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When King Etobron ruled the Wizard’s Isle
With resolute hand, by wit and guile
And noble blood did surmount all trial

Where the cold dark wind breathes into the dawn
In Cherafir on an autumn morn
Prince Chunel’s second son was born

For strength and valor he was acclaimed
In a brother’s shadow, he would ne’er remain
And so a monarch’s crown would gain

So he grew strong and he grew stern
Of magic and warfare he did learn
And then to Western Hârn did turn

To Anfla Isle, off Hârn’s west coast
His loyal men and troops did post
There he did muster a mighty host

As worthy Jothysan, of high regard
With laden nivik and stout talbar
Did ferry troops on up the Thard

To Caer Techen’s walls, where to invest
He did seek there to serve his Prince best
And soon bring death to the dread Lenesque

In Caer Chaftar on a New Years Day
Where Rethemi blood did long hold sway
A sceptered sovereign this Prince would slay

To the royal chamber, in the night’s small hours
Prince Arren moves through hall and towers
To confront a tyrant where he cowers

With lethal thought, this Prince did vie
And bent a cold, remorseless eye
So Araku’s craven blood did die

Then a new-seized crown placed on his brow
The Rethemi lords did make their vow
And together they joined forces now

But the Thardic senators, so ill-advised
And fast misjudging his army’s size
Thought to take King Arren by surprise…


So Tharda schemed with Andasin, for war they did prepare
But winter slowed Kandaysian boots, who would join those legions there

So alone the grim Republic troops, to Techen’s lands did go
To mass their camp on the Gomisen, swelled from the winter snow

Where valiant Osric Jothysan, cadet of Baron Ontur
A belted earl by Arren’s hand, did make Rethem’s flanks sure

With Marshal Kronas in command, Thard’s legions loosed did strike
Across the river Gomisen, against King Arren’s might

Yet Queen Marada’s legionnaires, stood fast against that thrust
While Arren, taking field himself, in guile did place his trust

So his men pulled back to feign retreat, to lure over bridge and ford
Where Rethem’s legions fell on them, and put them to the sword

Then the black and silver pennants, chased Elernin’s eastward course
To Imrium and Geminost, King Arren split their force

And shattered Marshal’s legionnaires, the Gerium troops so mauled
For in Osric, Earl of Techen’s heart, awakened glory called

Down south Sir Alric Stanley, who caution did disdain
Toward Geshtai drove the Coranan, and plundered Tharda’s train

The garrison raged within Geshtai, against the Ninth Legion
But Stanley seized the battlements, the fortress he did win

While the Fifth Legion stormed Selvos Keep, and the aged Earl did flee
To nurse his power on Tesien’s marsh, his vengeance for to see

And the shattered troops of Tharda strove, to stay the Conqueror’s hand
But Marada’s men sacked Imrium, and cost Kronas’ command

With sword and bow the screaming clans, put the Third Legion to flight
That summer’s day on Tesien Moor, was such a bloody sight

While Arren marched east to Shiran’s port, where treachery held sway
The gates unbarred before his host, they breached the walls that day

In the desperate streets of Shiran town, old fortune did turn cold
Those scheming vanquished senators, sold the city for Arren’s gold

His army now ten thousand strong, he was resolved to sweep
Across the land north of the Thard, seizing castle, manor and keep

And stole the march on Anaflas, to drive off that young prince
So in the woods of Ravinath, he crushed Heroth’s defense

King Arren entered Coranan, with Tharda at his feet
And the power was finally broken, of the grasping senate elite

I’ll serve thee in such noble ways, was never heard before
I’ll crown and deck thee all with bays, and love thee more and more

A proclamation issued there, in the Palace of Red Domes
The capitol thereafter be, and his royal family’s throne

So the black and silver pennants then, swept southeast across the land
Until at Castle Moleryn, proud Kronas signed his hand

Earl Osric’s bold united force of Techen men took field
Against those desperate Selvos troops forsaken by the Checkered Shield

So it came to pass that Selvos’ might, was smashed on Tesien Moor
And the standard of old clan Chahryn, behold those fens no more


Then noble queen Marada rode, down south to Moleryn
Was tasked to hold King Arren’s line, through all the conflict’s din

The new-crowned Haldan of Kaldor, resolved to intervene
Marched west with Vemion and young Dariune, to face King Arren’s queen

But Marada calling on her troops, her voice so strong and fair
Did urge them forth to follow her, and rally to her star-spun hair

That glorious queen of brave memory, did drive back Kaldor’s son
But fell herself in victory, in death her day was won


The lesser man fears fate too much, or his deserts too small
That dares not put it too the touch, to gain or lose it all

So at Heroth, Quivum, and Ibinost, the royal standard shone
While Andasin clung to Dyrisa Keep, where he did reign alone

Converging on those Daenshire lands, where treasure could be found
The soldiers fought for bounty there, while Andasin fought for his crown

King Andasin fled from his castle strong, as Arren’s troops drew near
Scant refuge for this beaten king, no pity for Kanday here


Kandaysian lands all wasted, King Arren resolved to press
While Lord Sarkum and Andasin, fled south toward Aleath

But the four long years of miracles, like a slowly setting sun
Were drawing to their final hour, when all he would do was done

When the haughty Kandaysian herald came, so insolent and vain
Delivered King Andasin’s gauntlet thrown, a duel on the Norea Plain

King Arren, scorning cautious lords, his eyes they did burn cold
To meet young Kanday’s impudence, for all his lands and gold



The banners lined the frozen field, beneath midwinter’s sky
Their armor bright cast such a light, it fair dazzled the eye

The nobles fell into a hush, while rebels called and jeered
He mounted up in stately calm and sat quite unafeared

Spurring each their splendid steeds, these two kings did engage,
And breaking lance upon their shields, the rabble screamed with rage

With Kanday’s mount struck to the ground, they stalked that blood-stained sward
And shattering his rival’s shield, they clashed with deadly sword

Trading blow for fearsome blow, such royal blood did flow
And ruthlessly King Arren drove across that crimson snow

With ball and chain advancing now, he looked so grave and high
So noble was his manly frame, so clear his steadfast eye

Driving Andasin to his knees, he aimed his stroke the best
And though he slew with that cruel blow, the sword pierced Arren’s breast

King Arren’s arms raised o’er his head, clouds left the sky
In battle he had never stood more proudly than to die

The rebel rout forbore to shout, and each man held his breath
For well they knew a hero’s soul was face to face with death

Loving Tharda and his men, he faced his death that morn
A shudder ran across the sky, the work of death was done.

Chorus x2
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Postby Imarë » Wed Nov 09, 2005 12:19 pm

Once again, great job on this tune Van.
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Postby Matt » Wed Nov 09, 2005 12:37 pm

The song itself, like all the others, is available on the download page. 8)
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Postby Lord Ewen » Wed Nov 09, 2005 5:27 pm

Thanks, Dave!
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Postby Bevan » Mon Nov 14, 2005 4:44 pm

I have really enjoyed all your songs and this one is an amazing accomplishment. Well done!
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Postby Lord Ewen » Mon Nov 14, 2005 6:57 pm

Many thanks!
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