Session Twentyfour 4th - 10th Larane 720

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Session Twentyfour 4th - 10th Larane 720

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4th Larane 720

In the early hours of the morning while Tryne takes his turn on watch.

Ashain lay asleep recovering from his wounds, Tryne wakes Mablem and while Mablem keeps watch Tryne begins to sing and gyrate over the sleeping priest. Tryne’s movements and noise awake the priest and startled by what he sees and hears leaps to his feet causing Tryne to loose his concentration and the effect fizzles into a non event. Tyrne gives Ashain a dirty look before saying “Be careful, you dolt. If I loose concentration while conducting my healing we could all end up in ‘real’ trouble.” Ashain looks back in amazement replying “Well then stay well away from me.”

The other members are awoken by the commotion but on seeing it only involves the warband they quickly attempt to go back to sleep.

The warband return to their slumber although Ashain sleeps lighter than before.

The warband are awoken early next morning by the inn staff as they prepare for the new days trading.

Soon they have gone about their morning ablutions and eaten a plain but filling meal of porrigde and dried fruit. Noticing that the weather outside is poor with a slight wind blowing in from the SE, the day is none the less warm, with a thick layer of cloud nearly blocking out the sky above and a constant downpour of rain makes conditions unpleasant for travel the warband decide to hold off with their arrangements to travel to Linon to purchase supplies for their coming venture.

Before leaving however, the warband purchase enough rations for each member of the warband for 2 days from the innkeeper. Storing their dried fruits, assorted dried fish and other meats amongst their belongings in their backpacks.

By midday the day has warmed up and the weather has eased somewhat the road is still wet underfoot but at least the rain has stopped. Travelling cloaks are packed into backpacks as the day heats up. The conditions are quite humid.

Soon the warband arrive in the small village of Linon. They quickly find the merchants place of business and are served by a man about 18-19 years of age by the name of Bjurri who the warband know as a nephew to the Valhakar of Linon.

The rain has begun to fall again but soon stops about an hour or so after starting.

While the warband are busying trading for various items Haldas appears and quickly finds his way into a conversation with Kalyn. Haldas seeing that Tryne, Mablem and Raan are tied up with their current business he takes advantage of the situation and spends this time in uninterrupted conversation with Kalyn.

The warband purchase both the available lanterns, 12 torches, a few pints of oil for the lantern and a few other odds and ends before the warband with Haldas in tow return to Tirdatr.

Entering the ‘The Falcon’s Rest’ again they are greeted by the innkeeper and shown to a table and quickly brought something to drink. The innkeeper asks the warband if they would care for something eat nodding in agreement the warband are soon served a light broth with some rye bread and a platter of dried fruits and berries. Haldas offers to take care of this meal, the warband readily accept as Haldas slips the innkeeper several coins before ordering another round of ales for his companions.

With the night remaining warm the warband enjoy the evening hours sitting in the inn enjoying the conversation and company of each other. Late in the evening Raan catches Haldas whispering to Kalyn who nods in agreement as her only signal that she heard what was said. Raan lets it slide and thinks no more of it. Soon after Haldas bids his farewell and leaves the warband to themselves saying that he has greatly enjoyed their company and hopes to do so again soon.

The innkeeper soon calls for everyone to leave as the tables and benches are cleared, straw matresses are unrolled on the floor for the warband who quickly prepare themselves for sleep.

Tryne decides to stay awake a little longer and calls the innkeeper for a candle telling him that he is to hot to sleep just yet. A candle is brought out and lit for him. While sitting on the floor Tryne soon opens his pack and pulls out his writing kit and begins to spend the next couple of hours scribing short notes to aid his magic.

His flickering candlelight, the scratching of quill on parchment and ticking of quill on ink bottle serve to keep all but Ashain awake until Tryne too packs up his writing equipment and turns in for the night, soon after the warband are all asleep.

5th Larane 720

The warband are awoken as normal by the inn staff preparing for the new days trade.

The first thing the warband notice when they are woken is that Kalyn is absent. Her gear is packed and both it and her have gone.

