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Postby Imarë » Mon Jul 10, 2006 8:59 am

As it appears, there will be an addition to our little party. While having no idea of the backround of the addition, in our present situations we should probably decide what will and will not be presented as information. The best of all worlds would be that the character is conversant with all of what we are doing. This would require that she come from Lord Morgan or one of his followers. I rate the chances here as slim this will be the case. The worst possible scenario would be that she is a patriotic devotee of Kaldor. While I realize that, having access to the notes and comments, the player will know all of this, the character will only know what we tell her and she can glean from our conversations. Will we do a stepped program, filling the details in little by little or have one large session of information. I believe (unless condition 1 is met) that Para would like us to reveal as little as possible about herself, the Morganettes, Lord Morgan, the King of Thard or the plans for the Kingdom of Kaldor. Lets talk this through as much as possible now so that we are not burdened by this on Saturday. Kaelyn please feel free to join in the discourse, you might even be happier not knowing a lot of what we do (much safer that way). Ideas?
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Postby Matt » Mon Jul 10, 2006 3:05 pm

Sorry, but this thread is jumping the gun. Please do not engage in this conversation before Saturday.
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