Session Eighteen 4th - 10th Nolus 720

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Session Eighteen 4th - 10th Nolus 720

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4th Nolus 720

The warband rest comfortably during the night arising and going through their morning routines.

A look outside finds the day cool with light winds blowing from the southwest. The blue sky can clearly be seen through the small patches of cloud.

When the warband have finish their morning meal Anvil takes the young Jarin outside and has him tied up in the centre of the village square. He then exclaims to all the Jarin in sight that this boy was foolish enough to try to lie to him to get the money and for his punishment he shall remain tied here for the day and should anyone leave the village then he shall bear the punishment for their efforts.

The warband then gather their belongings and begin to conduct a search of the area. Anvil begins near the sea and then tracks back through the outskirts of the village in search for any sign of the Ivinians.

Anvil and the warband continue to search and backtrack for the day.

As the hours wear on the clouds thicken and the wind picks up.

With the wind blowing steadily from the SW and with the light fading, the warband are several kilometres from the village when Anvil finds a leather shoe, it is found liying in the middle of a ploughed field, from it’s size and design it would belong to a young male around 10 years or so.

It appears from where the shoe was found that the Ivinians were being lead towards the mountains.

After marking the site the warband take the shoe back to the inn. On the return journey the wind quickly swings around to the northwest and picks up to a high wind and the rain begins to fall.

The warband are out in the rain for only a short time before reaching the inn.

Anvil quickly releases the young Jarin from his imprisonment in the square, after administering a swift kick to the young mans posterior Anvil joins his companions at the inn.

The warband sit down and enjoy a thin broth served with some bread for their evening meal. Meanwhile outside the wind continues to howl and the rain falls in a steady stream.

The warband try to get some rest after a tiring day so they can go out and continue the search tommorrow.

5th Nolus 720

The rain contines to fall through the night.

The warband awake early the next morning and prepare themselves for the days events.

The warband leave the village during the early hours of the morning and quickly find the location of the missing shoe.

The rain continues to fall all morning finally coming to a stop after midday.

Anvil begins to search again.

The day search is in vain. With the light fading and no sign having been found of the missing Ivinians Anvil decides that it would be better to return to the village for the night.

The warband return to the village just as darkness descends on the village.

Again the warband sit down and enjoy the thin broth and bread served up by the inn staff.

As the warband eat their meal they decide that it might be an idea to gather provisions for several days and stay out to continue their search. After scouring the inn they find enough travel rations for each member for two maybe three days each.

As the warband settle down for the night the first flashes of lightening are seen through the hearth chimney and soon follows the crashing booms of the thunder.

Soon after the rain begins to fall again.....

6th Nolus 720

The thunder storm continues through the night.

The warband awake early again with the thunder and lightening still ringing out.

After their morning meal the warband decide to set out and continue their search. Gathering together their belongings and sharing out the rations the warband head out.

With the storm still raging the warband leave the village of Wust.

They travel out past the location of the shoe and still further into the wilderness. As warband cross a meadow several flashes of lightening strike close to the warband.

Raan then says “Perhaps all this metal travelling across an wide clearing might not be so good for someones health if they get struck by this lightening.” The warband quickly agree and make for the safety of stand of trees until the storm abates.

They soon find a stand of trees and seek shelter until the storm dies down.

They no sooner make themselves as comfortable as possilbe when the rain stops and the clouds begin to lighten

While they wait the warband decide that with the warming temperature they should make their camp here and Anvil will go on and continue to search, Kalyn will go out and forage while Ashain and Raan remain here to guard the campsite.

With sun nearly at midday Anvil and Kalyn head off.

With Kalyn and Anvil gone Ashain sits himself down and communes with his god while Raan nods off against a tree nearby. Raising from his meditation Ashain notices a group of 8 men all armoured in the Ivinian manner are approaching their camp, nudging Raan Ashain continues to watch as the lead figure drops to one knee and studies the ground. This figure soon stands and points towards the stand of trees in which the warband have made camp. Ashain tries to hide himself as the lead figure of the approaching group sees him and waves, Ashain returns the wave as the group approach.

As the group enters the camp Raan has managed to wake and stand the group introduce themselves and say that they were tasked with meeting with the warband in Wust but on arriving found that you had left and after questioning several of the Jarin they said you had left and so we followed your tracks.

The group of Ivinians are told that Kalyn is off foraging and should be back soon and Anvil is off ‘tracking’ the where abouts of the missing Ivinians.