Mablem checks with the inn staff to see if she has left a message and finds that Kalyn spoke with the inn cook before leaving. Her message was “I will see you when you get back.”

Figuring that Haldas has offered Kalyn some employment offer they leave it at that and prepare for the day.

Once the warband have completed their morning routines and had their morning meal they prepare to leave Tirdatr and the comforts of ‘The Falcon’s Rest’ to once again head off into the wilds in search of salvage and the missing ‘two headed’ creature.

The wind is blowing slightly from the SE with the day warm and the clouds nearly blocking the sky from view. Rain once again continues to fall as the warband head off towards Linon.

Arriving soon after they see the thran going about their daily routines. Farmers are heading out into the fields to begin the harvesting of the rye crops, other family members joining in, while some tend fences and others yet tended their small garden plots near their homes.

Passing through Linon the warband turn north towards the thran of Vyrwarn. Arriving just as the rain stops falling. Passing through the thran the warband notice that the fishing boats have already put to sea. Turning west they head off through the fields following the coastline.

Soon a slight fog begins to build as the day heats up.

Finding the river the follow it south until finding Bjern’s crossing. Making their way across the river they turn north once again heading towards the coast.

They follow the coast north along the western edge of the bay for the day until cresting a headland they can see on the far side of a small bay the remains of a ship, the keel, ribs and some of the planks remain.

Leaving the headland the warband makes their way down into the bay, Mablem searching for any sign along the sand, finding none the warband head over towards the remains of the ship.

The day is late and only a quick search of vessel can be made. As they make their way out to the wreck the warband can see numerous items of worthless salvage, several pelts now ruined by seawater lay among the rocks as well as other pieces of flotsam and jetsam. They notice the it appears as if most of the ships planking has been physically removed as numerous pieces of timber bear the marks of a crowbar or prybar.

Returning to the small bay Mablem finds a place to camp in the lee of the NE wind blowing in. With the remainder of the day Mablem wanders the area searching for forage while Raan spends his time at the waters edge wetting a line the others gather firewood for the fire.

Mablem returns with a sack full of berries and other assorted forage while Raan returns bearing several salmon. Tryne nominates himself the warband cook and turns his hand at the evening meal. The warband politely eat the meal that Tryne has prepared but vow that Tyrne should perhaps keep to other tasks as his cooking skills are not that good. They decide that Ashain should be given the tasks of cooking.

Tyrne reluctantly concedes for now......

Soon after the pot is left to simmer on the fire while the warband set a watch.

Nought happens during the night.

6th Larane 720

Mablem awakens the warband as he was the last to take his watch. The warband quickly go about their morning routine before eating the salmon broth for their morning meal.

The day is cool with no breeze at all this morning, the sky is clear with only thin whisps of white to hide an otherwise clear sky. A thin fog remains from last night.

Deciding that a closer look at the wreck might yet reveal some useful salvage they decide to spend the morning looking over the wreck.

By mid morning the warband have found little in the way of useful salvage until Raan catches a ray of light of something metallic from under some rocks. Reaching in he finds that it appears to be wedged in quite firmly but with his giant strength manages to drag the item free.

He holds a smal wooden box with metal fixtures measuring 8’x 10’x 6’. It is closed firmly with a small lock. The exterior of the box has sustained damage from being cast against the rocks and it also some water damage. Mablem suggest breaking open the box but Tyrne suggests that the box might be of value and they should avoid breaking it open just yet.

Taking heart in their find the warband continue their search. Soon after Mablem calls the rest of the warband over. He too has found a box of similiar dimensions to the previous box. This one has been tossed against the foot of the cliff and it too shows obvious signs of damage from both the rocks and the water.

The warband return to the campsite with their finds and finishing off the rest of the broth for their midday meal. By the end of their meal the fog has gone the day has heated up and the warband find themselves down to shirt sleeves in the growing heat.

After the midday meal the warband decide that Mablem should once again set out and forage, Raan set to fishing while Ashain and Tryne set too searching for anymore salvage.

