Session Nineteen 11th - 18th Nolus 720

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Session Nineteen 11th - 18th Nolus 720

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11th Nolus 720
The rain has stopped during the night. With the sunrise the day begins to warm and a few drops of rain begin to fall.

The warband break their morning fast as they find out the condition of their comrades.

Kalyn who has remained awake for most of the night treating her wards, informs them that Kjarl’s wound in indeed grave and Anvil’s neck wound has become infected.

During the early morning news arrives from the Caer that during the night Atol, Soalpin and Gerant have all succumbed to their wounds.

The loss of Atol hits the group hard. He died fulfilling his oath to Kjarl’s uncle.

Kjarl is moved to the inn where he will be closer to Kalyn’s healing touch.

Staabo continually checks up on Kjarl during the day to see how is going.

By days end Kjarl wound is not responding well to the treatment and the infection to Anvil’s neck is getting worse.

The warband spends the day in the inn awaiting any news regarding their comrades.

The day heats up with the sun shining through a near cloudless sky, but as dusk falls the clouds begin to gather and a light shower begins to fall.

The showers stop after a few hours and with the growing darkness the temperature falls slightly as the warband huddle around the hearth fire and rest.

12th Nolus 720

Showers fall periodically during the early hours of the morning. As the temperature warms slightly.

With the coming dawn the temperature drops a few degrees and the sun breaks through the nearly cloud filled sky.

By the end of the 2nd watch the rain has started to fall once again as the temperature continues to fall.

By late morning Kalyn meets the warband in the inn common room and informs them that Kjarl has passed on. His wounds were to severe and were not responding to her treatment.

As for Anvil his condition had deteriorated during the night as well. The infection was getting worse and it to was not responding well to her treatment.

News of Kjarl’s death is sent to Staabo. He arrives at the inn soon after to view his body.

Kjarl’s body is removed from the inn and taken to the temple of Sarajin where preparations for his funeral can be conducted.

The warband remain in the inn today as the rain continues to fall on and off for the remainder of the day.

Once again the warband huddle by the hearth fire of the inn as they drift off to sleep.

13th Nolus 720

The rain continues to fall during the night as the temperature remains fairly constant. The sky remains full of clouds.

Kalyn who is catching what little sleep she can continues to watch over her patient during the night.

She informs the warband that Anvil’s infection continues to worsen and unless it improves soon she fears that it will take his life as well.

The warband wait anxiously for any news as Kalyn continues to treat Anvil during the day.

Tryne is called before his father the Valhakar of clan Zoen. “Tryne, news has arrived of your brother Soalpin’s death. I order you to go to Sherywn and find out the details of his death for me. It is a simple task and even you should be able to do it. If I thought that the task was complex I would send one of your older brothers, now get going and let me know immediately.”

Tryne gathers together a few belongings before leaving the thran of Zoen and heading to Sherwyn.

It is a bleak day with the temperature remaining cool and the rain continuing to fall, no sign of the sun can be seen through the rain filled clouds.

The warband are informed that Kjarls funeral will take place on the 15th and with if someone could be at the temple to assist making the final preparations for Kjarl’s funeral.

Raan and Ashain head off to the temple while Kalyn remains with her ward. A fee of 50d is required to be paid for the necessary cleansing and treatment of the body before burial. Raan makes the necessary payment to the priest. Raan is also asked what personal items are to buried with Kjarl and if they could be brought to the temple later today or tomorrow at the latest. Raan is unsure but says that he will pass on this request and ensure that Kjarls personal effects are indeed brought to the temple as soon as possible.

On returning to the inn they are told that there is still no good news regarding Anvil. Raan passes on the priests requests to the warband.

Tryne arrives in Sherwyn by midday and stopping off at an inn enjoys his midday meal. Thinking the Caer would be the best place to start his search he makes his way across the narrow strait to the Caer. He is met by several guards and a member of the Sherwyn household.

Tryne is lead into the Caer where he is informed of the passing of his oldest brother. Tryne is also told that Kjarl and the other members of hiss warband are still staying at the Iron Boar inn and he could probably find them still there.