Kalyn begins her search for forage and several hours later realises that she is not sure of the way back to camp. Continuing her search she soon finds her way and with the light fading manages to get herself back to the campsite where she is introduced to the new visitors.

Anvil continues to search towards the mountains and in doing so heads towards a stand of trees to search for any sign of the missing Ivinians. It is a larger stand of trees amid the meadow. Moving in conducting his search he approaches a clearing, in the clearing is a bear, it looks as if the bear is feeding on carrion when it is startled.

While Anvil decides on his next action, the bear rears up onto its rear legs and then drops and charges towards Anvil. Anvil had taken the opportunity to string his bow,but the bear closes to quickly for him to notch an arrow.

The bear attacks swinging with it’s paw but Anvil deftly dodges the attack, discarding his bow he steps aside and grabs his spear and shield, the bear charges again swinging at Anvil’s head, with a dodge the blow misses his head but strikes his neck several claws tear across his flesh.

The engagement rages on for nearly a minute as the bear lands several blows against Anvil while the wounds made by Anvil’s spear finally tell and the bear falls to the ground. Anvil adminsters the coup de grace on the bear and falls to the ground exhausted.

After resting Anvil makes his way into the clearing and finds the bodies of 5 humans, from what is left of their clothing they are obviously Ivinians, 2 adults, 1 older figure and 2 smaller one of which is missing a shoe.

A search of the area finds no other items or information.

Anvil realises that without evidence his companions will not believe any story about him defeating a bear so begins to remove the incisor teeth and claws from the bear he then spends several hours removing the pelt from the bear.

Realising that his efforts have consumed the better part of the day and that he will not be able to return to the campsite before dark he sets up his camp in the clearing. Organising a large supply of fire wood, he sets a fire and decides that a ample helping of bear meat will be on the menu for this evenings meal.

The Ivinian group do not have the necessary equipment to stay out for the night and decide to head back to Wust for the night and return in the morning.

The warband spends the night in the stand of trees and has a fitful sleep.

Anvil spends the night dozing against a tree fearful of any wandering wildlife. The bear carcass making an attractive scent for any would be hunters. Only once during the night is he disturbed by the sounds of something lurking in the shadows but the fire keeps them at bay.

7th Nolus 720

Light showers falling during the night.

The warband early in the morning and prepare their morning meal while they wait for the Ivinians to arrive.

Anvil greets the new day as his firewood supply is nearly exhausted. He eats his meal in silence while he decides on his next course of action. He suspects that his companions will begin to search for him and so he decides to wait here. Cutting new timber from the trees he throws them on the fire to keep up a steady stream of smoke to signal his location.

The new day finds the warband without Anvil. They decide that he has probably got himself into trouble again and decide on setting out in search of him.

The group of Ivinians arrive later that morning and soon after under the guidance of the warband head off in search of Anvil.

The warband head off in the direction Anvil was last seen heading in.

After midday light showers begin to fall.

During the early afternoon a smoke trail can be seen ahead. Heading off in that direction the warband see the smoke trail coming from a stand of trees. Nearing the trees they notice that the smoke is coming from a campfire. Entering the trees the find Anvil seated at the fire the carcass of a dead bear and 5 Ivinians lie nearby.

Anvil describes the events of the preceeding day to his companions.

Kalyn searching the area finds a signet ring belonging to the Valhakar of Wust.

The decision is made that considering the condition of the bodies it would be best to bury the Ivinians here, so the day is spent in preparing the funeral pyres that will carry the souls of these Ivinians to Taalagaard.

Late in the afternoon with a several of hours of daylight left Ashain sets the first of the pyres alight and over the next few hours conducts the funerals of the Ivinian dead.

In the still winds the smoke rises swiftly skyward taking the souls of the dead to be with the Grey Slayer.

The Ivinians eager to give the news of Valhakar of Wust to the Valhakar of Sherwyn decide as soon as the funerals are concluded to head back to Sherwyn. The warband were hoping to spend the night in the woods again but not wanting to miss out on the acclaim that is their due for finding the missing bodies decide to return to Sherwyn also.

Heading back to Wust and then back to Sherwyn the warband make good time considering the travel conditions. Arriving in Wust just before last light. Commandeering a lantern from the Jarin of Wust they push on and arrive in Sherwyn after darkness.The Ivinians take the signet ring and proceed to the Caer leaving the warband to wait in the inn.

Arriving back at the inn the innkeeper is most pleased to see their return.

After a warm meal that is both tasty and filling the warband settle in for the night.

