Session One Hundred Forty-One - September 9, 2017

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Session One Hundred Forty-One - September 9, 2017

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Halane 29, 732

Early afternoon the party departs Caleme Abby at the same time as members of clan Elendsa. They arrive in Tashal mid-afternoon close to the second bell after lunch. Ewen sends a note to Meden Curo – “discreet meeting needed.” The reply comes so enough bidding Ewen to call upon Meden at his convenience. The Deryni nobleman sets off immediately, taking care not to draw attention to himself on what is, admittedly, a very short journey.

Upon arrival three whole doors down, he is shown into the hall. Sir Dregald is present and soon Lord Meden enters, nodding at Ewen.

“Did you bring what I asked for?”

Ewen replies, “I bring concerning news instead.”

“I see,” Meden says as he sits and smirks.

“I have just returned from Caleme.”

“Did you go on a spiritual retreat?”

Ewen ignores that and continues, “Sir Aeomund was proxy for Astaroc at an Elendsa clan meeting. Lord Balim has contrived to elect a new clanhead – to serve as Earl of Olokand.”

“Not sure that is legal. I don’t think it is at all. Whom did they choose?”

“Serli Ubael.”

“Isn’t she a bit old?”

“The younger.”

“Really? They can’t be serious.”

“Lord Balim is convinced that he has votes to place her on the throne.”

“If he thinks he does then he may indeed. Has my uncle returned to Tashal?”

“He sat in on the vote itself. I don’t know if he came back today.”

“You bring me interesting information which will require some thought. When will that sword be in my hand?”

“You are going to be playing a longer game, Lord Meden. I would hear and discuss details before swords, though I imagine it will play a role. Do you still have the prince at your disposal?”

“This is not the time to discuss details. I thank you for the information,” Meden replies and blatantly sidesteps answering anything about the prince.

Ewen is unflustered and continues, “You didn’t hear this from me. Try to act surprised.”

“My response will depend on other questions.”

“If you don’t have vote of the Archbishop – what other vote would you depend upon?”

“Yours,” Meden replies succinctly.

“I am last and it will depend. I have concerns about legality about what Lord Balim has done. That may inform my vote, these things should not be done in haste.”

Meden stands, “Thank you again Lord Ewen for this information.”

Ewen departs and returns to Raven Hall. On the walk back he replays the conversation in his head and realizes that there was no any flicker of surprise on Meden when informed of meeting, only at the result.

Halane 30, 732

The day dawns to the sound of a torrential downpour outside. The rain pounding heavilyy in the now muddy street. The servants spend a few extra minutes on the fourth floor watching for any leaks, satisfied that there are none, they continue about their day.
Ewen walks at a brisk pace to the council meeting with Aeomund and Baris (a note having been sent to Baris that he would be accompanying Ewen to the meeting as Goreg is ill) striding beside him. They arrive at the castle, drenched through their cloaks. The two knights are shown into the council chamber beyond the throne room. There is a fire going and several other members of the retinues of the council are huddled about trying to dry their damp clothes.

In the throne room, more fires are going and servants are offering the members present there cloths to dry themselves with. Soon, all members of the council except Lord Meden are present, and several other non-members: Bishop Dariune, Sir Tarkin Hirnen, Prince Korwyn, Sir Shorald Dariune, Suloran Lenera Firith, and Lady Serli Elendsa. There is also a higher number of royal guardsmen than usual, especially more knights of the High Guard. Two more enter as meeting commences bringing the total to eight. At the sound of the midmorning bell, Sir Harapa bangs his staff to bring the meeting to order. Lord Balim calls his attention to the missing Meden and asks that they wait a bit longer as the weather no doubt delayed the Earl of Neph. The council waits an awkward fifteen minutes until Meden saunters in, proffering the excuse of being delayed by a fishmonger.

The meeting called to order, Balim stands and begins, “As many of you know, the Elendsas met recently and held an election for a new clanhead. She is here present,” Lady Serli stands. “We were not expecting such an outcome, it was really just an opportunity to discuss the opportunity amongst family and we realized we had concerns.”

Ewen glances around and sees no one is buying the manure Balim is spreading.

Balim continues, “Therefore I propose we do not wait until the 5th and vote for a monarch today. I further propose the only candidate possible is the Elendsa clanhead. Thus I call for an immediate vote.”