Leaving the Caer Tryne makes his way to the Iron Boar inn where seated in the common room are 2 men, one he recognises immediately as Ashain Eagatta, the son of the Sarajin priest Kald Eagatta. The other he does not recognise but they both seem to be friends. Raan notices the stranger enter the inn and also notices that this stranger is paying both himself and Ashain a little to much attention.

Soon after Kalyn enters the common room. Kalyn has no good news for the warband regarding Anvil’s condition before they retire for the night. Kalyn makes her way back up the stairs to check on Anvil. Tryne follows her upstairs.

“Is this another of your companions?” asks Tryne. “He is but what business is that of yours?” replies Kalyn.

“It would appear that your friend Kjarl may have done me a service and I would like to pass on my thanks.” says Tryne. “You are too late Kjarl has gone to Talaagaard this very morning.” answers Kalyn. “Tis a pity. perhaps I can help your friend here.”

Raan and Ashain soon appear at the doorway to Anvil’s room. They both watch the proceedings with interest but say nothing.

Calling for a bowl of water and a cloth, Tryne wets the cloth and begins to rub Anvil’s wounds. While wiping the wounds Tryne is talking in strange toungues and after around 30 minutes he stops places the now bloody cloth in the water and places it by the bed “this should help your friend” says Tryne. “What is that you have done?” asks Kalyn. “Merely tried to help your friend.” answers Tryne.

“What language was that you were speaking for it is none that I have heard since our arrival?” asks Kalyn. “Ah it is a language from another part of the misty island, it is from a college of learning, that will suffice for now.”

“Why is it you have let your friends lay wounded so, have you not sought help to tend their wounds.” asks Tryne. Looking offended Kalyn answers “They have recieved the best care I can give, my knowledge is adequate but alas the herbs available to me are limited.”

“Why have you not sought the aid of the temple or of Gerdeen the Jarin crone here in Sherwyn.” asks Tryne. Realising that perhaps not all avenues for Anvil’s recovering have been exhausted the warband cannot believe they did not think of this earlier. It has cost them their friend Kjarl and with some help may yet save Anvil.

Looking at Ashain, Tryne says “Perhaps you could pray for your friend and by the good graces of Sarajin he may yet recover from these wounds.” adding after this comment “Ashain, you have grown some since I saw you last and it would appear you are following in the footsteps of your father.” Ashain stares blankly at this stranger and then he recognises this stranger it is Tryne Zoen, of clan Zoen here on Sherwyn. This man had disappeared some 8 years ago or so. Little as heard after his disapperance and remarkalby little fuss was made when he had gone.

“What brings you back to Sherwyn?” asks Ashain.

“My education is complete, but now I must go about and learn my craft.” says Tryne. “What craft would that be that has kept you away for so long?” “Tis a teaching of the mind not so much as the hands and because of this it does not carry a title such as priest or shipwright. But I hope it’s teachings may yet serve me well some day.”

Realising they were not going to get a straight answer from Tryne the warband give up with their questioning.

Making their way downstairs the group share several ales as they introduce each other as Tryne tells the warband that there was no love lost between him, his brother or his father. It was only reluctantly he came home at all and the highlight so far was being able to catch up again with his mother.

Soon after Kalyn excuses herself as she makes her way upstairs again and remains with her patient getting a little rest here and there as she watches over Anvil.

Ashain is positioned by Anvils bed as he spends the night in prayer seeking Sarajin’s aid for his friends recovery.

Ashain drops off to sleep as fatigue finally gets the better of him. As he lay there sleeping a vision comes to him in his dreams of crosses axes and then underneath a black shield with a yellow acorn adorning the centre and the word ‘Elendsa’ underneath.

14th Nolus 720

The showers continue to fall during the night the clouds do not clear while the temperature remains cool.

By sunrise the showers have given way and a wind is blowing in from the southwest but the sky remains filled with cloud,but not the dreary black rain filled clouds of the previous day.

