Parts 15 & 16: Blood for Blood

A great Harn campaign with the esteemed Patrick Nilsson, AKA "The Dongmaster" as GM.

Parts 15 & 16: Blood for Blood

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A NEW MEMBER OF THE CREW (session 15, Jeremiz, Boros PCs) ...

Jarop broke the roasted chicken in half and ripped off a meaty part. Gulping it down with the aid of some smuggled wine he sat back on his chair eyeing the two men standing before him. They were in Jarop's room at the brothel. Ever since he had surfaced the town has been a battleground between those who were loyal to him and those who were not. The latter had either fled or perished. The guildmaster had lost more than silver. The battle had cost him sleep, fat, and his usual quick way to anger. Still in spite the bad weather and the early morning he seemed to be in a good mood. The two men waited for him to speak. One was Jeremiz, short, quick, a master thief whose loyalty was never in doubt. The other, a smuggler named Boros, Boros the Butcher. A tall thug with a reputation true to his name. His loyalty was only in question when he was unable to control his bloodthirst. Or so they said. Jarop pushed one of his flagons to them as he nodded and began to speak. "Jeremiz, meet Boros. One of the men who guarded me when I fled Coranan and one of the most effective means to get rid of the lice that overran this city in my absence." The butcher swooped up the flagon and drank greedily under the watchful eye of Jarop. Behind him Thorfinn sat sharpening his battleaxe clad in heavy armour. Younger than Jarop, the smuggler captain had the same size and strength as his elder brother but without the extra meat.

Jarop continued. "This scheme by Dalfyn, Naveh take his soul to the darkest of places, has cost me money. Money I do not want to spend. I love very few things and silver is one of those. I have a task for you lads, a task that will make me regain some of my lost wealth and take you two a step closer to what matters in our guild." He leaned back awaiting the questions. Boros leaned upon the table with his hands as he spoke. "I am loyal master Jarop, never fear that, but I come with a price, just like all do. What is the payment and what do you want me to do?" Jeremiz eyed the bearded newcomer with a frown. The chandler simply smiled. "You know I can have you killed in the most gruesome fashion just for asking that question Boros." The thug nodded without flinching. "Yeah I know that but why kill the one who does that best?" It started small, like a chuckle but when it was all over they all roared with evil laughter. All but Jeremiz who was a simple thief, not a murderous psychopath. Jarop wiped tears from his eyes as he continued. "True enough and your question is fair butcher. There is a few knights in town with loot to spend. I want the loot they have and I want it before it falls into the pockets of clothiers, innkeepers and gods know what else. I have information about a knight who is on his own with only a servant and a spearman to guard him. He wouldn't mind loosing some cash would he?"

Jeremiz who had been silent the whole time coughed discreetly and raised his hand to get Jarop's attention. Instead he got Boros. "Are you a fag thief or do you not have the balls to speak up properly? Weaklings the lot of you." Jarop threw Jeremiz a winter apple and nodded. Ignoring the thug the thief spoke. "A knight sounds dangerous master. This will require careful planning unless you are looking for a quick way to end my life..." The chandler raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Jeremiz my lad, you honestly do not think I would want to loose my most talented thief? Of course it will need careful planning. But to date that has never been a problem has it my friend?" The thief shook his head in approval. Boros cut in. "OK, then we need to make sure that the knight is either sound asleep by some draught or is visiting the local brothel. A page and a spearman should be acceptable resistance. Still, there is not much meat on this thief. Do you think he can hold against those with me?" Jarop shook his head. "Jeremiz is to help you open doors, steal objects, spy, and such. I know you are skilled with some burglary yourself but Jeremiz is talented like few others and you would do well to learn from him. But to answer your question, no I do not want you to storm the house by yourself. Pick up that midget Mogger and his guard as well. I believe he is at his tavern with that pig Erol."

