Parts 6 & 7: Doing Dirty Deeds

A great Harn campaign with the esteemed Patrick Nilsson, AKA "The Dongmaster" as GM.

Parts 6 & 7: Doing Dirty Deeds

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A ROTTEN LADY (session 6) ...

Mogger tapped the hilt of his dagger on his kitchen table waiting for the woman to repeat herself to his two friends. Jeremiz had been easy to find but Slakka, as elusive as ever had to be coaxed out from his hiding place by using Borana as bait, something the dark clad assassin had warned his cousin of a midget never to do again. The mystical female sitting in front of them was dressed in fine purple robes stained by grease and other unidentified spots. She had both the smell of the grave and perfumes and her haggard look bespoke of someone who slept poorly. Mogger had told his friends that she had contacted him for some dirty work that included killing, and that she promised a handsome pay should they succeed. Not trusting the female, both Jeremiz and Slakka stod, hands of weapons should she all of a sudden do something spectacular. The times were filled with trouble, and trust was a scarce luxury few could afford. Mogger seemed not to care and beckoned the woman with his best smile to present herself and repeat what she had told him. She gulped the last remains of her tankard and dried her mouth on her sleeve. The woman was anything but appealing to the men, except to Bloody Bhurt who sniffed at her from his distance in the back of the kitchen, the bulge in his crotch speaking of approval.

"My name is Amalya, Amalya the Alchemist." She looked over at the retarded bodyguard with nervous glances before continuing. "I have been living for many years in Coranan before I arrived in this city. It seems that my past has finally caught up with me because I was warned by the innkeeper of The Noose that there are three bounty hunters looking for my hide. Though hides are something I enjoy working with, my own would be most unfortunate to loose." She looked down on her cupped hands around the tankard. There was an awkward silence broken occasionally by a weak sexual howling from Bhurt. Mogger always the businessman did not want the moment to turn into regret and broke in. "Mistress Amalya, as I said before it is fortunate that you have come to The Silk Hat, because not only do I know men who can help you out, I can make sure that you do not get hurt should these bounty hunters escape the daggers we wield." He looked nodding at the two behind his back ignoring their raised eyebrows. "You see I am a member of the Lia-Kavair and the people here in the Trevorman knows that. In fact some..." He was cut short by Slakka. "Tell us more of these bounty hunters and why they are after you woman, and maybe, just maybe you may be worthy of my attention."

Amalya looked surprised at Slakka's hostility but kept whatever she thought to herself. "I did some things back in the Red Domed city that would hardly even raise an eyebrow here, but back there it was a disgrace and I had to flee or face the gallows and gods know what else. I didn't know that there was a price on my head until two days ago. Since then I have spent my time in hiding but as they closed up on me, I decided to take action. I had heard that the owner of The Silk Hat had connections with the underworld of this city so I came here, to buy your services." She didn't look up at Slakka who frowned at her story not sure to believe such a tale. Jeremiz however was less suspicious even though he kept his distance. "So alchemist, how much do you pay us to get rid of these tormentors of yours? I take it your life would be worth the same sum they came to hunt you for no?" He smiled to Mogger who yawned, bored of all the round-talk. He sheathed his dagger and jumped up on the table pacing back and forth. "Ignore the interrogation mistress Amalya, we will help you. Though I am inclined to ask about the payment. We are probably the most efficient and secretive killers you can get so I should warn you that we do not work for beans, even if I like those fart makers in a meat stew."

Amalya giggled though it sounded more like an insane woman's giggle than a sane. "I think the price on my head was five pounds but I am not sure. That is a sum I do not have yet but I am confident that my colleagues will loan me the money. After all my life is worth more than that." Jeremiz added. "That is not a small amount. Count me in Mogger. Slakka?" The assassin was still frowning but said at last. "Aye, I agree if we get half in advance and you describe the victims in detail to us." She looked up at the three and smiled weakly. "It is better you ask the innkeeper who warned me. I have not had the courage to find out what they look like myself." The three nodded. "There is one thing I would like for you to do if you succeed. I would like for you to transport the bodies to the House of Arcane Lore. I have special needs and if I am to raise the amount of silver you are asking, the bodies must be my security. And please do not ask what I will do with them. That is an occupational secret. Speaking of secrets, what do you intend to do with those who hunt me?" Mogger took her hand and kissed it, looking into her eyes as he smiled evilly. "My lady, that is simple... I will cut out their innards..."


