offer my hand in friendship.” Atol takes Kjarls hand. Kjarl then turns and makes his way back to the warband.

Kjarl returns to the warband and with some surprise tells the warband of Atol’s conversation.

The warband decides that there a few last minute purchases that need to be made and paying the 1f to enter the market, Anvil purchases some Kurbal vambraces, Kjarl purchases a fine quality roundshield and Raan again wanders the market place but can’t find anything that he thinks he needs.

Kalyn on wandering the market place discovers a merchant selling some herbs and decides that her medical kit is in much need of restocking, so she spends some time in conversation with the merchant as she makes her purchases.

After making her purchases the warband spend the remainder of the afternoon wandering the market place.

By mid afternoon Hrunnis Eagatta, Ashain’s older brother approaches the warband he offers them his greetings and continues “I have been looking for you all aftenoon, lucky I found you.” Looking at each of the warband he says “My father invites you as the champions of your tournaments to a midday feast to be held at the temple tommorrow. You are each invited to bring a guest to this meal.” Turning to Ashain he continues “Father has asked me to tell you that he wishes you to give the prayer, are you alright with this.” Ashain looking sheepish merely nods his head in agreement.

The warband make their way to the inn where they manage to gain a seat at the inn tonight and partake of a rather poor meal and weak ale for their evening meal.

Feeling rather unfulfilled with this meal the warband returns to their camp where Ashain spends the night preparing his sermon and prayer the rest of the warband spends the night preparing their clothing for the coming event.

Raan decides to stay at the inn for a while longer to see if he might yet get a ‘date’ to the feast tommorrow. During the night he meets a young Jarin women who introduces herself as Miriam Pylran a plain looking girl of but 16 summers. The night is spent in good conversation until Raan invites her to the feast, Miriam declines the offer stating that a young Jarin women might not make the best guest at such an event. It is getting late and Raan offers to walk to her home but again she declines leaving the inn and making her way into the darkness as Raan returns rather despondant back to the campsite where he rejoins his companions.

As they check their equipment they notice that with the current events that have transpired their equipment is fast becoming in need of proper care and attention. Not having the time before the feast they make do with what they have.

With their gear checked they turn in for the night. Kjarl deciding that it might be prudent and good practice to set a watch for the night.

Little happens during the night except for a drunken reveller making his way back to his campsite.
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