Boros shrugged and turned to Jeremiz for information. He got it. "Well Mogger is a member of the Lia-Kavair but Erol is not. He is not to be trusted. A deluded swine to say the least." Boros faced Jarop. "What if they refuse to come with us?" The master of thieves took on an angry face "If they do, state an example on one of his whores and tell Erol that two of his friends in the city may be interested in his whereabouts. They have no option to refuse." The butcher smiled and spit on the floor. Jarop didn't seem to care. "You will get half of the loot to share gents, and if you want to share it with the midget and the freak is up to you. I want the rest. And no funny business. I do not want to make an example of you two. The knight lives in a house with a red door on Bashaar Street. He rents it from my brother." Jeremiz bowed and prepared to leave. "Count on us master. I will not fail you." Boros simply nodded and followed the thief into the rain. They took some time to reach The Silk Hat. They never said a word between them as they walked from the brothel to the tavern. Lia-Kavair they breathed and lived, but it would take more than a handshake to become friends. As they entered the tavern Boros got the last words. "What a dump..."

THE BADGER SURFACES (session 15, Mogger, Erol PCs) ...

Mogger eyed the man sitting with his legs crossed on his table. He was short haired and bearded and he looked anything but the former noble he was. The arrogance was still there but the edge in the eyes had faded. No doubt from the many months in confinement in one of Jarop's many hideouts. Gone were the long hair and the long scar across his face was partially hidden by the blonde beard. Evil Erol had surfaced once again. "Well Mogger, let's discuss how much I can rent the house for. I need a place to sleep and stay hidden." The midget sipped on his ale as he thought. "I need to think about it Erol. I do not want to skin you but I will not rent it to you for nothing either. So, uh, how do you feel?" The question was really not that important. Both knew that the only thing that kept them talking was the fact that one needed a place to stay and the other someone to protect the house. So Mogger was surprised when the former herald answered sincerely. "Well under the circumstances I am doing well. I have been close to the brink of death and yet here I am, under your roof with nothing but hurt pride and less cash in my purse. But why do you care?" The taverner shrugged as he refilled his tankard. "I don't but I do have a warning for you. Jarop told me to give you a message. And I advise you listen to it." Mogger cleared his throat as he drew his dagger lazily and waved in the direction of Erol's face.

"If you even as much as stray but a little in such a way that will be harmful to either the guild or any of its members, you will end up head down in the fetid canal. Master Jarop has had it with traitors and would-be heroes in this city. Step on his toes and you will die. Simple as that. He will not give you a second warning. My take is that you heed it. Some of us were lucky to escape his..." The words faded. Erol didn't seem impressed. "Tell your fat fuck of a master that I bow to no one besides me. I will not be threatened like some serf under the whip. I am Evil Erol, master heralds and a Lenesque." Mogger didn't need to feign being stunned. He was. "Are you telling me that you would dismiss such a threat this lightly? You are more fool hardy than I would think." The herald simply chuckled. "Are ye daft man? Of course I will not take it lightly. I understand that the dice has been rolled and will play accordingly. But you take note of this. My cousin may have disinherited me but I know him better than anyone. All I need is a chance to redeem myself and I am back in the game again. No Cyndellas or fat master thieves will stop that. So I will play the happy charade until I am back where I belong. Then we shall see who threatens who. And you would do wise to heed that you little freak." Erol sat back rocking on his chair as he let the words sink into Mogger's head.

The midget simply shook his head. "It seems that the time you spent alone in the basement has finally gone through your head and blown out the sanity. Do you know what happened to Slakka? My cousin betrayed Jarop and now he is somewhere beneath Temple Hill. I saw him with my own eyes Erol. Undead, his face turned into horror and with eyes that lacked a soul. It still gives me the creeps. Besides he not only betrayed Jarop. He tricked us all." The arrogant noble raised an eyebrow to this. Mogger continued. "Tell me you aren't that stupid Erol. Please, give me more cunning than that. Guess what Jarop found on his body when he fell?" Erol stroke his beard. "Are you telling me that he had the two stones all along? I simply do not buy that. It is a scheme set up by Jarop nothing more." Mogger slammed his dagger into the table. "You must be the dumbest person in the world Erol. Do you really think that Jarop could have regained his throne in this city and bribed as many people as he has with grass? The two stones and the vast cash Slakka had helped him to do that. The guild may be crippled but my master's connections has never been as strong nor as powerful. Oh yes, Slakka was cunning, cunning indeed." Mogger eyed his bodyguard. Bhurt was ready with the sword if Erol suddenly drew his.