Amalya is telling the truth. She is hunted by three men sent out by the Arcane Lore guild in Coranan who just recently found her whereabouts. The men, all ex-soldiers are tough and greedy but they do not know that the innkeeper of The Noose and Jester, has been providing drink for the house of Arcane Lore well known so when the bounty hunters asked one question too many, the innkeeper sent a warning to the alchemist. The rest is as Amalya tells the PCs. Though she fails to tell them that she experimented on the living killing an important servant of the Nordaka clan. That is why she had to flee to Golotha. The PCs should as always try to avoid direct and frontal attacks on the three men because they are quite experienced and knows that there is much trouble in the city. A bad harvest last year has starved many and those who didn't die still roam the streets in search of weak victims.

The bounty hunters stays at the King's Falcon Inn in Chakta because it is safer there. They will leave their room during the day scouring the city in search of the alchemist. Neither of them are particularly good at investigating but they have been successful in the past using their brawn. They used to be a part of the Shiran legion but left after disciplinary problems and has since then been working as sell-swords. They are armed with daggers, shortswords, and buckler but can get spears should the need arise. Two of the men also have shortbows strung on their backs. The PCs can either attack them head on, or poison them should they be smart and get access to their gear in the rooms. The three soldiers carry their valuables (roughly 330d Coranan combined) inside their blue cloaks at all times, so there is not much left in the room except traveling gear, some wine and food, and such.

Should the PCs be able to kill the three the problem of transporting the bodies will remain. They could pay a teamster to pick up the corpses and have them transported to the Arcane Lore, but that would only work in Golotha. This part of the adventure will require a lot of GM discretion and wiggling, and to increase the tension there is a slight chance that scavengers would like the items worn by the dead soldiers. If they attack the PCs depends on where the three men died, how they are being transported and the condition of the PCs themselves. If the PCs kill the men but are unable to deliver the bodies they will not get paid. Only half the sum as agreed upon from the beginning. Amalya is not stupid and will try to scare the PCs with one of her magic items should they threaten her. Still she is pretty harmless but her colleagues may not be...

Shortsword 95
Dagger 85
Spear 100
Buckler 95
Initiative 85
Dodge 80
Armour Enc 20
Attributes Average 14
Endurance 15
Leather, Quilt, Cloth

Shortsword 85
Dagger 75
Spear 90
Buckler 95
Shortbow 70
Initiative 75
Dodge 75
Armour Enc 20
Attributes Average 13
Endurance: 14
Leather, Quilt, Cloth

Dagger 65
Spear 85
Buckler 90
Shortbow 65
Initiative 70
Dodge 70
Armour Enc 25
Attributes Average 12
Endurance: 13

POWER COMES KNOCKING (session 7) ...

Mogger woke wide-eyed, his heart pounding because he thought he dreamt that someone was bringing down his tavern. There was another loud thud at the kitchen door. Pulling his dagger, he jumped off his bed and was about to slip into his leather hauberk when the door came crashing down. A commanding voice boomed on the outside. "Bring me that dwarf alive." Mogger heard his bodyguard wake with a unnatural howl giving away where they slept. "Stupid Bhurt, I kill you myself..." The midget innkeeper ducked under his bed to hide in his earth hole but was unable to open the hatch before he felt someone pull his ankles and drag him brutally from his bedroom. Out in the kitchen he was lifted onto the table and pinned down by the point of a sharp broadsword. If his heart had pounded before, it was grave still now. He mustn't faint. In the bedroom he could hear a fight as two men wrestled with Bhurt. "Please do not hurt him." Mogger could barely speak because of the cold steel being pressed against his throat. "I beg you sirs, do not kill him." A lord of some magnitude, dressed in mail with a giant fur cloak, and resting a silver sword on his shoulder eyed both Mogger and the kitchen around with a look that spoke of disgust. In the back Bhurt was being dragged by two mailed soldiers, his hands tied and his mouth gagged. Mogger felt a lump in his throat. For though his soul was corrupted, seeing his bodyguard in this state was more than he could bear.