By late afternoon Mablem has returned with little in the way of forage while Raan has returned with several more salmon and Tryne and Ashain come up empty handed from the wreck. The fish are prepared and added to the broth along with what foarage could be added. This time Ashain prepares the bulk of the meal.

Soon the warband are lying back with full bellies after a satisfying meal. Mablem studies his find closing before quickly pulling out his keltan and pries open the box. The lock gives eventually as a fair amount of damage was done to the box. The contents reveal 12 samples of herbs wrapped in cloth all now ruined by seawater. Also in the box is a now ink smeared parchment. It is completely illegeable. Seeing Mablems disappointment Tryne calls out if he might keep the parchment for himself, Mablem hands him the parchment before placing the box and its contents back into his backpack.

The watch is once again set as the warband turn in for the night.

During Raan’s watch he catches a glimpse of a shadow moving towards his left, watching closely, he catches the glow of a ‘cats eye’ from the trees, waking Ashain he turns to and is unable to see anything. Soon the other 2 members of the warband are awoken as they all peer into the trees with weapons drawn.

Mablem catches the sound of a footfall lifting in on the breeze before seeing movement off towards his left. It appears as if this creature is moving around the camp but not closing in. No further sign is seen of this creature and after a further 30 minutes or so the warband finally stand down and return to thier beds.

The rest of the night passes with out event.

7th Larane 720

The day dawns with Mablem once again waking the warband. They stir slowly still weary from last nights events.

The day is cooler than the previous few days with a mild breeze blowing in from the N. There is not a cloud in the sky this morning.

They go about their usual morning routines. Once again breaking their morning fast with the salmon broth.

Mablem decides to check the area for any sign left by their visitor last night, after searching the area thouroughly he comes up empty handed. His best guess is that is was some sort of ‘feline’ but he cannot verify this further.

The warband decide to do what they did yesterday with Mablem and Raan gathering food while Ashain and Tryne search the rocks and cliff face for any more salvage.

The day warms up during the morning so that by midday the day is quite warm.

Tyrne, Ashain and Mablem all return empty handed after spending the better part of the morning searching. Raan on the other hand returns with a few more salmon. They are prepared and placed into the broth.

After the midday meal Raan and Mablem return to the task of gathering food while Tyrne and Ashain return to the rocks in search of salvage.

Mablem is the only one to return with any success this time and even that is only a small collection of berries and such.

Setting themselves up for the night again a watch is set around the fire.

The night passes without event.

8th Larane 720

The warband are awoken once again by Mablem who has taken the last watch.

The day once again dawns cool with a slight breeze from the SW, most of the sky is visible throught the white fluffy clouds. The first rays of sunlight break over the eastern side of the bay.

With the warband going about their usual routines Mablem once again conducts a search of the area for any sign left by any undetected visitors during the night, as he nears the shoreline he notices tracks in the sand near where Raan has scaled and gutted his catch. The tracks belong to a feline probably the same one from the other night. It might even be a feral cat of some sort.

After breaking their morning fast of more salmon broth. The warband decide that this will be their last day searching for any salvage.

So once again Mablem and Raan head off to gather forage and fish while Tryne and Ashain spend the day searching the rocks for any salvage.

Mablem returns with only a handful of forage for the warband while Raan returns empty handed from fishing.

Tryne and Ashain both return to the campsite empty handed from their search for salvage.

Eating sparingly during this meal the warband head off once again. Mablem and Raan both return with food, Mablem with only a handful while Raan has landed 3 large salmon enough to feed the warband for the next few days.

Both Tyrne and Ashain return to the campsite early in afternoon both empty handed.

The fish broth is eaten heartily tonight as the warband decide to make their way around the headland tomorrow afternoon after once more search among the rocks.

Preparing their bedding the warband make ready to retire for the night, a watch is set but nothing of note occurs.

9th Larane 720

Once again Mablem wakes the warband up. The day is cool with a strong breeze blowing in from the SW, the clouds cover the majority of the sky blocking the sun rays.

