Session Seventeen 30th Kelen - 3rd Nolus

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Session Seventeen 30th Kelen - 3rd Nolus

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30th Kelen 720

The dawn is bleak with the lightening flashing across the morning sky and thunder booming and echoing through the still sleepy town.

The warband go about there normal routine as the inn staff prepare for the morning trade. They have oatmeal and honey for their breakfast which they eat without much conversation.

Kjarl enjoys a warming meal prepared by the apprentice shipwright. Staabo informs them that due to the weather it looks like a day indoors for them. Kjarl can spend this time putting the finishing touches and dressing some of his earlier timber work that he has been putting off.

After the morning meal Raan spreads his new map out on the inn table and the warband spends the morning perusing the map deciding on which areas are worthy of further exploration.

The thunderstorm dissipates a few hours later but the rain continues to fall.

Around midday as the inn staff goes about preparing the inn for the midday meal the rain has stopped and over the next hour or so a fog begins to build. The warband sit down and are served a thin vegetable and pork broth and a loaf of bread which they consume quickly. The temperature rises during the afternoon.

Raan thoughts turn to love and his Jarin girl Miriam. He says to his companions that he is going to go out and see if he can find her to have a chat.....

Leaving the inn Raan wanders around the town for the first hour without finding the young Jarin girl. His search takes him out of town and out into the fields. As he treks along a path between several fields he spies Miriam working the fields with an older woman and two younger children. They are busily weeding the newly ploughed field.

Raan stops by the field and waves to Miriam, she sees him and returns his wave. Raan can see a smile on Miriams face as she returns the wave. The older women catches this out of the corner of her eye and turns looks at Miriam and seeing her smile takes a swipe at her Raan can hear a few words being said to the young Jarin girl, the older women then looks towards Raan. The two younger children laugh at Miriam and her new admirer.

Raan senses that he might be interrupting then leaves the Jarin to their work.

Returning to the inn Raan decides that perhaps a gift might soften the news of his interest to Miriam parents. He plans on going fishing and making a gift of his catch to the family.

On his return journey to the inn Raan is approached by a well dressed man in his mid to late twenties. He introduces himself as Jaar Shengaard a member of the Valhakars court. He offers Raan and his associates a job not a well paying job but a job none the less.

Jaar and his offsider Skara, have been tasked by the Valhakar to travel to the village of Wust and get an estimate of the damage done and the repairs needed to fix the buildings so that they can once again be inhabited. Jaar informs Raan that they are not great warriors and given the latest events on the island they do not want to be caught disadvantaged.

Raan says that he is indeed interested in the job but he cannot speak for his companions. Jaar offers to follow Raan back to the inn to see if the others are indeed interested as Jaar needs to know if they accept immediately.

Raan introduces Jaar to the warband and Jaar then informs them of the job offer. Jaar offers to cover their meals for the trip. All except Anvil agree. Ashain convinces Anvil that at least they will have food provided and they will not have to pay for the food here at the inn. Seeing the logic of this arguement Anvil also agrees to join.

They agree to leave just after first light tomorrow.

Once an agreement has been made Raan gathers his fishing gear and heads off to his old fishing spot. With some luck in the two hours before sunset he manages to bring in 3 herring. A total of 16lbs of fish. Raan spends the last hour of light preparing the fish. Rushing back to the inn he spends some time dressing himself up before heading off to find Miriams cottage.

After a brief search he manages to find her cottage and moves to the door, he knocks on the door with confidence. The door is opened by a youth several years younger than Raan. He asks the Ivinian his business to which Raan replies “He is here to see Miriam” the youth turns his head inside the cottage and yells “Father, an Ivinian is here to see Miriam and he has got fish!”

Looking past the youth Raan notices one of the children from the fields earlier today peers around the edge of the door she quickly pulls away when Raan makes eye contact with her.

An older man perhaps in his late thirties appears at the door “Master Ivinian may I ask your business with my daughter?” Raan embarrassed looks furtively around and replies “I wish to court your daughter with your permission.” as he hands the Jarin the fish.

The older Jarin asks if it they walk as they talk as there are some things Raan needs to know. As they walk the Jarin informs Raan that his daughter is in fact already betrothed and that his interest in his daughter while flattering may indeed cause a lot of trouble for his family should this get out.

Raan says he understands and has no intention of causing any interference or trouble and offers the fish to the Jarin in good faith, after some reluctance he accepts the fish and returns to his home.

Raan returns to the inn with his heart broken.....