Luckily they just tossed the struggling Bhurt in a corner and held him at spear point. The lord with the massive fur cloak stood by Mogger staring him into the eyes. Somewhere in the house he heard the whores and his mother cry. The lord pulled the midget by his hair with his mail fist. "You little pig. Where is it? Where is the token of Pameshlu?" Mogger was stunned. Had he stolen something from this lord and forgotten about it? A hand of cold steel struck him across the mouth. "I do not like to wait for answers pig. I ask you for the last time, where is the token?". Sweet Shadow of Naveh, what the hell was he talking about? Better to speak and at least try to save his life. "My lord you have the wrong man, I do not have what you speak of. By all that is holy in this world, I do not mess with Agrikans." The lord was about to strike him again but stopped midair. "You are Mogger of the Lia-Kavair no?" The midget nodded, feeling sweat dripping down on his nose. Seeing the knight easing his violent temper for a moment Mogger hoped to turn this death experience to his own advantage. He had to save his tavern. "My lord... Someone has stolen something from you I can see that by your wrath. Doubt me not, because I do not have it. Spare me and I may be able to find it for you. If..." The knight frowned and grimaced. "If? There is no if pig. The thieves were last seen in your tavern and you probably bought the token from them".

This was insane. Mogger had always come across the Agrikans as cruel but tolerable. This knight however was different. Then he saw the Mamaka medallion around his neck and realized that these were men above the law. He sighed but decided that if he failed to be strong now, these knights would hack him to pieces and put his dear tavern to the torch. That must not to happen. "My lord I tell you the truth. I do not have it. This is a place for poor and outcasts, not thieves. The Lia-Kavair..." He was cut short again by the arrogant lord. "Enough! If you do not have it dwarf, then you better find it for me. You have three days to deliver the token that was stolen from my uncle's chapel in Vinarsa. Fail to do so and you and your kin..." He nodded over to Bhurt then back towards the whores in the other rooms. "... Will be the main event in the next arena as Gargun fodder. Understood?" Mogger felt sick but managed a nod. "Bring the token to me at BridgeTower Inn before I have second thoughts about letting you live through this day. If you can, bring me the three serf thieves who stole it as well. Alive great, dead? Just as good. Ask for Zaurial if you do not see me." With that he motioned his men to release the two. They started leaving the tavern one by one but the lord stopped at the broken door. "And clean this pig sty". With those words he was gone in the morning mist.

It took almost two hours to calm himself, Bhurt and the women. This had been a most unpleasant encounter. He slammed his dagger in the table. The knight had meant business and he would no doubt do as he promised. This was most unfortunate but all things considered, Mogger was alive and had three days to find the token. He was hungry but decided to wait with the food. Three serfs had stolen a valuable Agrikan token from a chapel and then as he devoured their eyes. Oh yes, he would wait to eat until he found these maggots and then he would get both food and pleasure by killing them. They were the fault of this mess, not the Agrikans. Getting dressed and slapping Bhurt over the head for his stupidity, he calmed his boiling innards. Mogger told his mother not to open the tavern until he returned. With that he left for the city. He had to get help from his two friends. Involving the Lia-Kavair was pointless. They could protect and hide him, but that would mean that the Silk Hat would burn, and Mogger would be out livelihood. That didn't do. These serfs had to be found fast. Perhaps there would be something good out of this mess after all. He found his two friends late in the afternoon at Borana's place, having supper. Trying to look his best he began his tale...


It was a meal fit for a king. Roasted duck with sauce made of the finest wine, pear pies coated in honey, and liqueurs from the mainland. Borana hadn't spared on the silver to get this meal in order. And she had done it just for Slakka. The assassin sat leaning on the wall in a well crafted cushion chair, wearing nothing but a silk shirt, Emelrene linen leggings, and a pair of black leather sandals, generous gifts from his woman. Though he looked like any other rich noble or guildsman, the loaded crossbow on the table, and the broadsword leaning against the wall, told Jeremiz that Slakka never rested nor trusted. And the assassin was not happy that the skinny thief had found him here. He clearly showed it. If their host noticed she didn't show, and simply made room for Jeremiz to join them. Slakka on the other hand wasn't done yet. "What do you want thief?" He leaned over the table and grabbed a goblet. Jeremiz eyed the lavish dining chamber with the rich tapestries and sturdy carved oak table. The perfumer was rich, no doubt about it. "Ahem Slakka, nothing particular to be honest, but after all this commodity down in the Trevorman a few days past, I thought it would be for the best if I lay low for a while. You know, to let this steam subside." Slakka snorted but said nothing more.