Orsin stands, “I second that.”

Harapa nods, “The motion has been proposed and seconded – the vote should be held on whether or not Serli Ubael the Younger, who has adopted the name Serli Elendsa, Countess of Olokand, and if elected would reign as Chelebin IV.” Harapa begins the vote going down the line.

Lord Astaroc, “Good choice, always liked that girl. Fine with me.”
Balim is a ‘yea,’ Neph dissents, and the rest of the council votes ‘yea.’

Harapa smiles, slightly, “The vote being vote 8 to 1 – we have a new monarch. All hail Queen Chelebin IV!”

Everyone kneels as a cheer erupts, except for Meden Curo who stands and silently walks out.

Archbishop Kynn and Bishop Dariune go to the newly made Queen and escort her to the throne – she sits – appears to have a brief moment of doubt but recovers.

Now an altogether different personage, Queen Chelebin speaks, “My lords, I thank you and accept your votes and your loyalty. I would ask for your pledges.”

Sir Harapa addresses the room, “My lords, do any here present wish to withdraw?”

A chorus of loud “NOs!” rings out.

“Then please come forward as called,” and he begins the roll of the peers in attendance. The Earl of Balim is first confirmed as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

“Uncle Firith,” Queen Chelebin smiles, “You are confirmed as Lord Marshal and I here create you Earl of Osel.”

Sir Shorald Dariune is made Lord Privy Seal. Bishop Dariune resigns as Lord Chancellor, and Sir Tarkin Hirnen is appointed in his place. Sir Harapa Indama is dismissed as Lord Chamberlain and created Sheriff of Nephshire. Sir Kytem Curo is dismissed as Seneschal of Chamber, and Lady Enlyn Yaronne is appointed to the post. Lenera Firith is made Lord High Chamberlain, and takes the staff from Sir Harapa.

“My lord of Ternua – pray come forward. Tell me, how’s your Khuzan?”

Ewen bows and cocks his head slightly, “I beg Your Grace’s pardon?”

Queen Chelebin rephrases. “Do you speak Khuzan?” When Ewen responds with a ‘no,’ she continues, “I thought you did. It is my intention to send an embassy to the King of Azadmere in the spring and I wish you to lead it.”

“I would be honored.”

“That should give you four months to learn the language. There is a Khuzan in service in castle, and I would ask him to serve as tutor. The last embassy contained no one that spoke the language and there were mild points of disagreement between what was said and what was meant.”

“Thank you. It also happens, I have a Khuzan weaponcrafter on one of my manors to help me.”

“Even better. You have the task well in hand already.”

She dismisses Ewen with a turn of her head and then formally dissolves the Royal Council and reinstates the Privy Council, of which Lord Ewen is not a member, but then, neither are most of the former Royal Councillors. Just like that, the nine went from ruling a kingdom to subjects again.

Ewen and the knights return to Raven Hall, passing by Neph House. Servants are packing up and loading wagons and pack animals. There is no sign of Meden Curo.

Savor- Navek 732

The first snowfall happened on the 24th of Savor. The party spends the winter months in various ways.

Ewen, Arva, and Aeomund spend much of their time learning Khuzan from their respective tutors. Ewen spends most of the season in Ternua. Cekiya and Goreg accompany him. The Feast of the vassal knights occurs as planned on the 15th of Savor. Food and ale flow and knights fall where they stand. Thilisa delivers a boy on Navek 2nd after an unexpectedly easy labor. Ewen names the child after himself – Ewen (the younger). Sir Rohn was subsequently heard to remark “I will never be free of a Ewen Ravinargh.”

Cekiya spends much of her time practicing her various skills. There is great trepidation in the village.

Sir Baris spends the winter in Selepan. He is bored but refuses to admit it. He spends the winter, like Cekiya, improving his skills. His entire manor is soon sick of him and his stories, but also refuses to admit that. The only respite they had was when he rode to Ternua to attend the feast in Savor. Tora promises, quietly, a feast of their own the day after Baris rides out. There is great anticipation in the village.

Aeomund succeeds in having his brother transferred from Whyce to Ternua. His father lives through the winter, but his condition does not improve.

Arva spends the winter getting familiar with Tashal and is considered a regular in many places. She hears much, but nothing of particular interest to the party.