Kalyn informs the warband over the morning meal that the 2 other wounds Anvil has suffered on his foot and his head have healed remarkably during the night. The wound on his foot all but having disappeared including any sign of a scar, it is unfortunate that Anvil’s condition is continuing to worsen because of the infection and fears that if he does not improve soon he too will not last more than another day or two.

Ashain informs the warband of his vision during the night. Ashain describes the heraldic device but none of the warband are familiar with it. Ashain attempts to gather some information regarding this device during the day but is unable to gather any information that will help him with his ‘quest’.
Tryne suggests that perhaps the aid of Gerdeen the Jarin might yet be sought and offers to seek her out and get her assistance if she is able.

The warbands spirits are down as they have lost two companions and look to be loosing another soon.

Tryne arrives at the dwelling of the Jarin crone and knocks on the door after several minutes there is no answer he departs empty handed.

They spend the day waiting for news of their companion.
During the morning a ship arrives in Sherwyn and stepping of it’s decks is another member of the clan Jalten. Mablem Jalten foster brother to Anvil and son to the Valhakar of clan Sherwyn. He has arrived to find his brother.

Tryne spends the day visiting several craftsmen. I seek a small vial to be attached to a silver pendant. The craftsmand say they can arrange for such a peice it will take 2 days to complete and will cost 65d for such work. Tryne leaves a deposit of 30d with the craftsman and says he will return in 2 days.

The day warms up and blue sky can be seen through the now thinning clouds.

After searching the town for some time Mablem discovers that the warband are staying at the Iron Boar inn and that Kjarl has recently died from wounds sustained during a trail by combat. His brother also lays gravely wounded in the inn savaged by a bear some days earlier.

Raan takes this opportunity to wander the village in search of the young Jarin women Miriam. But after spending several hours wandering the village and nearby fields his search fails to find the young lass.

Tryne returns to Gerdeen’s dwelling later in the day and after knocking on the door the door is opened and standing before Tryne is an elderly women she does not look any older now than when he last saw her some 8 years ago.

Entering her abode Tryne says “Some people I know have a friend who is extremely ill and they need some help, is there anything in this hut of yours that will heal him?”

“Master Ivinian, I am naught more than a brewer of love potions and such. I have a gift but it is not one that will save your companions friend.”

Looking around the hut Tryne can see that there are all sorts of ingredients that Gerdeen might use in her brews a pot stands simmering over a low fire and several glass vails with a variety of coloured liquids stand along a low bench. Tryne leaves the crones hut without any success.

The members of the warband return to the inn in the hope of some good news regarding Anvil but none is forthcoming.

Mablem arrives at the inn and finds Kalyn and Raan seated at a table with 2 other men, one obviously a priest of Sarajin the other dressed in the robes of perhaps a scholar. After the greetings and introductions are concluded Mablem asks after his brother. Kalyn informs him that the news is not good and despite their best efforts he will probably die.

Mablem spends the night with his foster brother retelling his stories until late in the evening Anvil died.

The warband are told of Anvil’s passing and with great loss they retire for the night. They will make preparations for Anvil’s funeral in the morning.

15th Nolus 720

The night remains warm, a breeze mild from the southwest gusts during the night. While the a full moon can be seen intermittantly through the clouds.

By dawn the weather has changed little as the warband eat their meal in silence as the come to terms with their loss. A messenger is sent to the temple to arrange forAnvil’s burial soon after his body is removed from the inn and taken to the temple of Sarajin for the burial preparations.

With the morning meal had and their companions body gone the warband decide it is time to attend the passage of the soul service to be held for Kjarl.

They make their way to the funeral pyre erected near the temple and Ashain steps up and delivers the service.

The assembled warband leave after the fire sending Kjarl to Talaagaard has long died down with nothing more than embers remaining.

Tryne and the warband attempt to find out what whether or not Soalpin, Gerant and Atol have been buried yet. They make their enquiries at the Caer and are told that they have been cremated earlier today.

Tryne decides that he had better return to the Zoen thran and tell his father of his findings. Raan and Kalyn travel with him against the judgement of Ashain and Mablem.