But Erol seemed to digest the information presented to him. Mogger once again shook his head. "You see herald, my cousin was a player. Not just with Jarop but with the Lorjan brothers, a noble of some magnitude he didn't want to mention, and even with some knight up in the castle. Don't ask me who they were because I do not know the answer." Erol rose from his seat and went over to the fire. He poked around in for a while before returning to the seat. "But what about the Shostim thieves Mogger? They were suppose to be responsible." Mogger gulped down the last of the ale from his tankard. "Oh that is another tale Slakka forgot to tell us. Don't you find it odd Erol that the late Borana's cousin is a member of that guild and that Slakka was seen meeting with him only a few months ago? Or the fact that the Lorjan brothers are well connected with the same man? I do not have to be an evil genius to put two and two together." The herald's face had turned grim. "Murderous swine. Why did I ever put trust into that man?" They were both being interrupted by a knock on the tavern door. Zurban's voice could be heard from the outside. "Gents, you have visitors. Jeremiz is here with another man and they want to talk to you." Mogger rose to open the door. He gave Erol a look which spoke of keeping the conversation a secret and left to greet his two new visitors...

A MASTER PLAN (session 16, Mogger, Erol, Boros, Jeremiz PCs) ...

The Blood Raven was quiet but crowded this rainy night. Jarop who seldom visited the place sat comfortably in a chair in the farthest corner, his handful of guards at sword length. Behind him stood a hooded man, his pale face glowing in the dark. He held a crossbow across his shoulder and seemed to be uninterested in what was going on. Other guests at the table was Mogger and his retarded bodyguard, invited this once by the guildmaster, Erol as usual in his disguise, Boros the Butcher already a tad bit drunk, and last Jeremiz who looked at the midget occasionally with a demeanor that spoke of disgust. The rest of the people in the tavern were a mixed lot. Some knights from the Mamakas sat in a corner discussing things with two hooded men, and there were a long table with smugglers who gambled with some sort of tally sticks. These were just a few of the many people wanting to be unseen who enjoyed the beverages of the Blood Raven tonight. Jarop drank greedily from his goblet and wiped his mouth by the end of his sleeve. It never stopped amazing people how much this man could drink and still keep his wits and steady walk with him. For once he kept his tone low and the group had to lean forward to hear what he said. There was no way anyone could hear what was going on at the table.

"Gents, this is Flargo, a master marksman and a darn fine thief if I may say so myself." Jarop waved his hands to the pale stranger in the back who nodded to the rest of the group. "He is also one of my most trusted men who for a long time has been infiltrating the thieves of Coranan with success. It is not that I do not trust you people... No that is not correct. I wouldn't trust you to guard a penny of my treasury, and except for Jeremiz the rest of you will probably look into your own pockets before you started filling mine. And that is not acceptable. However since the times are as they are with war and all, I am forced to use you men further. And besides though you may not be trustworthy..." He glanced at Mogger who looked away, changing in his seat nervously. "... I know that you are skilled and good men at what you do. However since I can't fully trust you I will give you a chance to redeem yourself. Flargo will accompany you all when you steal the map from this man named Juren." Jarop refilled his goblet with brandy and in one stroke emptied it again. "Whatever this excursion might bring, I will be fair and split it with you like I do with the other masters. Half for me and the rest for you. We will all become rich men, and for some of you it will mean an advancement in the guild. That in itself will be even more lucrative."