Every so often the party hears gossip from the castle. Her Grace sent a cousin to become Constable of Olokand, Sir Kymed Firith. He found it in hands of Bishop Curo, who reluctantly relinquished the stronghold and went back to Abriel Abbey. The Earl of Neph sent a herald to the castle to render homage to new Queen as did the Earl of Vemion. Some rumors whisper of an audit in the Exchequer.

There is a meeting of all the reblenas of the Order of the Lady of the Paladins scheduled for the middle of Peonu. Sir Aeomund expects the fate of the Order to be decided at that time.

Nuzyael 8, 733

The weather breaks and the roads are once again passable and the party regroups in Tashal late on the 8th.

Walin knocks on Sir Aeomund Legith’s door early that morning, relating that word has come from his mother that his father may not last much longer and he should come. Aeomund and Petros hasten to the family home in Eastside. They head up Nistora Street. As they pass the alleyway, Aeomund sees a bowman. He shouts a warning but Petros is shot in the right shoulder and the arrow buries in deep. Down further near Astaroc’s house, Aeomund sees men-at-arms, and in the alley there are thugs with clubs. Townspeople on their way to their labors, scatter. Sir Aeomund draws his sword and rushes into alley attacking the first man near the entrance. The hapless thug gamely tries to swing his club, but Aeomund dodges. The bearded knight strikes again and slices the thug’s left arm nearly off. He falls holding the arm futilely in place. The bowman fires next at Aeomund, but he is already moving to the next opponent and the arrow whistles past him. The thug swings his club towards Aeomund as the knight swings his sword. They are both hit, but a club is no match for even the Paladin’s light armor. Aeomund strikes the thug on the arm, having noticed the lack of protection on the arms. The man falls to the ground holding his elbow. Aeomund is struck on neck from the club and while it will hurt later, the adrenaline is pumping and the knight pays the blow no mind. Having lost two of five in a matter of seconds, the bowman and other two thugs flee. Aeomund turns and sees the men-at-arms entering the alley. Two are wearing mail and one is wearing ring. Aeomund, still too close to the fallen Petros, turns and goes after bowman and thugs down alley. They split up down the alleyway leaving Aeomund with no target. Aeomund turns to face the men-at-arms at a bend in narrow space. This limits the number that can attack him at once.

One of the men-at-arms barks, “You are outnumbered. Surrender and you will not be harmed!”

Sir Aeomund responds dramatically, “Let the blades find the life houses of the faded!” and attacks. The lead combatant, one of the ones in mail, swings his ax at Aeomund, but is blocked. Aeomund is in turn blocked by the man’s shield. His long battle experience kicking in automatically, Aeomund pivots and blocks the attack by the second man-at-arms. The bearded knight then attacks the first one again, shattering the man’s shield. Blood pumping, he strikes again, but his sword is blocked by the ax. Aeomund notices with satisfaction that his sword has left a deep notch in the haft of the other weapon. The ax wielder shouts an insult, in a Thardan accent, as he swings toward Aeomund. Aeomund blocks and quickly follows up with a strike to the attacker’s left shoulder. The second attacker attacks with his sword but Aeomund blocks again. The third man, also wielding an ax turns and runs out of the alley down the right hand path. Aeomund pays him little mind as he feints to one side causing his opponent to shift his balance. Sir Aeomund’s swords cuts the man’s right knee to the bone. Moving with momentum and training, Aeomund turns to attack the second man, his sword clanging on his shield. The would-be ambusher swings his sword to attack but Aeomund blocks, swinging around and severing the surprised man-at-arms’ head. As the grisly trophy flies down the alley, Aeomund has the brief thought of ‘This is how Ewen must feel …’

Seeing no other attackers, Aeomund drags Petros into his parents’ house. Inside his sister is instantly hysterical, but his niece and nephew are fascinated. His mother wonders aloud at what he is doing down there so early. As Aeomund’s mother sees to Petros’ wound, she informs him that, no she did not send for him that morning. After Petros is out of immediate danger, Aeomund enlists the aid of his brother in law to help him carry the wounded squire to the Peonian temple for healing.