They travel to Zoen and are admitted into the Great Hall. Tryne father enters the hall. Tryne bows his head “Father, I have here Raan Jalten and Kalyn Jalten of clan Jalten of Hilzstrom, they are the companions of Kjarl Taaren.” Tryne then begins to tell the story of Soalpin “It happens that Soalpin was accussed of lying during the trial of Kjarl and as a result they fought a trial by combat. Soalpin was defeated in this combat and died of his wounds later that day.” Tryne then finishes the rest of the story.

“You bring the friends of the killer of my son into my hall, what were you thinking!” belows the Valhakar. “I thought you might want to hear what they have to say.” says Tryne.

“What would I care to listen to anything they have to say.” You have been away from my thran supposedly getting an education and this is what you do, when is my son’s funeral then?” continues the Valhakar.

“I am afraid his funeral was today father.” answers Tryne. “I sent you away 2 days ago to find out all this information and now you return with this useless information!” the Valhakar’s face begins to turn red.

“You have yet again failed me, you disappoint me, our clan and for the last time. You and these 2 are hence forth banished from my thran and my holdings, you enter again on pain of death. Get out and may you never return.”

The group turn and leave the thran, Tryne manages to see his mother before leaving the thran and says that she will talk to his father and see if she can get him to change his mind, after all you know what he is like. Tryne replies “if you must but I doubt he will change his mind, he has never thought well of me, it is just sad that I shall miss you.”

With a tear in her eye Kyli, Tryne’s mother bids farewell to her only son perhaps for the last time.

The group retire to the inn arriving around mid afternoon where they spend the rest of the day with the other members of the warband in rememberance of Kjarl and are grieved by the loss of Anvil.

As darkness falls the warband make ready for a restful night.

During the night the warband wake as the common room suddenly becomes extremely cold, a chill takes hold. The warband catch a glimpse of someone standing at the top of the stairs and as they turn to look more closely the figure disappears.

Raan sensing that there may be a theif in their midst suggests keeping a watch for the night.

Mablem reflects on the service held for Kjarl and his memory of the event leads him to believe that it was not as sucessful as the warband would have hoped for. He begins to suspect that Kjarl has not died in good grace and thus cannot make the journey to Talaagaard.

The innkeeper on hearing the commotion in the common room soon enters along with several of the staff. They begin to conduct a search of the inn on the belief that it was a theif that Raan saw at the top of the stairs, not wanting to raise the hue and cry without reason the innkeeper concludes his search for the theif without any success. But as they make their way to their rooms they over hear the warbands conversation and with some reluctance they return to their beds on advice that all is well from the warband.

The other members of the warband listen to Mablem’s theory and after a brief discussion they decide to look into this theory further tomorrow.

The warband after setting a watch decide to retire for the night.

16th Nolus 720

The rest of the night passes without further incident.

The new day dawns with a cloudless sky a gusty breeze blows in from the NW keeping the temperatures cool.

The warband awake and break their morning fast. The mood is sombre around the table. The warband discuss the events of last night. There is a mumour around the inn that the inn is now haunted by the spirit of Kjarl.

The innkeeper refutes all such rumours stating that no one is sure what caused the commotion during the night, some say it was a thief although no such person was on the establishment, he personally thinks it was just one of the guests that put the wind up the visitors. There is not nor has there ever been a ghost here.

The warband quietly finish their meal and then make preparations for the coming day.

Mablem makes his way to the temple to make the final preparations for his brothers passage of the soul service. Mablem organises for another priest to conduct the service stating that Ashain lacks the experience to conduct this service and that he would like someone else to conduct it. Hrunnis offers his services to which Mablem graciously accepts.

Tryne checks on his jewellery order and finds that it has been completed and pays the remainder of the 65d owed for this item. He then makes his way back to the inn and organises for a private room for the day. He secludes himself away from the rest of the warband. Only emerging long after the sun has departed.

There have been few patrons at the inn today as word of this new ghost has kept people away. The innkeeper reassures his patrons that the inn is not haunted.

The innkeeper sits by his bar with the warband his only customers. A worried look on his face.

A few patrons visit the inn briefly during the day but they do not stay long.

The warband share their evening meal around the table while the inn staff ponder their future .

