Session Twenty 19th - 21st Nolus 720

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Session Twenty 19th - 21st Nolus 720

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19th Nolus 720

With a warm night outside the warband sleep peacefully around the hearth fire a watch has still be set for tonight.

The smoke from the hearth fire rises straight up into the night sky.

Ashain is taking his turn on watch as he stares at the embers of the fire. Catching a glimpse of a figure standing at the top of the stairs he hears the figure whisper “Help Me, Help Me.....” leaping out from under his blanket he makes for the safety of the bar.

Raan hearing the commotion made by Ashain in his effort to flee the unknown figure, Raan head turns to the unknown figure also.

Raan feels his heart leap into his chest as fear grabs him he too leaps from his bedding and makes for the locked inn door.

Soon everyone is awoken by the commotion, Raan is still panic stricken and Ashain slowly makes his way from around the bar with his keltan drawn.

Soon the inn staff have joined the warband in the common room. “If this continues again tomorrow night you lot are out you are sending me penniless, you will ruin me! You have today to fix this problem or you can look for somewhere else to sleep tomorrow night”

The warband gather together and decide that a visit to the temple is now warranted.

After ringing the temple bell for some 10 minutes a temple attendant soon arrives to open the doors. The warband are admitted into the compound. The advise the attendant that they seek and audience with Kald Eagatta in a matter of utmost importance.

The attendant is reluctant to wake the priest at this hour but as Ashain insists the attendant soon departs. the warband are shown into the temple and are told he will check with the priest. Soon Kald Eagatta appears in the temple.

After many questions and much discussion with the priest the warband decide that perhaps it was not that Kjarl was out of favour but perhaps he has some unfinished business.

The warband thank Kald for his assistance and return to the inn.

As the suns rays begin to break in the eastern sky the warband arrive at the conclusion that it is Kjarl’s honour that has been tainted and he will not move on until his honour has been restored. The warband now discuss the best way to achieve this.

The warband sit in the common room alone, the inn staff the only other people present. The events of the last few nights keeping everyone away. The inn staff serve the warband their morning meal as they continue to deliberate their best course of action.

The warband pay more than double the usual cost for this meal today. The warband suspect that the innkeeper is trying to make up for lost income by way of making the warband pay more for food, drink and board.

The warband split up today with Mablem and Ashain taking a letter written by Tryne this morning. The letter is seeking the help from his brother Laan in Zoen. Tryne also gives Mablem a message to seek out his mother.

Tryne, Kalyn and Raan head off to seek assistance from the Jarin ‘witch’. Arriving at her hovel they knock on the door and after several minutes of knocking there is no answer. Tryne and Kalyn leave, Raan decides to stay and wait.

After a little over an hour of walking with Mablem and Ashain singing on their journey they arrive in the village of Zoen. They are unable to arrange a meeting with Laan, but they give the letter to Jaars Delen a member of the household who assures them that Laan will recieve the letter at the first opportunity. The warband leave Zoen without meeting Tryne’s mother either.

They head back to Sherwyn. Again they sing as they make their return journey. Along the way they meet a Jarin pulling a small cart behind him. Ashain recognises him as Rogran Gasyl a Jarin metal goods peddlar. Rogran quickly pulls his cart to the side of the trail to allow the Ivinians to pass. They barely give him a second look as they pass on by.

Nearing Sherwyn a light shower begins to fall. Which stops soon after their arrival back in Sherwyn.

After several hours of waiting Raan is greeted with the view of the old crone approaching. She carries a small cloth covered basket. As she nears she notices the Ivinian standing near her abode and slows her approach. “Mornin’ master Ivinian.” she says.

“Morning to you, I need some information from you, if you please.” says Raan. “I thougt so” answers the old women.

Opening the door to her hut both her and Raan enter, she closes the door behind him. “How may I help you” she says with a hint that she already knows the answer. “At the beginning of the month a young Jarin girl was attacked by an Ivinian, did you by chance take her any herbs to help heal her.” A quizzical look comes over her face “What interest to you is this Jarin girl?” “My friend stands accused of this crime and I wish to clear his name.” “Ah” replies the crone. “Tis not for the young girl for which you care but for your friend.” With a knowing look she continues “A man of clan Merael came to me seeking some herbs and such to treat his young girl around that time. Nothing can I tell you, master.” With a nod of thanks Raan turns and makes his way back to the inn.