Later, Sir Aeomund returns to Raven Hall, angry, hurt, and in a worse mood than usual. Walin sets out an extra helping of pork sausage and, unusually, brandy. At breakfast, Aeomund asks the Thardan lads if they know of any more of their countrymen in town. They mention a few months ago when they were at the cock fights, there was a Thardan knight and squire with a few extra men at arms present. They are pretty sure the knight was part of a great clan but can’t recall which one. After breakfast, Aeomund sends a note to Laranian commader of the Order’s detachment in Tashal, Sir Lysat Haith, notifying him of the attack in town.

Ewen, after listening to Aeomund relate the encounter tells him, “I think they were trying to take you into custody rather than death.”

“THEY NEARLY KILLED MY SQUIRE!” Aeomund roars, as if his was the first squire threatened in the past year, “I think we need to find this knight,” he finishes a bit more calmly.

“How? Our track record is not exactly a booster of confidence.” Ewen replies.

Baris responds helpfully, “They may try again …”

“Yes, we could just stake Aeomund out like a goat. Or I could talk to Lord Stimos” Ewen responds.

“But who would want to kill me? I’m such a likeable person!”

Managing to keep a straight face, Arva tells the knight that she will keep her ears open to any talk, but doubts that she will hear anything about the source of the attack on the knight. Baris offers to ask a few regulars at his establishment, and then stops mid-sentence, realizing much too late that he could have spent the entire winter at the Elf and the Dwarf.

Ewen sends note to the Baron of Stimos requesting a meeting. Lord Stimos agrees and says that he will call upon Lord Ewen, who suggests dinner on the 9th. Later that day, an invitation comes from the once and present Lord Chancellor, Tarkin Hirnen, for dinner on the 10th at Hirnen House. Ewen accepts.

Nuzyael 9, 733

Dinner with Lord Stimos and Lady Brevlyn Meleken is the only thing on the calendar for the day. Walin pulls out all the stops for dinner – peacock, eels, and various other treats befitting the table of a Baron when he entertains another Baron.

After greeting the Lord Stimos, Ewen inquires about how he is finding the new court.

“I am getting to know this new Queen, and I think she has taken a few people by surprise. They thought to treat her like a little girl but then they were put in their place. Unless it was repeated, then they were immediately removed and sent away. A notable change from her predecessor. Her ability to rule the kingdom is not in doubt. The Chancellor is delighted to be in his job again, and is seems willing to work 24 hours a day.”

“I hope he doesn’t work to death before our dinner tomorrow.”

“Her aunt, has proven to be an absolute hawk as Lord Chamberlain. She is in a bit of strange position within the church; she is less than an abbess but more than a priest.

“Lord Osel has returned to Tashal. He seems to have enjoyed winter at Qualdris and as an earl.”

Ewen replies, “I wonder if he will campaign as he did in the past.”

“He is still Lord Marshal and a distant cousin of his is now Constable of Kobing, which has been the Pagaelin campaign’s launching point.”

“I heard that Neph bent the knee, from a distance.”

“Yes, but he wouldn’t be the first person to do so and then say never mind. All the gossip at court this winter was about Meden Curo’s aborted bid for crown. It seems before he left for home, Sir Gorbar, in his cups spilled his guts in a loud voice, ‘I am glad Curo will never be king’. The current Earl of Neph is a bit of laughing-stock in his presumption.

“He is schemer. I doubt he will give up ambitions so easily.”

“I think it is unwise to laugh at him too. They are a patient family however much his reach may exceed his grasp.”

“There is a person conspicuous in absence – Prince Brandis.”

“No one knows where he is. Most think he has quit the kingdom. Some say he and Kornuska are hunting Vikings, and other say Neph holds him prisoner, and others believe him dead.

“The former king, by the way, is still living but under permanent guard.

“And speaking of Orbaal, it no longer exists. There is a strong expectation that Vikings will return come Spring. They did not quit Lorkin: at the beginning of Ilvin the Queen sent scouts along Noron's Way to determine that. They returned a few days ago, comfirming the Harbaalese retained Lorkin over winter. The Queen is determined that this year’s silver caravan not be in jeopardy.”

“In which case I would gather that our friend Earl of Neph quite busy this spring.”

“I imagine he will be summoned, but I am not sure he will respond The Order of the Lady of Paladins is set to determine if it will remain part of Melderyni branch or split. I am not as close to them as to others, but it is my expectation that the order will split. Apparently in this divorce, they want to keep the name. But they won’t be able to since the Melderyni is the senior. They have been searching for an alternative.”