The warband find themselves sleeping on the inn floor by the hearth fire again with the sounds of the rain falling on the thatch outside.

8th Nolus 720

The warband awake this morning to find the rain still falling from the heavens.

The day is cold with a steady wind blowing from the northwest.

The warband spend the day at the inn awaiting news from the Caer. The warbands efforts to see their companion Kjarl fail as he is not being allowed any visitors.

The priests confirm that he is being fed twice a day and that he looks to be in reasonable health considering.

With this information the warband head back to the inn and spend the rest of the day checking over their equipment.

Each making the necessary repairs needed.

The innkeeper seems none to pleased by this but they are well paying customers and he makes no complaint.

The rain continues to fall during the day with the only warmth being that of the hearth fire.

During the afternoon a messenger arrives stating that the warband are required to attend the Caer for the morning moot. The warband confirms that they will be there and the messenger retires.

The warband turns in for the night. The continuing to fall.

9th Nolus 720

The warband sleep well by the fire arising this morning to find the weather has not changed, the rain continues to fall the temperature is still cool with the wind blowing steadily from the southwest

Going through their morning routines the warband quickly gather together their belongings and head down to the wharf to meet their ferry.

They are quickly ferried across the water to the Caer, the warband are routinely disarmed and allowed to enter the Caer. They are shown into a store room on one of the lower levels of the Caer and are told to wait until called.

Kjarl spends the morning as usual chained to the wall with only enough chain to get to the toilet bucket. Over the last few days he has made efforts to chat with the other prisoners but without success. He partakes of another simple breakfast supplied by the church of Sarajin.

The warband await their turn in the moot hall, while waiting they can hear the sounds of the thran business being conducted as muted whispers coming from the stairwell.

The warband are eventually called into the hall as they enter they see most of the huscarls standing around the hall, several court attendants also stand by recording the decisions and penalties from the moot.

Seated at the far end of the hall is the Valhakar of Sherwyn. “You have done good service, Tell me of what you found.” With that the warband describes the events of the last few days leading up to finding the dead Ivinians. “It is sad news. As per our agreement your payment.” the Valhakar turns to one of his attendants and nods his head with that the attendant steps forward and pays each member of the warband 10d.

“Ashain you performed the burial rights for our Ivinian brothers did you not?” “Aye my Lord I did.” replies Ashain. “This should cover your services.”

The Valhakar again turns and nods to one of his attendants, the attendant moves forward holding a beltpouch which he hands to Ashain. Ashain nods his thanks to the Valhakar. The warband are then dismissed.

The warband are shown back to the lower level of the Caer to wait for a boat to take them back to the mainland. While waiting Ashain opens the pouch and counts out 150d.

Kjarl is soon lead up the stairway from the prison. He enters the hall to find the same people in attendance. Among the huscarls stands Saolpin and his 3 companions. Soalpin has a smirk on his face as Kjarl enters the hall.

“Valhakar, this man is to be tried for the assault of one Sysanne Merael.” begins one of the attendants.

The Valhakar looks on as another attendant steps forward. “The girl identified him as her attacker. This with the fact that others saw him arriving at the inn from the direction of the attack, put him in the location.”

The Valhakar nods and says to Kjarl “What have you to say in your defence?” Kjarl bowing his head explains about the letter he had recieved from his companions and had shown to Master Staabo. He explains that on recieving this letter he was uncertain of it’s origin or it’s intent. But thought that he should go to the inn this night to consult with his companions.

“On making my way to the inn I was stopped by Huscarl Soalpin who wished to have some of my time to apologise for his treatment of me.”

The Valhakar looks towards his huscarl and says “Is this true you were with this man at the time of the attack?”

Lowering his head Soalpin says “No Valhakar he lies, I was with my companions sharing an ale and.....”

Before he can finish Kjarl exclaims “By my honour and that of Sarajin this man lies. Valhakar I swear by my clans honour that I tell the truth and I will defend my honour with a test of arms if needs be.”

“Very well a trial of arms it shall be. Tommorrow morning on the common. Let the Grey Slayer determine who bears false witness in my court.”

Atol steps forward and says “Valhakar, I am a kinsman to Kjarl and swore an oath to his father that I would watch over and protect him. I seek your permission to take his place in the trial?” The Valhakar thinks on it breifly and replies “I will not risk losing 2 more of my huscarls given the recent events, you swore an oath to serve me too and therefore I will not let you take Kjarls place in this trial. I understand your eagerness but I will not allow it.”

