The Zabinshire Stag

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The Zabinshire Stag

Postby Matt » Mon Jun 20, 2005 1:34 pm

The Zabinshire Stag

In the month of Agrazhar, how the horns they did blow
To the green woods of Zabinshire the huntsmen did go
For to meet that bold sportsman of great honor and fame
Who is known o’re the kingdom as Sir Blors Manfrungtane

And when he arrived we did boast and did brag
Then we took to the green woods to search for a stag
And we had not gone far when someone gave a cheer,
Through the gorse and the thicket did the noble stag steer

With the hounds all abreast, and our horns did declare
Til the sweet sounding music it rang through the air
Strait for the black wood, for to fly for life’s sake
All the finest of horsemen were left in its wake

But Sir Blors he chased on and gave bend to his yew
And his shaft it was straight and his aim it was true
An impossible shot, yet it flew through the air
And just as the stag leapt, the keen arrow lodged there

For it pierced the stag’s breast, yet that splendid beast flew
And Sir Blors spurred his high horse and sped through the woods too
Leaving all to his rear, soon he rode all alone
Til all that he could hear was the horn’s distant tone

But the stag he did break, and the stag he then flew
The stag he did trample the thick brambles through
At first he would melt, and then he would sound,
While that brave knight pursued o’er the treacherous ground

What is this, Sir Blors cried, oh how can this be
A stag such as this I never did see
A stag such as this has never been born
I fear he will bring me to some deadly harm

And long and long did his loyal steed turn
To save the good sheriff from branch and from thorn
But long ere the day drew so dim to its close
The leaves they did tangle in his hair and his clothes

And then in a dark glade Sir Blors he drew nigh
Where the stag it shown brightly all there in his eye
From the saddle sprang down, and his sword he did draw
And that sight was the last that the noble stag saw

Oh and now we are feasting and this song it is sung
You can hear us regale of the deed that was done
Of that noble bold sportsman, so manly and plain
Of such passing great prowess, Sir Blors Manfrungtane
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