“What word, if any, regarding my lady wife’s father and his charming wife?” Ewen says this last with a bit of a forced grin.

“Last I heard they are alive and well and living in Minarsas.”

“I am sure it has not escaped your attention that my lady wife has delivered my son and heir. Young Ewen is thriving.”

“The news had not reached me yet. Congratulations. A very appropriate name.”

“There is another matter of curiosity. Aeomund was set upon on the street yesterday by thugs and men-at-arms bearing the accents of Tharda. Are you aware of a knight of Tharda staying in city supposedly from good family for the past two months?”

“No, but there is one who has been here for at least six months. A Sir Horik Jeredosta, though he is not in the kingdom officially. I heard about as he was essentially exiled from Tharda. There were bloodlettings that required him to depart or face justice. He is an Agrikan. He may have attacked Aeomund just because he is a Laranian of prominence. Plain fellow with a large nose. It wouldn’t surprise me if he employed henchmen in the task. I do not, however, know where he is residing.”

“It is well enough we now know his name. The probability of two Thardan knights disturbing the streets to Tashal at the same time seems remote.”

“No, surely not,” Stimos laughs. “I thought you might be interested in news of King Arren II – he does not plan to return to Jara this year. He is satisfied with the situation, at least the western part. It is felt Thardan forces cannot do much in the east near Lorkin at this time, though he is still concerned about Harbaalese in Harn. Yet I believe his real reason for wishing to stay in Coranan to get that beautiful young queen of his pregnant again. The princess waxes but the King is eager for a prince.

Then Stimos sighs, “I am growing tired of Kaldor.”

“You have done good service here.”

“I would like to go home, but I hope not to go home alone.” He looks at Brevlyn and smiles. Cekiya also looks at Brevlyn to see if her stomach resembled Thistle’s. No, it didn’t.

“I have not seen my lands for many years now. I do not know who would be sent as a successor, but I won’t leave before the tournament. His Majesty may take a recommendation from me if you have an idea or thought of who might have an idea for my replacement.

“My brother has been running my estates for years, I do hope I am still rich.” The Thardan nobleman smiled.

Ewen laughs. “Any news of that tiresome of Sir Arren Lydel?

“He has been recalled and the Lady Alyce Dulye is his replacement. I pretty sure she was always in charge. Quite a worthy lady. A knight in her own right and quite near to the throne.”

“Your successor would need someone near the lady’s capabilities.”

He nods. “I am not Deryni but I am protected. It would be better if that would not be needed. But the new Queen is a Fyvrian Shek-Pvar. She studied in Melderyn and only returned last year from her second trip thither. She shows an affinity for birds of prey,” he mused.

“Thank you for the information.”

“Sometimes my lord Baron I wonder whose ambassador I actually am.”

Time passes and the dinner Walin lays out is fantastic as the conversation turns to lighter matters.

Nuzyael 10, 733

During the breakfast meeting there is discussion on how to destabilize the reign of Queen Chelebin and what, if anything, could be done to push Meden Curo into rebellion either openly or covertly. The only thought was that a military campaign might be the only avenue to take, although with Orsin Firith leading the army, this plan was not met with much hope.

Ewen, with Baris and Aeomund, sets off for dinner with Sir Tarkin Hirnen. Hirnen House is a triangle in the Medrik district on the north edge of Haldan square. Entry is on the left-hand side underneath a slight overhang from the second floor. Two men-at-arms wearing Hirnen livery guard the gate. They rise to attention as the party approaches. They identify Ewen as the Baron of Ternua, and admit the party. The trio enter into the courtyard area where there is an inner triangle that is open to the sky. Stalls for horses stand off to the side and a staircase leads up on the left. An older woman of noble bearing waits to greet them, introducing herself as Lady Marisel Tamisin, steward of Hirnen House. She leads them up the stairs and into the solar for refreshments before dinner. They go upstairs and take a hard right and are led into the solar. There Sirs Arlbis and Gorbar are already ensconced in the sumptuous room. Sir Arlbis offers to pour brandy for the newcomers.

“Yes, thank you. I trust you have wintered well,” Ewen replies.