Meanwhile Tryne and Kalyn seek out Kjarls former employer the master shipwright Staabo.

They are met by a journeyman who is informed of there request to see Staabo. The master shipwright soon appears and the 3 walk into the shipyard and on into a private office. There the 3 discuss the letter that was given to Kjarl on the night of his arrest. The only peice of information the warband gather is that Staabo said that Kjarl doubted the authenticity of the letter. This they alreay knew on talking with Kjarl that same night. They get a brief but not complete description of the young Jarin boy that delivered the letter to Staabo. They return to the inn and arrive back before the rain begins to fall.

As they pay the rich price for their midday meal that sit and discuss the information they have discovered.

After the better part of 1/2 a watch they warband come up with the conclusion that Kjarl was setup by either Soalpin or one of his friends, the letter is obvioulsy a forgery and the girl was either threatened or paid off to lie about the attack.

Mablem suggests that given the information at hand perhaps Kjarl’s name is now cleared as they know he had nothing to do with the attack. His companions suggest to him that as the charge still stands his name is not really cleared and so further work needs to be done.

Tryne and Kalyn decide to search out the Jarin youth that delivered the letter. Raan decides to go with Ashain to seek out more information on clan Merael. While Mablem stays at the inn to wait on more information or the arrival of Laan.

Mablem sits at the bench at the inn pondering the problem at hand. Looking up from his tankard he calls over one of the serving girls “Do you know the young girl that was attacked early in the month?” She nods her head “Sure I do it was Sysanne Merael.” Mablem stops and thinks for a minute “Could you arrange for me to meet this girl?” Pulling 5 shiny pennies out from his beltpouch he continues “There is 5 more when you have done so.” The girl quickly looks over her shoulder to see where her boss is, “I’ll be back shortly, good sir.” she says departing with a bucket out the inn door.

The girl returns soon after “I have arrange the meeting you request, good sir, tis in the village common just before sunset.” Mablem nods in self congratulation as he hands over the remaining 5d to the girl.

Several hours later the remainder of the warband have gathered in the inn. Tryne and Kalyn having no luck in trying to track down the Jarin messenger, while Raan has made little head way into his line of enquiry other than learning that clan Merael is one of the larger clans here with somewhere near the number of 150 Jarin living here she might be tough to track down.

With a smug look on his face Mablem informs the group that he is meeting with the girl a Sysanne Merael this very evening.

Nearing the hour of the meeting Mablem leaves the inn alone. As he stands on the common he can see numerous villagers returning from their fields and other places of work. A non descript group of 4 Jarin approaches Mablem as they near 3 stop while 1 continues towards him.

“Good evening, Ivinian, what do you want with my daughter?” a hint of aggression in his voice. “I fear your daughter was told to make a false accusation against a friend of mine. I would like her to come forward and tell her story to the Valhakar so that my friends name might yet be cleared.”

With a chuckle the Jarin man replies “A what then of my daughter, understand that without her safety and the safety of my clan assured I can not let that happen. I fear the repercussions of such a statement.” “I understand your position, what if I could gain such assurances for you and your clan.” Sensing that he has something this Ivinian wants, his attitude changes “Then I will reconsider my position but know this Ivinian, this meeting never took place, I have 3 witnesses” indicating over his shoulder towards his 3 companions “that will state I was at home having a meal and if my daughter or I are dragged off before some court than we will do what we must to protect ourselves, I hope you understand that.” Nodding his understanding Mablem bids the Jarin farewell and with the sun just dipping behind the trees he returns to the inn.

There has been no sighting or message from Tryne’s brother Laan today.

Partaking of another expensive evening meal the warband contemplate this new information and also the idea of moving to the new inn now that it is complete and the prices probably cheaper.

They decide to remain at the ‘Iron Boar’ tonight.

