Session Sixteen 25th - 29th Kelen 720

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Session Sixteen 25th - 29th Kelen 720

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25th Kelen 720

Kalyn during her watch after midnight notices several of the huscarls conducting a patrol through the campsite, they nod as they approach and just as quickly disappear back into the night.

Raan has the same encounter during the early morning while he stands his watch.

The day dawns a thick fog hiding the town from view. The warband go about their normal morning routines noting that the day is rather warm.

They journey through the morning fog towards their favourtie pieman. They find him in his usual place and purchase their usual morning meal. They ask him if he will still be selling his pies after the market and he replies that alas he will not as all vendures will no longer be able to sell outside of market hours once the market has closed today.

As the warband approach the market before it has opened they find that all the merchants are quickly making their final deals. Knowing that the market is only open for a half day.

As the warband wander around the town through the fog the horn sounds signalling the opening of the market for its final days trading. The warband watch the acitivities of the market as traders, merchants and ships captains go about getting the best deal they can with whatever cargo, trade good or shipment that is not yet purchased.

Nearing midday the horn sounds signalling the close of the market, the warband use this signal as their moment to make their way to the temple of Sarajin.

As they draw closer the sounds of festivities can be heard coming from within the walls.

Entering the compound the warband can see 9 tables arranged in a U shape. 3 tables forming each leg of the U. Seated at the centre table at the bottom of the U is the Valhakar of Sherwyn, the priests and other temple officials, to their right are seated the members of clan Sherwyn and other prominent citizens of Sherwyn, the warband are shown to a table to the left of the centre table.

The other legs of the U are made up of other clan members. The clans from Fornin and Lonin are on the right hand leg of the U with the Valhakars easily recognisable amid their entourages.

Once everyone has seated Kald Eagatta the priest of Sarajin stands and bids everyone quiet. He says “I welcome you all to this feast in honour of our victors during the tests of Bjarri.” There is a roar of applause from the crowd. “My son Ashain has completed his training as a priest of Sarajin and after contemplating his fate with Sarajin it has been decided that he shall leave this temple and carry the word of the Grey Slayer to those around Harn. Therefore this shall probably be his last feast of Bjarri with us until he finds his place and sets up a temple to the King of the Icy Winds of his own.”

Turning towards his son Kald says “I will therefore call upon my son to give the honour and give thanks to the Grey Slayer for providing us with his bounty.”

Ashain stands and nods to his father “Thankyou, father. It with great honour that I stand before you and offer my thanks to the King of the Icy Winds. Over the last several days we have seen many deeds that would honour the Ljarl. Warriors have competed in tests of both martial skill and feats of strength. Bjarri was tested in much the same way and his reward was to take a seat by the Grey Slayers side to see the wonders of his hall, he then returned to our realm to pass on to us the splendours of his hall. Knowing that there will be eternal life beside the Master of the Frosty Climes he was sent back to us to spread the word of the Ljarl so that we too might live up to his teachings and take our place in the Grey Slayers hall.”

“May the Grey Slayer watch over each of you and may your deeds and valour hold true to the Ljarl and do honour to the King of the Perilous Quest.”

The crowd nods their approval and Ashain’s father stands up again and says “I agree may the Grey Slayer watch over us and may we honour him with our valour and our deeds. I would now like to introduce each of the winners....”

Each of the winners are applauded when they are introduced except for Kjarl. There is jeering heard coming from the Sherwyn table, but others cheer and applaude his deeds.

The rest of the night is spent in feasting and drinking. The warband join in with songs and tales of deeds of valour. All except Kjarl drink more than usual.

Kjarl escorts the drunken warband back to their campsite. During the trip Kjarl spots a cloaked figure huddled near a tree, Kjarl slips the handle of his keltan free for a quick response. As he draws near he can see the figure is hunched over and when he approaches near the figure speaks “There is no need for your weapon Master Ivinian.” In the light of a waxing moon the face of an elderly women is partially visible from under the cloak “5 Ivinians in your band. 2 of the water, 2 of the land and 1 of the spirit. It is as I have dreamed.

“Take heed Master Ivinian, there be a storm brewing and it is heading for this isle and you and your band are standing it is path.”

Before Kjarl can respond the women turns towards the town and within several steps appears to have vanished from sight.

Kjarl leads the warband back to their campsite and puts Kalyn and Anvil to bed. During the trip back Kjarl notices that the night is colder than usual and looking at the night sky thinks that it will get colder still. Raan and Ashain are both feeling under the weather from their drinking and need special care for awhile. Finally Raan drifts of to sleep and about another hour later Ashain finally drifts off to sleep allowing Kjarl who had been watching over them to finally bed down.

There is no watch set tonight.

26th Kelen 720

After a night of freezing temperatures the warband awake from their sleep with heavy heads and bleary eyes.

The actions of the warband this morning are subdued and without the usual zeal.