Kjarl eats his evening meal with Staabo, his family and the other workers from the shipyard. During the meal Staabo informs Kjarl that a messenger from the Caer arrived and informed him that the Valhakar would not be able to see him today but arrangements have been made for an audience tomorrow. Kjarl is to make himself available to go with him to the Caer as well. Kjarl has misgivings at this piece of news.

Raan rejoins his companions at the inn and after several ales the inn clears of patrons and the sleeping arrangements are made and the warband turn in for the night.

1st Nolus 720

The night is warm and quiet with a breeze gusting in from the SW.

The warband are awoken in the usual fashion as the inn staff set up for the morning trade.

Looking outside the warband notice that a slight wind is blowing in from the SW the morning is warm, the sky is blue and there are only a few small white puffy clouds lingering in the morning sky.

The warband forego their morning meal as they prepare to meet Jaar for the trip to Wust. Packing their belongings away they hoist there backpacks onto their shoulders and make their way outside. They wait only a short time before Jaar and another younger man who introduces himself as Skara arrive. After a brief introduction and quick chat they head off towards Wust.

Kjarl arises about the same time of the morning. He enjoys a meal of oat porridge, cold meats and bread.

The warband spends the morning enjoying the scenery and joking as they make their way back to Wust. The two newcomers appear to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on the journey as they share some oatcakes with the warband along the way.

After the morning meal Kjarl and Staabo prepare themselves for their visit to the Caer.

By mid morning they have both arrived by boat at the Caer and have been shown into the fortification. After waiting nearly an hour Staabo is escorted up into the Great Hall of the Caer while Kjarl remains downstairs.

Kjarl can hear snippets of the conversation relating to the Valhakar’s huscarls continued and unwarranted harassment of his young journeyman. This is affecting his ability to run his shipyard and is having a negative influence on the morale of his staff. In reply the Valhakar is reluctant to interfere with the official duties of his huscarls if they appear to be acting in good faith and in accordance with his law.

Kjarl is soon asked to join the assembly in the Great Hall. On entering Kjarl can see not only Staabo, but Soarpin and the one-eyed huscarl also in attendance, plus numerous court attendants and scribes.

The Valhakar stares intently at Kjarl as he enters. Kjarl strides confidently into the hall, stopping next to Staabo.

The Valhakar then asks several questions of Kjarl trying to determine if there is any undue harassment. Kjarl identifies Soarpin as the man that has stopped him on several occasions. Soarpin in his defence offers that he had valid reasons to stop Kjarl and that once he had been questioned and found there was no further cause to detain him he was released without further action.

The Valhakar sits intently as he listens to both of the men talk. The Valhakar then says “I have heard both claims and I am not inclined to change my first decision, the huscarls operate under my law and if they suspect an indiscretion has been committed or a law broken then they are duty bound by me to question or arrest the person.”

Staabo takes a step towards the Valhakar then checks himself before adding “Valhakar, this man has been harassed and condemned since his arrival in Sherwyn after being falsely accused with the murder of your brother! You yourself said it was the work of the Jarin so I would ask you to reconsider your decision and allow me to conduct my business without interference.”

The demeanour of the Valhakar changes immediately on hearing that Kjarl had something to do with the death of his brother. “Kjarl remain and tell me what you know of my brother’s death, the rest of you get out!!!!”

Only Kjarl, the Valhakar and one other man who the warband have not met remain in the hall.

“So Kjarl, tell what you know?” Kjarl answers that having travelled from Geldeheim from Horko on his fathers wish to seek employment in a shipyard here in Orbaal on arriving in Geldeheim he was told that a shipwright of great renown has a shipyard in Sherwyn and that he might be in fact looking for staff.

Thus our warband travelled here and arrived only a few days before your brother’s murder and that he and his companions having arrived only a few days earlier were falsely accused and thus had to flee for our own safety. Remembering that it was our warband that served the Valhakar of Fornin and in so doing served you in the defeat of the Jarin uprising.

Kjarl leaves out the details of any meetings with Ran who had made first contact on hiring the warband to kill the ex Valhakar.

After almost two hours of questioning the Valhakar turns to his assistant, the assistant shakes his head, the Valhakar then says to Kjarl “Very well. I see that you and your companions are merely a victim of circumstance in this matter. Even though one of your companions found the bodies of the Valhakar and his escort. I agree that you had nothing to do with his murder.”

The Valhakar also adds “I will inform Soarpin that he is to stop harassing you and not detain you or question you without very good reason.”

“Thank you” Kjarl adds before being shown out of the Caer and back to the town.

On returning to the shipyard Staabo hands Kjarl a parchment on opening it reads ‘Kjarl, we have stumbled across something of utmost import, we need to see you tonight. Met us in the common after sunset. Your companions”

Kjarl is perturbed by this letter. He suspects that if his companions had indeed found something they would just visit him, not send him a note. Staabo offers that perhaps there is something which might prevent them from doing this.