Before long the weather has worsended a little with the wind picking up and the clouds closing in with a slight rain beginning to fall. The rain ends several hours after it began.

The warband decide that they will wait out the weather before beginning their search as the waves have picked up a little and it makes the search for salvage on the rocks a little more dangerous.

By midmorning the rain has stopped the wind has died down and shifted to the SW and the day has started to wing up, the clouds have broken a little revealing a blue sky above.

The warband once again head out onto the rocks to search for salvage but after only a brief search they come up empty handed.

They return to their campsite for a break and grab a quick bite to eat before heading off.

Breaking camp after the midday meal the warband decide to see if they can skirt the rocky headland and find out what is on the other side of the northern headland.

Passing what is left of the wreck the warband struggle across the rocky surface dodging the surf. Soon the warband are straining to gain any forward headway. Only Mablem is making progress and he soon finds the going to difficult and the warband decide to turn back.

They find the way back just as difficult and it takes them sometime before they make it back to the relative safety of the wreck as the going becomes much easier.

They decide to try to make their way up to the top of the headland instead and see if they can see anything from there. Progress is slow but they finally gain the high ground and from a small clearing atop the headland they can see nougth but the cliffs continuing along the edge of the bay.

Raan from this vantage point looks towards the wreck and the surrounding area tells the rest of the warband that he believes the vessel tried for the safety of the beach to founder on but did not make finally coming to rest here. The others listen to this piece of news Mablem and Tryne both nod in agreement while Ashain defers to Raan’s judgement on the matter.

With the sun now dipping behind the mountains in the west the warband decide that it would be better to return to their old campsite tonight and head off tomorrow.

Returning to their old campsite the warband gather some firewood and prepare a fire. Soon Ashain has gathered together the necessary ingredients for another salmon broth.

Raan catches a whiff of his meal as it is served and thinks it does not smell quite right. He informs the other members of the warband and Tryne taking his advice empties his bowl while Mablem and Ashain both taste their meals and decide that their meals are fine and eat them without complaint.

The warband clean up their campsite and prepare to rest for the night. Soon the watch is set and the rest of the warband have gone to sleep.

The night passes without event.

10th Larane 720
Mablem again wakes the warband from their slumber. The first rays of sunlight can be seen from the east. The day dawns cool with a breeze blowing in from the SW and a few clouds obscure the sky above.

The warband go about their morning routine as usual. By the time they have had their morning meal the clouds have dispersed to reveal a bright blue sky above, the day is still cool but is warming up slowly. The breeze has swung around to the NW.

Breaking camp the warband turn west and head inland.

Mablem leads the group scanning the ground for any sign out of the ordinary.

By midday the day has warmed up and the mountains sheild them from the gusting wind from the NW, the sky remains clear.

The warband moves inland towards the mountains. The going remains easy for hour or so before the climb becomes harder and the woods around them become thicker. The warband find themselves resting more often.

Stopping for a break the warband once again break out their rations and eat a small meal of dried meats and fruit.

Resuming their march they push on soon the thick woods give away to more alpine flora. The warband struggle to make headway in the mountainous terrain.

They push on for a few more hours before the sun disappears behind the peaks of the nearby mountains. Mablem searches the area and finds a suitable campsite shielding them from the elements.

Firewood is quickly gathered and the remaining salmon is used to prepare a meal. The meal is prepared by Ashain and given the ingredients he has at hand it is not at all enjoyable. The warband eat it none the less.

With the sunlight fading the warband once again set the watch and prepare themselves for the night. The night air is cool forcing the warband to search their packs for their travelling cloaks. Soon the first drops of rain begin to fall as the wind picks up, the campsite provides suitable protection from the wind but the rain falls annoyingly on the warband as they try to rest. The fire losses the fight and is soon extinguished.

The warbands wounds are healing nicely but as they settle down for the night Raan notices that the wound to his stomach is starting to get a little red and tender to the touch. He fears it may have become infected.

The night once again is without event.....
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