The warband take their morning meal of a bowl of oatmeal at the inn and are rather easy with the ale today. During the meal Kjarl retells the story of his meeting last night and the prophesy that he was told. Kalyn will find try to find out more about this crone. Ashain adds that he has heard of this Jarin women Gerdeen is her name and adds that rumour says “that some revere her, some fear her but none ignore her.”

Now that the common is closed as a campsite the warband make arrangements with the inn for accomodation and are invited to sleep on the inn floor for 1f per night each. The warband accepts this offer.

The docks appear to be alive with traffic today as ships are moored alongside as goods are loaded aboard.

Returning to their camp the warband gather those items needing repair and search out the talents needed to repair them. Links in chain mail need repairing, boots need to be resoled, stitching needs to be repaired, weapons need sharpening and repair and other items of equipment need to be maintained. By midday their clothing and other items have been handed in. They are told that it will be 3 days before all their equipment is repaired and returned to them.

The warband make their way back towards the inn as they notice that the first ship a Nivik has finally been loaded and is now putting to sea. A line of other ships can be seen awaiting the same services.

Meanwhile repairs to the burnt out buildings has been going on and most are nearing completion.

The warband find a seat at the now nearly empty inn and begin to debate their next actions. Kjarl determined to gain Staabo’s signature on his ticket says he will stay and honour his agreement with Staabo and work for the 30 days in his shipyard. The others decide that in those 30 days they will set to exploring the island.

The warband spends the day wandering around the town watching the ships load their cargoes and collecting those items of theirs that have been repaired.

The warband partake of a rather unsatisfying evening meal at the inn before closing time finds them with bed rolls and a space on the floor. The hearth fire does however, keep them warmer than outside during the freezing night.

27th Kelen 720

The warband are awoken by the inn staff going about their morning chores. Feeling better than they did yesterday morning the warband are quicker to get themselves organised and packed up.

No sooner have they cleared the floor than the tables and benches are being laid out for the morning customers. The warband appear to be the only customers this morning as they break their fast with the usual bowl of oatmeal.

Once Kjarl has finished his meal he bids his companions good day as he is to start his tenure with Staabo today.

Staabo after the usual greeting takes Kjarl into the shipyard and after a quick walk around set Kjarl the task of getting to work on a Nivik that is in need of repairs to fix some storm damage.

The warband once they have finished their meal enjoy the quiet of the inn for a while before venturing out to see what if any of their items of equipment have been repaired. Several items are indeed ready while some are told to come back later today before theirs will be ready.

By late morning Kalyn has found Gerdeen’s dwelling and knocks on the door. The door opens and standing in the opening is an old women hunched over in the shoulders.

The old women turns and makes her way back inside her dwelling leaving the door open, Kalyn takes this as a welcome and enters the cottage.

The cottage is dark with a central hearth fire burning low, a small pot stands atop a tripod over the fire, 2 windows let in what little light there is. Several shelves along the walls hold clay jars the contents of which cannot even be guessed upon. A table stands near the fire with mortar and pestle and various other items of ‘chemistry’ upon it, herbs hang from the rafters and several totems adorn the room.

“Let me look at your hands?” says Gerdeen. Kalyn offers up her hands and the old women peers intently at them. “You are a healer.” she says more of a statement than a question.

“I am” replies Kalyn. “But you have also dealt out the wounds too, I see you are a warrior maiden.” again more statement than question. “I am” Kalyn replies. “Your companions will have need of your skills when the storm comes.”

“What brings you here” asks Gerdeen

“This storm you talk of, can you tell me anymore.” asks Kalyn. “I see you and your companions in my dreams, you stand before a storm as it approaches the clouds dark and menacing. They are closing in from all sides. But that is not what brings you here is it?”

Kalyn replies “No it is not, I seek employment and training.” Gerdeen nods her head “You do not need my training. You would cause me more trouble than you know should I take you on, I am Jarin and to have one such as yourself work for me, well it would be ‘difficult’ for both of us.”

With that Gerdeen turns her back on Kalyn and begins to go about several chores about the cottage. Kalyn turns and leaves the cottage closing the door behind her.

More vessels are moored alongside the wharf to load their cargoes and the warband watch with interest until each ship having completed its load unties and begins it’s journey to far away shores.

The warband spends the day in conversation at a table in the inn eating both their midday and evening meals here.

Later in the afternoon Kjarl is sent to the chandlers to pick up certain items needed at the shipyard and while enroute he is stopped by several of the towns huscarls. Who stop and search him as they believe his is carrying certain items of contraband around with him. He is detained for nearly and hour before he is released and allowed to go on his way.

When Kjarl returns to the shipyard Staabo is furious at this delay and is not at all happy with either the huscarls or Kjarl.

The warband have a quiet night........Kjarl having his room and board provided by Staabo while his companions share the floor of the inn.