Borana served her two guests the food and said prayers openly to Halea. Jeremiz eyebrows almost broke the roof. Slakka a stern Naveh worshipper and his female lover a pious Halean? He was about to ask but saw the assassin shaking his head. It was obvious to Jeremiz that his friend had let his feelings for the woman come first, and his religion second. They dined in silence enjoying the pleasures of the table. When they were done Borana took the thief on a tour around the house showing of her trade. Returning impressed, Slakka sat with angry eyes as he warned Jeremiz. "It is one thing that I am this woman's man, but it is another thing that people know about it. You, Mogger, the rest of the household, and a few others like Jarop are too many already. I do not want anything to happen to her because of my trade. You understand surely." He was caressing his crossbow smoothly to make his point. Jeremiz never the fool, and knowing about the assassins ruthlessness in combat, nodded approvingly. Borana however simply smiled. "My love is too careful at times. I have guards and money to buy myself off but he still treats me like a little girl sometimes." She leaned over and kissed the newly bathed assassin. This brought a smile to Slakka's lips and he returned the favor.

They were interrupted by a servant who announced that they had a visitor. Odd. Borana had specifically told her journeyman that she was not to be disturbed today. But the servant simply nodded at the direction of the two men at the dining table. "Mistress, it is no customer, but two men, well one man and a smaller one, who claim to be the friends of your guests." Slakka groaned. "Mogger..." Borana laughed pleasantly. By the ten Gods she was lovely. "Bring up more food and beverages for our two new guests." Jeremiz eyed Slakka with a devilish smile. "And you tell me to be more careful?" Both suspected that there was something amiss, for Mogger who wasn't all that fond of the perfumer and her influence over the assassin, would never linger in her house for too long. Indeed they were correct. Mogger had a downtrodden look and the right side of his face was bruised. He was in trouble. Gulping the goblet handed to him by the leaning Borana, the midget pushed by her with a nodding thanks leaving the drooling Bhurt standing foolishly by her side. He yelped like a little puppy when she also gave him some wine. Borana seemed to have made a friend for life. Mogger sat down on one of the chairs not even bothering to elevate himself. He sighed and told them of his trouble...


Besides the trouble with the bounty hunters there are other rumors, events and more that the GM can spice up the session(s) with. Below follows a section of extra events and rumors that may or may not come the PCs way. The GM is advised to use as much discretion as possible.