Soon the warband bed down for the night a watch is set yet again around the hearth fire waiting for a sighting of the ‘theif’.

17th Nolus 720

During Mablem’s watch a chill washes across the common room, Mablem draws his blanket closer around his shoulders. The temperature in the room is dropping suddenly. Soon he catches a glimpse of a figure standing near the top of the stairs. Turning his head to look the figure just as quickly disappears.

Mablem wakes Ashain from his sleep, takes him to a secluded part of the common room and tells Ashain that perhaps the passage of the souls service was not as successful as they would have hoped for Mablem believes that he just saw Kjarl at the top of the stairs.

Mablem informs Ashain that perhaps more information might yet be sought from his father in the morning. Ashain ponders this idea insisting that the service was conducted well and that Kjarl has indeed gone to Talaagaard.

Both men return to the beds and little else occurs during the night.

The next morning the warband awake to a new day.

The warband exchange ideas on what is happening in the inn as Mablem informs the rest of the warband on what had happened last night.

The number of patrons is again low at the inn. The innkeeper gives the warband little service during the day and is short with them every time they require his services.

Later that day Ashain has been thinking on the advice given by Mablem and decides that it would not hurt any to seek more information from his father.

“It is the first time I have heard of such an occurrance,Ashain” says Kald. “But most importantly father is how do we solve this and help Kjarl if it is Kjarl move on to Talaagaard?”

“It would depend on the cause for Kjarl not moving on. is he out of favour, is there a cause for which he sees as unfinished that is holding him back. You need to find the cause before you can help him.”

“Thankyou father, as always your council is most helpful.” Ashain leaves the temple and returns to the inn where he consults with the other members of the warband.

The easiest to fix says Ashain is if Kjarl is out of favour, we can hold another passage of the souls in the room where he died and offer him our blessing to move on.

The warband agree and they spend the rest of the day making the necessary arrangements for a service tomorrow.

The warband beds down for the night another watch is set. Raan opting out of the watch routine tonight claiming that having taken part the last 2 nights he needs his rest tonight.

The night passes without event.

18th Nolus 720

As Mablem watches over the common room, he notices Raan begin to flinch, shake and give out several low moans.

Soon after Raan gets out of bed and climbs the stairs spending around 30 minutes upstairs before returning to the common room and taking up his position in his bed on the floor.

Raan appears to take no notice of his surroundings and without acknowledging his companion Mablem.

The warband awake and with slight gusts of wind from the south and the sun barely able to break through the clouds the warband prepare to conduct another passage of the souls for their now deceased companion Kjarl.

Eating a meager meal the innkeeper begins to threaten the warband with eviction if they do not fix this problem soon. The warband offer to fix the problem stating that Kjarl will soon enter Talaagaard and the visits will cease.

The warband makes their way upstairs and with a small fire lit they offer their aid to help Kjarl as Ashain once again provides the passage of souls. At the conclusion of this service Mablem thinks that Kjarl should now be on his way.

At the completion of the service Raan looks around bewildered, “What is going on, where am I?” he exclaims. The rest of the warband look at him with puzzled looks on their faces. “What do you mean?” says Mablem.

“The last thing I remember was going to bed last night, I have no idea how I got here now.” Mablem explains that he saw Raan get up from bed earlier this morning and make his way up these very stairs and returned nearly an hour later. Raan cannot explain this and has no recollection of what Mablem is talking about.

Deciding to look at this further later the warband now leave the inn and make their way to the temple to farewell their other companion Anvil.

Hrunnis ushers the warband to the funeral pyre where they stand around and witness the service. A steady pillar of smoke rises from the fire as the soul of Anvil is ushered to Talaagaard.

At the completion of the service the warband gather at the inn to celebrate the life and death of Anvil the Red.

Later that night as the warband gather around the hearth fire in the now empty inn the warband discuss the events earlier today concerning Raan, the warband decide after input from Ashain that perhaps Kjarl had possessed Raan in an effort to gain entry in Talaagaard.

With Kjarl now offered the passage of the souls he should now be safely on his way.

The warband bed down for the night.
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