28th Kelen 720

The warband awake after a restful night. The hearth fire provides warmth during the freezing night.

The blue of the sky and the sun struggles through the morning mist the air is still and there is still a chill in the morning air.

Kjarl goes through his morning routine before breaking his morning fast and then making his way to the shipyard for his daily toil with wood and iron.

The rest of the warband meanwhile spends the morning in much the same way taking their morning meal of oatmeal in the inn.

The warband enjoy the quiet of the inn during the morning before collecting their things and heading out to pick up the rest of their belongings from the various craftsmen.

By mid morning warband have finished this task and are making preparations for a visit to the burnt out village along the southern coast.

Raan decides that a map might be a useful addition to his gear and on approaching the chandler he walks away with a fine map of the island of Sherwyn and a map case for the price of 33d.

Studying the map the warband realise that the village of interest is probably the village called Wust. It is no more than a days travel to Wust and return to Sherwyn.

Kjarl has taken a few minutes away from the shipyard to collect his belongings from the various craftsman that are now repaired when he is stopped by several huscarls and spends the nearly the next hour answering numerous questions regarding his whereabouts and actions during the feast of Bjarri.

Soon after Kjarl is released and allowed to return to work. When Kjarl returns Staabo is furious at these continual interuptions and sends Kjarl back to work while he deals with this harrassment.

Staabo organises to meet with the Valhakar of Sherwyn and spends the rest of the day away at the Caer.

Kjarl returns to his work in the shipyard and when Staabo returns later in the day it appears that little has been resolved

The day ends with Kjarl and Staabo hoping to resolve this matter tommorrow. Staabo and the rest of his team sit down and enjoy a meal prepared by his wife before retiring to sleep. The rest of the warband return to the inn and after the usual plain meal of stew and a loaf of rye bread.

The activity at the wharf has continued all day as the longshoreman work to load the waiting vessels.

The night is warm with a slight gusting wind from the SE the night sky is clear and a thin mist spreads itself through the town.

The warband sleep well through the night.

29th Kelen 720

Around midnight the clouds close over and flashes of lightening are seen in the night sky, the distance boom of thunder soon follows.

Soon after the sound of rain falling on thatch can be heard with the rain sizzling as it falls through the chimney onto the hearth fire. The night is still warm and the warband take comfort that they are out of the weather once again.

The rain, lightning and thunder continue to occur as the day dawns with the wind picking up into a steady breeze from the SW.

Kjarl is awoken and prepares himself for another day at the shipyard, the weather seems to indicate that they may be working indoors today. After his morning meal he makes his way to the shipyard where he begins work on some of the smaller peices needed for his repair work on the Nivik.

The warband after breaking the fast with the usual oatmeal look outside to find the weather a little inclimate. Raan determines that the weather will not last and thinks that they could make the trip to Wust anyway. His companions agree and so they set of later that morning.

By mid morning the rain has stopped and the clouds have cleared and day has warmed up. Kjarl soon strips down to a bare chest as he works in the shipyard.

The warband soon pass through a Jarin village all appears as it should some of the farmers are out harvesting hay in the hope of bringing the stalks in before the rain falls again.

By early afternoon the warband arrives in the town of Wust several buildings still stand burnt out while the Jarin appear to be going about their usual routine. No Ivinians can be seen anywhere.

Anvil looking down upon the village from a small rise thinks it might be a good idea to finish the job once started and fire the rest of the village. His companions soon talk him out of it and reluctantly he lets the idea go.

The warband no sooner head for home when the clouds begin to gather again and during the walk home lightning and thunder begin once again with the rain beginning to fall the storm last just an hour or so before clearing and the rain stops just before the warband arrives back in Sherwyn.

During the return journey the warband notice a shepherd out with his flock of recently shorn sheep and apart from the usual villagers this is their only encounter along the road.

On arriving back in Sherwyn they notice that the number of vessels awaiting loading is diminishing. A Dak sits alongside the wharf with the longshorman continuing to load. Only 3 more vessels are sitting at anchor in the bay.

Returning back to the inn the warband find a seat by the fire and set to drying out before their evening meal.

Kjarl on the other hand finds himself accosted by Gerant the one eyed, Vabenal, Eben the Ugly and Soalpin the huscarls of Kjarls torment. They begin to shout abuse towards Kjarl until Staabo shows himself the huscarls begin to turn away shouting one final threat “You will not last here long!!!!”

“This cannot go on” says Staabo “I will arrange another meeting with the Valhakar tommorrow, I cannot have my workers continually being harrassed as they go about my business.”

Soon the day draws to an end and Kjarl is once again enjoying a meal with the other shipwrights and before long turns in for the night, meanwhile the warband are once again partaking of the usual plain meal of the inn until closing their they take their place by the hearth fire in the common room.

All sleep well although the night cools somewhat however, the hearth fire keeps the companions warm but the night sky remains clear.
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