    • Zaurial, nephew of the powerful Klyrdes Bisidril, is hunting for three serfs who escaped Vinarsa manor. Now that would not be out of the ordinary except for the fact that one of these serfs stole a gold token from a chapel found in the graveyard. Zaurial and his men will come knocking down doors on The Silk Hat tavern because this is where the serfs were last seen. The knight is probably Rethem's most skilled warrior (see the venerable GM pic of myself on the index page, being as ego as can be), and commands great respect of his men. He is followed by two other Mamaka knights, a squire, and three mounted yeomen. The serfs are hiding up in the old temple ruins at daylight (it is a matter of time before they are snatched away by the Morgathians), and the bushes below the hill at night. Zaurial knows about Moggers connection with the Lia-Kavair and wants him to find the serfs and the token before he impales him and the rest of the rabble that frequent his tavern. The serfs are not easy to find but with a little luck, money spent, and snooping about, Mogger may find out where they are hidden. The token is to be delivered at the BridgeTower Inn where Zaurial is staying. Involving any of the Lia-Kavair to help will only bring the words "we can hide you" and the action to do so but nothing else.
    • A rumor tells of a few women who were getting their clothes washed outside the walls west of the houses of Thorfinn's Marines, and mysteriously disappeared. This was during the daylight but no one, not even the mercenaries saw what happened to the four women. It is widely rumored that their tortured souls can be found in the temple ruins on the hill. No one however is brave enough to go there to find out.
    • The PCs are caught up between half a dozen drunken knights and soldiers of the queens guard, and angered and mostly bored knights of the Mamaka. The PCs, to escape the onslaught must manage a dodge roll and a jumping, climbing or agility test, or face a 1d6 + weapon damage to a random location if they fail a second dodge roll. After that it is advised they flee the scene. There will be serious injuries on both sides but nothing fatal.
    • A rumor tells of Largo of Lorjan being poisoned by an assassin in his household. It is said that the assassin was caught but didn't speak of whose allegiance he belonged to. It is not certain if the mercantyler will survive (not entirely true, Largo is alive and only has blisters in his mouth and on his lips, the assassin did die during torture however)
    • The PCs come across a miller journeyman and his farmer friend, the latter downed and bloody, who are assaulted by starving scavengers. The miller, 18 year old Jilte, screams for the help of the PCs waving a slack purse in their direction with the words "My father will reward you...". Should the PCs intervene they will face seven desperate men and women (HM3 NPC Townfolk 1 and 2) who will not yield until four of them has been downed. Jilte will give the PCs his coins (a mere 23d) and ask them to visit him and his father in the village of Uger south of Thiri (this is a lie because Jilte comes from Kanday Imiden) for a reward. There is nothing the PCs can do for the dead farmer and the miller will say a quick teary prayer to Peoni and depart. Should the PCs insist to follow him he will try to run away...
    • A rumor tells that there has been treasure found in Selvos by an apothecary and that she has fled the location filthy rich. Not only that there are more piles of gold to be found according to local tales from the south and that the apothecary was only able to amass a small part of the whole loot (some agitator has been in Selvos and heard the rumors of the lost treasure and he mistook the physician with an apothecary).
    • The PCs come across a fat knight, his squire, two servants and two men-at-arms who leaves Borana's shop infuriated with the words "No commoner whore says no to me..." before they take off through Chafin Gate. The lord is Hugor Arvallen of Methindy and Nend manors, and he is used to getting his way. He is more than infatuated by the gorgeous perfumer. Should Slakka enter and want an explanation she will simply tell him to leave it alone because Sir Hugor has been acting like that for years and that he is a very wealthy customer. "He will calm down" (unless the PCs do something about it, he will not and will reappear in below doing something nasty...).
    • A naked bearded filthy man come running down the streets screaming about the last days of the world and Armageddon. "The Copper Hook will slice through the checkered cloth but break upon the walls of stone, and the badger will be hunted down by the stag but the price will be too great. When the stag clash its horn against the virgin's gown, it will be tamed and loose its power before being overrun by the emperor. But it will matter little because the dead will rise once more to torment us all... Yiiiieeeaaaw..." And with that he will throw himself into the canals much to the amusement of some, but with horror of more, and usual superstitious lot.
    • A rumor tells of viking ships being seen outside the shores of Shostim heading south. They are either members of the Earl of Tormau's forces or Orbaalese pirates heading south to Kanday for some looting (they come from Tormau and are set to spy for the earl).
    • Sir Hugor Arvallen are unable to put a hold of himself and rides into Golotha with his men who beats up Borana's guards, her apprentice and journeyman. And snatch her away to his manor. A widower Sir Hugor, has been infatuated by the beautiful perfumer for months and his desire has been making him mad. Unfortunately for him, Borana is neither interested in his wealth or his status and spurns him. That earns her a rape and severe beating. Sir Hugor's eldest son, Chafos, a man who quench his sexual thirst with men, is disgusted by his father's weak attitude towards this "Laranian whore" (that is his name for all women) and leaves the manor with his entourage on a pilgrim's journey to Menekai (where his two younger brothers live, one priest and one templar). Sir Hugor is left alone with his servants, guildsmen, three guards (and a handful yeomen), his youngest brother Hiriz who is a herald, Hiriz wife and their two daughters. Borana is thrown into the dungeon. Borana's journeyman will tell Mogger of the event shortly afterwards and tell him what happened. He want to meet with Slakka and also tell him about the event and that Borana is with child. The PCs best chance is to take the manor by night and using stealth and cunning. Sir Hugor, Gonte the Chamberlain, and Hiriz has keys to the cells. All people on the manor knows where the new woman is being held. They know she has been beaten but few knows that she has been raped. Borana herself will want Hugor dead because she has bled much and probably lost her child. Should the PCs kill Hugor and be seen, their days will be numbered. However should he be killed and the PCs escape without being seen, and Borana escaped, Chafos will return and hang a few local serfs to please his lord that the murderers have been caught, and then take the place as the ruler of Methindy and Nend. He does not want to end up as his father and ignores both his killers and the perfumer...


This adventure took two sessions instead of one. Of course that is mostly because I was tired and only held the steam up for about five hours instead of ten during the first session. To please the players I said that we could game the day after as well which, the greedy die rollers they are, agreed to heartily. Evil Erol didn't participate in this session because he was on a mission for the Baron of Thiri in the name of his cousin (read the player was unable to attend). In either case both sessions went smooth, even during the few combat events that took place.

Time: Nuzyael 17th Golotha + Nuzyael 22nd Golotha
Days: 17th - 19th (3 in total) + 22nd - 30th Nolus (92 in total)
Characters: Slakka, Jeremiz, Mogger, and Bhurt
Players: Dan, Jonny, and Darius
Date: Saturday 10th + 11th April 2004
Length: 19:00 - 24:00 + 16:00 - 01:00

Notes: The PCs were hired to do the work of Amalaya and proceeded with caution for once instead of mad head-on style. Following the bounty hunters, and paying a few street-smart urchins to help them out, the PCs managed to get their daily habit under check. Then the PCs decided to lure the bounty hunters into an ambush in the Silk Hat tavern using Mogger's whores as bait. Sending an urchin to tell the Thardians that the info about the alchemist they grabbed their gear and headed with an extra open eye towards the Trevorman. Jeremiz pretended he was an informant selling the info and the whores distracted the two others. On Jeremiz' whistle signal, Bhurt came crashing down from behind the counter his sword in charge, while Slakka moved from the outside opening the door pinning one of the soldiers down with a bolt shot in his back. Jeremiz attacked the leader and normally that would have cost him his life, but Zhurban and little Mogger added their skills until Slakka could go head on with his sword.