Kjarl ponders his next action while he works away the afternoon.

The warband on arriving in Wust leave the other two Ivininans to there business and wander the village. Nearing the midday meal the two Ivinians approach the warband and offer them some food which the warband accept.

The two Ivinians have been seen taking measurements and talking with some of the local Jarin.

After the midday meal the two Ivinians go about their work again only during one of their interviews with one of the locals they immediately become flustered and excited as they approach the warband. “We have just come across some grave news which must be told to the Valhakar immediately. We are taking this Jarin back with and we must leave now.” Anvil looking around says “What is so important?” Jaar looking Anvil square in the face says “It is news for the Valhakar are you deaf, now lets get going.” The warband quickly packs their things and make their way back to Sherwyn at a judicious pace. There is little conversation on the way back as the group has taken on a more sombre mood for the return trip.

As the warband arrive back in Sherwyn the two Ivinians thank them for their help but they can make the rest of the trip to the Caer by themselves. The warband not sure what the fuss is all about return to the inn.

On arriving in the inn the warband take up their usual seats at their usual table, the inn staff places several tankards of ale before the warband and they are quickly emptied as they wash the dust of the road out of their mouths.

After finishing his evening meal Kjarl thinks that it might be a good idea to travel to the inn to find out why his companions are leaving him such strange notes.

On his way from the shipyard Kjarl thinks he saw something lurking in the shadows near a cottage but on closer inspection is sure it is his eyes playing tricks on him in the night.

Nearing the inn a lone figure can be seen moving towards him as the figure approaches through the light coming from the inn windows he can identify Soarpin as the man approaching. The hairs on Kjarls neck stand on end.

As Soarpin approaches he is fully armoured and is carrying two hand axes in his belt, Kjarl has a moment of panic as he realises he is only in tunic and leggings and is only carrying his Keltan. The stance and gait of Soarpin gives Kjarl the indication that he is not trying to be aggressive or threatening.

Kjarl remains on his guard regardless. Soarpin stops near him and says “I have been ordered by my Valhakar that I am to stop harassing you and to leave you be. So it shall be. Come walk with me if you will?” Kjarl standing firm says “I would rather stay in the light if that is alright with you.” Soarpin answers “As you wish. My Valhakar has ordered me to leave you alone and that is how it shall be.” Soarpin continues to make small talk for several minutes then, cocking his head slightly as though he has heard something he bids Kjarl good evening and turns quickly disappears into the night.

Anvil sitting at the table in the inn hears a scream come from outside and some distance away. Gathering his gear he runs outside as the rest of the warband and the other inn patrons look on with confusion. Once outside there is silence as nought but the normal sounds of the night drift in with the wind. Anvil sees Kjarl turning a corner near the inn and offers him a greeting, Kjarl returns his greeting and they both return to the inn and sit down Anvil taking his usual seat.

About 15 minutes later several of the warband think they can hear a commotion coming from outside, no one else in the inn seems to have heard it though.

This commotion seems to be getting louder. The warband make their way outside as they stand around the commotion seems to be a group of angry people making their way towards the inn. Before long there are a number of people standing outside the inn as others peer through windows and doors at what is going on.

Soon about a dozen people can be seen making their way down the road towards the inn. Kjarl and Raan fear another uprising and head off towards the shipyard to warn them. Two of the mob break off and move behind the inn, disappearing into the darkness. Anvil, Ashain and Kalyn head inside the inn and grab helmets, shields and weapons and head back outside. Through the darkness 5 huscarls can be seen heading towards the mob, leading the charge is Soarpin and his 4 companions and one other huscarl. Raan and Kjarl tell the huscarls that it appears A Jarin mob is approaching and they are going to warn the other Ivinians. The huscarls stop just outside the inn and form a shieldwall. The warband can see the mob slow and finally stop

Ashain can hear the conversation from outside and it appears that a Jarin girl named Sysanne has been attacked by the Ivinian that won the grand melee.

The huscarls ask several more questions before quelling the mob and sending them home.

Kjarl and Raan arrive at the shipyard and quickly raise the alarm. Staabo has his family quickly set and placed aboard his small boat in preparation for sailing to the Caer. Staabo waits at his slipway awaiting any further Ivinian refugees.

Raan suggests that he should head back to the inn and grab his gear, Kjarl agrees and says he will come to.

As they return to the inn they can see the mob beginning to disperse. Soarpin and 2 of his companions approach Kjarl and say that an allegation of an assault has been made against Kjarl. A young Jarin girl has identified him as her attacker and as a result he has to place him under arrest and take him to the Caer for trial.