Tryne hires the room where Kjarl died and both he and Mablem make their way upstairs to await this nights developments. While in the privacy of their room Mablem notices Tryne go through some strange gyrations as he begins to talk in a tounge that he is unfamiliar with and after some 10 minutes or so Tryne stops and lays fatigued on the bed.

Ashain, Raan and Kalyn remain in the common room tonight.

With both groups setting a watch tonight they all sit quietly awaiting something that never happens.

20th Nolus 720

The night passes without event.

As the warband are awoken the day is gloomy with a slight breeze blowing in from the North. The warband go about their usual morning routine by the time they have gathered for their morning meal rain has begun to fall and the temperature drops slighty. The warband being the sole occupants of the common room apart from the staff huddle closer to the hearth fire.

“There was no sighting of Kjarl last night, perhaps with our work yesterday he sees that his name is all but cleared and has departed this world for Talaagaard.” “I don’t think so” answers Tryne shaking his head. “His name is only cleared to you and I, there still remains the charge against him.”

“We need to take this information we have to Valhakar Eagatta and get him to change the decision of the trial” says Tryne. “That cannot be done and it would be foolish to ask” answers Ashain.

“The fact that the fight was to be won by a warrior being unable to contine and Soalpin was injured and unable to defend himself further, Kjarl should have been made the victor” continues Tryne. The warband nod in agreement. “But it is not so” replies Ashain.

“We need to get an assurance for the Jarin’s safety” says Mablem. There is much discussion regarding this point, they finally decide that there is only one person that can grant their safety and that is the Valhakar of Sherwyn.

Seeking the advice of Ashain’s father the warband make their way to the temple. After a lengthy conversation with the priest the warband learn it is indeed the Valhakar that can guarentee the safety of the Jarin. Kald Eagatta offers the warband any support that they might need that he is in a position to offer.

After returning to the inn the warband debate the problem of gaining the assurance of the Valhakar. Then in a moment of blinding clarity Kalyn says “Why don’t we approach the Valhakar and tell him that we have a witness to the assault but for fear of their safety they are reluctant to appear with your assurance of their safety.”

The rain begins to fall again this time more heavily than before.

With a plan now fixed the warband need to get access to the Caer. Today is the day of the clan moot but it is mid afternoon perhaps a quick trip to the Caer might win them the audience they seek.

Alighting from the small vessel at the the docks at the foot of the CaerMablem and Tryne are greeted by a small party standing under the lee of a rock overhang, sheltered from the rain, among them is one Tryne recognises Jaar Shengaard roughly the same age as Tryne and an employee of the Valhakar. Tryne’s memory flashes back to that Feast of Bjarri some 9 years ago when they both fought over a young Jarin girl and while Tryne was no warrior he bested young Jaar and since then he has never forgotten the slight. Tryne left the island of Sherwyn soon after but the resentment held by Jaar still lingers and it is heard in his voice as he says “The Valhakar will not see you today” and with a flash of cockiness continues “Get yourselves away!”

Tryne and Mablem reboard the boat with the rain still falling and return to the inn with their mission incomplete. Tryne suggests using the aid of the Valhakar of clan Eagatta to gain them an audience on the morrow. A quick visit to the temple before the doors a closed for the night sees the priest offering to arrange for a meeting, he will send word to the warband when the arrangements are made.

The warband returns to the inn where they partake of another expensive evening meal and drinks before Tryne and Mablem retire to their private quarters while Ashain, Raan and Kalyn take up their usual positions in the common room.

Again Mablem sees Tryne go through this routine of gyrations and strange language, on this occassion Trynes movments remind Mablem of dancing and at the end of this Tryne again collapses fatigued upon his bed.

The warband keep a watch again tonight as the rain continues to fall throughout the night.

21st Nolus 720

The sound of the rain continues on and off during the night.

The day dawns miserable, the cool temperature being reinforced by the strong winds blowing in from the SW, the clouds do little to let the sun reveal itself and rain falls in showers throughout the day.

The warband are awoken as usual and go about their morning routine.

Sitting down for breakfast they await word from Kald Eagatta of their meeting with the Valhakar of Sherwyn.