“Yes, I wintered here, as well as Sir Gorbar. I have been trying to get my mother to come here. I don’t believe you have been in my house – a beautiful piece of property acquired by my great-grandfather, King Torastra. He bought the house as dower property for my grandmother.”

“I understand your great-grandfather stayed for a time in my own house. Or so I have been told by the Earl of Osel, Orsin Firith.”

“Great-grandfather was interested in properties all over. This area was being built up at the time.”

Tarkin Hirnen enters the room and Ewen greets him, “Lord Chancellor.”

“Ah, Lord Ternua, I see you spar with my nephew.”

“Not at all. We are old friends. Allow me to offer belated congratulations on your return to your position of state.”

“It is all I have ever wished. The Queen has enquired after your health.”

“I am honored. My health is well, and my lady wife has delivered a son and heir so my mind is also well.”

“Well, congratulations! Tell me have you an interest in lepidoptera? Butterflies?”

“No, sadly. Only those of the courts.”

“How about you, Sir Baris? I have been told you are a natural philosopher.”

Baris goes to open his mouth to repeat the study’s odd name, but merely responds with a ‘no.’

“Ah, well, I will not bore you with it then. Instead, let us go into dinner.” He points to double doors at northern end of the solar. Despite his statement, Sir Tarkin speaks of butterflies and other insectoid matters as they walk into hall. To one side of the hall is a series of tapestries that divide the room and various tables. Lord Ewen is seated to the right of Sir Tarkin and Sir Arlbis to the left while the rest sit as they may. The servants file in carrying trays of food though it is quickly obvious that the chef needs to be replaced once they begin to eat. Sir Tarkin sups without pause but young Arlbis does not touch his plate.

The Chancellor asks Lord Ewen how the Khuzan lessons are going.

Ewen replies, “Rather well. Although, I confess to being curious why I was chosen as an emissary to Azadmere?”

“I don’t know, but she had to send someone and you have gained something of reputation for getting the job done.”

”Terribly sorry hear that,” Ewen replies drolly.

“The Queen will call for you in the next day or so. I will send word. Glad you took her suggestion to heart. You know what happened at Olokand?”

“I stood upon the walls and defended them.”

“The king had another duty for me,” Tarkin said acknowledging Ewen’s statement. “The Queen does not intend for a repeat, but it is necessary to talk to the dwarves first. No one knows what they think of the events or what they plan to do this year. Therefore, an embassy must sent. She wants you back though before any possibility of the Silver Caravan moving.”

“I would loath to be absent in case the Vikings return.”

“I believe there will be a place for you on the battlements again – I been asked to hint at it,” Tarkin says with a grin.”

“I admire your subtlety.”

“The Sheriff of Meselyneshire, Sir Kymed Firith, would be the principal leader for the Olokand field. However, the Queen plans to take the field herself if the Vikings return but not suffer the fate of her predecessor.”

“The Queen would stir the heart in the bosom of every man if she took the field.”

“Quite – then we understand each other and I will pass the word on. Expect a summons as I said in the next few days. Consider your retinue; not too large nor too small. The road to Azadmere is fraught with peril – Gargun. Do you know anything about them?”

“Yes, I have faced them before.”

“The handful of tribesmen don’t usually bother armed parties. You will have an escort from Lady of Paladins at least to Naniom bridge but past that to the Guthe Gorge and on to Zerhun you will be on your own.”

Ewen nods, “Sir Aeomund has been to Azadmere.”

“That will serve you well.” Tarkin replies.

Aeomund adds, “As well as on the silver caravan.”

“Ah, the survivor. That will serve you well also. The retinue you bring; front load it with knights. You do not have room for less-skilled soldiers.”

“A greater party will not be admitted?”

“No – at least 10 will be admitted. Maybe 15. You should plan accordingly. I say these things so the Queen does not have to deal with these logistical details.”

“When do we leave?”

“Before end of month, the run off at the gorge is still too high this time of year. It should be lessened enough to cross by the end of the month when you reach it. Do not tarry as the Gargun well know where the ford is.”

“I have a Khuzan in my service at Varayne.”

Tarkin stops to think, “If you bring him, he will not count among the total of 15. Unless he is an exile?”

After dinner the party returns home, except Cekiya, who mentioned something about making sure the maze has not changed. She disappears into the dark of the night and below street level.
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