Raan informs Staabo of what has happened and eventually the town of Sherwyn returns to peace and quiet although a hum remains around the town.

Kjarl is taken to the Caer and placed in the cell. There are 2 other occupants of the cell when he arrives. One Ivinian who calls himself Korgin who has been falsely accused of attacking and raping a Jarin women and one Jarin a priest of Ilvir named Wyliam who was victimised for preaching his faith to his people. They both look worse for wear.

The warband eventually return to the inn where they turn in for the night.

2nd Nolus 720

In the early hours of the morning a torch light can be seen under the cell door.

The door opens and Atol peers through.

He says he has heard what has happened and has just come down to check on him.

Kjarl tells him what has really happened, Atol listens intently but then says he cannot stay long but he will try to see that Kjarl is looked after.

Kjarl sleeps fitfully in the small cell with his two cell mates.

The day dawns bright and warm with a slight breeze from the south.

The warband awake and go about their usual routine and after breakfast Ashain visits his family and asks if there is anything that can be done to assist Kjarl. Ashain’s father assures him he will see that he is looked after.

The warband gather in the inn to see what can be done to help their comrade. As they sit in the inn news of a muster is passed around. The Valhakar has called a muster and wants all the militia to assemble in the common later this afternoon anyone not attending will suffer severe consequences.

Staabo finds the warband in the inn and offers Anvil a proposition. As he is now short one member he is not able to fulfil his obligation for the muster and offers him 30d if he would take Kjarl’s place in the muster. Anvil accepts this offer and begins to gather his gear to assemble in the common. It appears that this is no training drill and something urgent has happened. The rest of the warband also gather their gear and join the assembling mass.

As the day draws on the militia can be seen assembling in the town common. They number some 12 huscarls, 8 Ivinians and some 40-50 Jarin.

By mid afternoon it appears that everyone has assembled. The Valhakar makes an appearance before the crowd. Flanked by several of his huscarls he says “News has been brought to my attention that the Valhakar of Wust is not dead. It appears that during the attack he and his family and followers were taken as captives. We have heard nothing from them since the attack. I want them found.”

The Valhakar then orders some of the huscarls to take the rest of the militia and begin to do a head count of the island. They are to get the Valhakars of the other villages to find out where each and every Jarin is, who is missing, why they are missing, when they were last seen. I want to know where every last Jarin is.”

Following the speech, instructions are given to several groups as they head off towards the different villages.

Before long there only remain the members of the warband left standing. They are instructed to make their way to Wust and then begin a search of the area to see if any sign can be found of the missing Ivinians. The warband are offered 2d per day until they find the Ivinians or the search is cancelled, to which the warband accept.

They quickly make their way towards Wust and arrive just as darkness falls.

They quickly locate the inn and begin to clear the building of everyone except the innkeeper and his staff. A simple meal is prepared and served to the warband. Anvil clears the innkeeper’s room and takes it for himself, Kalyn decides she will join him, Raan and Ashain decide to clear the staff’s quarters and take them for themselves. The innkeeper his family and staff spend the night on the inn floor.

The warband sleep comfortably through the night.

3rd Nolus 720

The night passes without event and the day begins with a steady wind blowing in from the NW. The sky is clear and the temperature is cool.

The warband order food to be prepared for their first meal. A serving of oatmeal is prepared. Soon after the warband are discussing their plan of action for the day.

The warband decide that they will start with the Valhakar’s plan and work out where all the Jarin are. Anvil and Ashain spend the day with the Jarin locals questioning them on anyone that is missing and where they are. They determine that there are none of the Jarin currently unaccounted for.

Raan and Kalyn decide that a through search of the village would be in order. They begin with the burnt out buildings and start searching for trap doors or cellars but their search turns up nothing. They then turn their attention to the local Jarin cottages. After an exhaustive search no sign of the Ivinians is found.

With the search complete and the questioning done, Anvil addresses the assembled Jarins. “I offer 30d to anyone with information that directly leads to the offenders being apprehended, anyone with information can drop in to the inn and pass it on.”

During the night there are a total of 8 Jarins that call in to the inn during the night. Each has a story to tell. The only common thread with each of the stories is that the Ivinians were lead away under guard. One story which the warband prove to be false by thorough questioning is one in which the Ivinians are lead away by other Ivinians under armed guard.

The owner of this story a Rodran Elthair a young Jarin male is grabbed by Anvil and placed in the corner of the inn and not allowed to return back to his home.

The warband share a thin broth for their evening meal as they discuss their plan of action for the coming day. After finishing their meal and downing a few ales the warband retire for the night.
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