Late in the morning a messenger arrives informing the warband that an audience has been arranged for them after the midday meal. The messenger is told to return with the message of their thanks.

The warband sit around the bench in the inn with eager anticipation, hoping that this plan will work.

Soon after the midday meal the warband make their way to the docks where they inform the ferry crew they have a meeting with the Valhakar. They are quickly ferried across the water to the Caer where they are admitted, stripped of weapons and shown to the battlements that signal the entrance to the Caer.

The warband wait in the rain for over an hour their cloaks pulled tighly around their shoulders, the wind blowing steadily from the SW. An usher shows them up the stairs into the hall. Seated at the far end is the Valhakar of Sherwyn and standing around him are 5 huscarls all adorned with weapons and armour. “What business do you have here?” asks one of the attendants.

Ashain and Raan recongise the huscarl standing closest to the Valhakar one Agnaar from clan Hodan from the village of Linon. It would appear from this that he has stepped up to take the position of head huscarl within the Valhakar’s household.

Tryne taking a step forward and lowering his head says “Valhakar of clan Sherwyn, there is a case before your court which stands open at this moment, we have come across information that help bring the matter to a conclusion.”

The Valhakar shifts in his seat “How so?” he says showing little interest. “It concerns the matter of the assault against a Sysanne Merael a young Jarin women of your village.” a look of recognition shows on the Valhakar’s face. “We have evidence which we would like to present to your court, however, the person involved fears the repercussions that may be involved and this keeps them silent, with your permission, Lord Sherwyn we seek your assurance that no harm will come to them.”

The Valhakar listens intently to the plea and says “Who is this person of which you speak?” Tryne looks sheepishly as he answers “They are Jarin here in Sherwyn.” The Valhakar shifts his body weight in the chair before saying “If they be under my protection then I offer them my assurance that if they speak the truth in my court then no harm shall come to them, now who are they.” Tryne answers “They are Sysanne herself and her father of clan Merael.”

The Valhakar turns to Agnaar and whispers some instructions, the huscarl stands and tells another huscarl to go and retrieve these Jarin and bring them before the Valhakar. Two huscarls leave the hall, the warband are lead out of the hall and down to the battlements. The rain still continues to fall. A mild wind blows in from the SW as the warband huddle in what shelter from the weather they can find, they draw their cloaks around them for protection and warmth. From here they can see the ferry head back towards the docks. No sooner is the boat tied up alongside then 5 men can be seen to exit the boat they make their way towards the Jarin section of the village, they soon disappear amongst the buildings.

The warband look on with doubt in their minds. Soon the 5 men reappear with another 2 villagers in tow. They make their way to the docks board the ferry once again and return to the Caer. They are lead up the stairs and into the Caer itself, passing the warband as they enter.

Mablem sees the 2 Jarin approaching a look of fear on their faces as they approach the Jarin male has a look of betrayal on his face, as they pass the warband Mablem says to the Jarin “You have your assurance all is right.” A puzzled look crosses the Jarin mans face as he enters the Caer.

The warband are left outside and nothing can be heard from the hall. The rain still falls and as the sun touches the treeline to the west the Jarin reappear from the hall. A mix look of relief and anger is on the Jarin man’s face the girl looks sad.

The Jarin are lead back to the docks and are return to the mainland. As the ferry makes it’s return journey an attendant approaches the warband without pausing he says “Your friend has been found not guilty.” He then turns and returns into the Caer.

The warband turn gather their weapons, board another ferry and return to the inn.

They order up a feast and celebrate the verdict.

With no other patrons the warband soon turn their attentions to rest and as the party winds down Tryne and Mablem retire to their private chambes again, while Raan, Ashain and Kalyn setup near the hearth fire and with a watch set again they try to sleep as best they can.

Alone in their room Tryne once again goes through his what is now becoming an unusual but nightly occurance. He chants and dances around the room without visible effect and then collapeses on the bed exhausted after 10 minutes or so. He soon recovers and turns in for the night.

As the hearth fire burns the piquet keeps watch, there is no sign of the ghost of Kjarl this night either.
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