What really saved the PCs and cost them little in the form of injuries was lucky dice rolls and good planning. For once. The three bodies were transported in the middle of the night to the Arcane Lore and the rest of the money was paid. The next day Mogger and Jeremiz had to make a visit to Jarop and pay him the fee for the work, and though it may sound odd that people can be slain in the Trevorman without calling on the authorities, this is Golotha and Trevorman is a place for many of the poorest of the island. Still this earned the ears of the Mamakas of where a priest and knight came looking for trouble. Mogger persuaded them that the three dead had been scavengers and not worthy of their attention. Of course a donation "in the good name of our God Agrik" was also spent.

The second day and the second session had to be expanded with a few interesting events. Two main ones will be described here (the rest went as planned). Zaurial, whom they found out is the nephew of Klyrdes, really scared the crap out of Mogger who desperately had to persuade his two fellow friends to help him out. Finding the serfs proved harder than they had hoped for. Few remembered strangers that looks like natives so it took a few coins, some patience and a lot of snooping around to finally have a street urchin tell the PCs that he had seen three strangers in filthy garbs skulking by the stream north of the "evil graveyard". The PCs headed out to the spot and found the camp of the men in the morning. They were unfortunate because the tracks left behind pointed to the horrible Morgath ruins, and only Slakka had the guts to climb up there and search the place. He found the three serfs but also two Morgath priests who had paralyzed the men with fear.

Slakka always quick to see that crossbows do not work against the undead (these priests were not but he didn't want to find out if they were) decided to play the herald and asked coolly but with weak legs ready for sprint, if he could have a word with the serfs before the priests took them "down to the pits below". The Morgathians were about to add Slakka to their catch when he smartly added that the three captives had stolen something from Vinarsa and the holy Bisidril clan (a successful rhetoric roll). The priest allowed a few questions but told Slakka to be quick about it or lest he would join the serfs. The rest is as they say history. Finding out where the serfs had hidden the token Slakka didn't even bother to thank the priests because he fled north jumping like a madman down the hill (injuring his hand in the process). Thus in doing so that feat probably saved his life. The priests were about to take him as well.

I have tried to add a little love story to all these depraved Golothan acts and I have luckily succeeded. The Crimson Love scenario that I planned to make ended up here in this adventure instead as guidelines. Using the first stage where the PCs saw the enraged Sir Hugor leave the shop added a bitter taste to Slakka's mouth and it turned out better than I had hoped when the lusty lord kidnapped Borana. Mogger did his best to try to persuade the assassin to ignore the woman and leave her to her fate but that earned him a smack on the face and a death threat. He left it at that. Both Jeremiz and Mogger agreed reluctantly to aid Slakka, fearing his sword and poisons more than a powerful manorlord. Mogger transformed himself into a dog and spied on the village for a day before returning to Golotha to tell what he had seen (fled is more the truth, from the herder's sheepdog).

Using this information they set out at dusk and waited until midnight before scaling the walls of the manor. Sneaking around they were able to find Borana severely beaten in the basement. Seeing her condition Slakka vouched to kill the lord in his bed slowly. They tied her to a ladder wrapping the perfumer in one blanket and two cloaks, and carried her out to a small grove of trees. There Jeremiz waited but Mogger deemed it too risky and fled back to Golotha. Slakka returned to the manor and killed one of the night guards, and then headed for the lord who woke when the assassin was picking the lock on the door to his bedroom. The lord only wearing a gown attacked Slakka screaming for his guards. Seeing no alternative but to flee the assassin counterattacked the lord with the point of his sword, which was coated with poison. The lord died but Slakka was seriously wounded across his shoulder. Luckily he is quick and was able to flee into the night.

Jeremiz and Slakka carried Borana to Golotha, paying a fisherman and his family kingly to transport them to Trevorman, where they kept her hidden at the assassin's grandfather's house. They do not know that no one is looking for them and they fear the worst...
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