Kjarl is lead away to the cells again. Once Kjarl is chained up Atol says “You have a tough fight this man is one of the best warriors I have yet seen. You have come out of many combats without so much as a single injury I hope that will remain so.”

Kjarls fears that he might have spoken rashly during the court and he may have placed himself in more danger than he realised.

Atol manages to catch up with the warband before they depart the Caer he fill them in on what happened during the court.

The weather has been an omen today the rain has continued to fall with the black clouds hanging low in the sky.

It is late in the afternoon when the warband return back to the inn they spend the rest of the day in muted conversation about what will happen tommorrow.

The rain is still falling as the warband retire for the night near the hearth fire gaining what warmth they can.

10th Nolus 720

The rain continues to fall during the night.

Kjarl’s cell is cold as he huddles into his blanket for warmth.

The warband are awoken by the inn staff setting up the days trading. Their is more activity around the inn than normal it turns out that today is also market day for the town.

The warband go about their usual morning routines.

Kjarl savours what might be his last meal on this earth as he contemplates todays fight. He is taken from his cell and allowed to bathe and dress in his armour. His weapons will be provided when he arrives at the common.

The warband make their way outside and notice that preperations for the market are underway. The rain continues to fall.

A crowd is beginning to gather at the common as they await the trial.

Soon Soalpin enters the common followed by his companions.

Several priests of Sarajin are also in attendance. Soon Kjarl is lead to the common and allowed his weapons. There Kald Eagatta the priest of Sarajin begins the formalties. Offering a pray to the Grey Slayer to protect the innocent and vanquish those that are false and dishonour the Ljarl.

The combat will contine until one warrior submits or can no longer defend himself orders Kald Eagatta.

The rain making the ground slippery underfoot. Soon the combatants are ordered to begin the trial. Saolpin enters the arena bearing 2 hand axes while Kjarl choses spear and shield as the warriors approach he whispers for Kjarl’s ears “Come here you young whelp. You think you are the only one favoured by our god. You need to learn some humility I am to teach you...”

With that he lauches an attack against Kjarl who defends himself with his shield. The battle ebbs and flows with each warrior deflecting his opponents blows.

As the warriors tire several blows have been landed by each warrior their armouring absorbing the blows of most. While blocking a spear thrust Soalpin hand axe looses it’s head. Soon Soalpin’s second axe succumbs to battle damage and it to is made unusable.

He resorts to his Keltan, the battle draws on into it’s third minute with the warriors tiring both have sustained several wounds.

Soalpin tiring of this drawn out melee attempts to finish off Kjarl but suffers a spear strike to his chest, the spear point breaks links in his chain mail and the point bites deeply into his chest. This is more than the warrior can take and he passes out at Kjarls feet.

Gerant on seeing his companion defeated cannot believe what he sees and drawing his weapon begins a charge on Kjarl, weakened by his combat he is slow to react. All around sense that something is wrong but only Atol is quick enough to see the danger and move to put himself between Gerant and Kjarl.

Gerant launches an attack at Atol and Atol strikes back. Both weapons bite deeply into their opponent. Gerant’s axe strikes Atol in the chest as Atol’s axe hit Gerant in the belly. Both fall to the ground.

Kjarl barely able to stand is taken away to the inn along with the other wounded men. Kalyn spends nearly an hour attending to Atol’s wounds before then turning her attention to Kjarl.

After a being treated Soalpin, Gerant and Atol are taken back to the Caer on stretchers, where they will be tended. Kjarl is then taken to the master shipwright and allowed to rest. While he is there Kjarl begins to demand wereguild for the unwarranted attack by Gerant and any dishonour brought upon him by the vicious attacks of Soalpin. Staabo advises him to remain calm and wait. There has been no official ruling on the trial as yet although he thinks that Kjarl will be cleared they must await the final ruling by the priests of Sarajin in accordance with the Valhakar.

The warband watch on and as the crowd disperse after the trial they make their way to the market place near the docks. The rain keeping most of the window shoppers at home.

The market is not like the previous one, it appears that there are several guilded members trading their wares here but most are farmers selling their produce. There they spend the day wandering around looking at the produce available for purchase. Raan notices some apples that look delicious and parts with some coin to purchase a pound of them.

He catches up with his companions and shares an apple with each of them.

The day ends with the warband once again sleeping at the inn while Kjarl rests at the master shipwrights pending the final verdict of the melee. Atol, Soalpin and Gerant are in the Caer still being treated at last report.

The rain continues to fall into the night.
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