He sat back with a frown as he watched the others for reactions. There was none. All knew the tax Jarop demanded and it would be unwise to be bullheaded about it. What they didn't know was how the man with the crossbow would act. Was he truly a trustworthy man, or as trustworthy a Lia- Kavair could get? He looked more dead than alive and though he had Jarop's good token, he looked anything but friendly. Whomever this Flargo character was he would have to be watched. Jarop took once again to his vocabulary. "I want you people to steal the map from Juren. Be mindful. He lives in Chakta and unlike Golotha, the sheriff do care about his people, and will act with the noose should you get caught. You have to thread carefully. I do not want to buy the map because if I did, someone else who might be looking for it, may decide I had outlived my days and take it from my corpse. Now leave me and my men to our beverages and return to me when you have the map." The last words sank in as each of the men rose from the table. They would meet in the afternoon later in the Noose & Jester which was ironic considering Jarop's warning of the sheriff and Mogger's look. Before they left the Blood Raven into the night, they all took a good look at Flargo smiling. If he was trustworthy, then the priests of Morgath were definitely people penchant for good...


In the mists of civil war the winners will eventually spend the loot and money they gain in pleasure houses, markets and the gods know what. And the master of thieves wants it all, especially now when his "hard earned" cash is being spent in rebuilding those connections, people, and more that he has lost. So it comes to his ear that a knight in the entourage of the warlord Zaurial has arrived in Golotha with loot from raiding manors in the south. The knight, a man named Sir Bazor is renting a house from Jarop's brother Oparn and will be spending half a tenday in Golotha. Because the guildmaster has lost many loyal people he wants Boros and Jeremiz to loot the knight's house and steal as much as they can (and survive in the process). Jarop instructs the two Lia- Kavair to take Mogger, and if possible the lowlife scum who lives and dies of the master's whim, with them. The plan is simple. Steal the loot Sir Bazor have amassed in the civil war and bring half of it Jarop.

What Jarop does not know is that Sir Bazor is a spy in the service of the Earl of Tormau. His primary mission is to provide information to his master about the civil war in the south, a war the earl is loosing to the king (while he is the stronger hand in the north). He also have another mission to take care of: To deliver a certain sum of money and information to the Checkered Shield and at the same time to the Copper Hooks, bring these two into a serious war of their own (instead of skirmishes). This has already been done. Now Sir Bazor is working hard to get the trust of Zaurial. This too seems to be working but it has come with a prize. Two tendays ago Sir Bazor stormed a manor and was able to take the the lady of the manor and her youngest daughter as hostages. To make sure his cover was not blown away he had to pretend that he really was a king's man and had the two women beaten severely. They are bound and gagged and resides in the house Sir Bazor is renting.

The PCs will notice after spying on the house that the knight has a love for the ladies of the city, most notably the women in the courtesans' guild. It will not take a genius to notice this and the group will have no trouble finding out when Sir Bazor will leave the house and when he is indoors. The knight lives with his two men, a sullen and quite dumb stableboy who has good hands with his master's steeds (located at the Bridge Tower Inn), and a soldier acting most of the time as a squire. Both would defend their master with their lives but know nothing of his double dealings. The stableboy is strong and carries a club and some leather armour, while the soldier is a veteran medium foot with the whole kit. The easiest way to enter the house is to pick the locks at night and try to pacify the two men inside. Besides about ten pounds of worth in silver and jewelry, the knight also has an unfinished letter in his locked chest:

I have been able to penetrate the defenses of Zaurial and is now stationed within his closest ranks. If he shares secrets I will be there to hear them. You will get all the information we need for our cause in this war. The money you sent me has been delivered to the Shields. It will only be a matter of weeks before they launch more serious attacks on the Hooks. I will await your...

(the letter is not yet finished)

If the PCs manage to enter the house and quickly take care of the two men, they will have rather long time to steal whatever loot and goods they can. If they take the letter with them, Sir Bazor will panic the next day when he returns to the house and flee the city to Tormau (of course he will not be stupid enough to mention he lost a valuable letter). The PCs can do what they like with the letter but to the right kind of people it would be valuable. Jarop may offer some money for it and those who know Zaurial are positive that he will. The goods should be split between the PCs and half of it paid to the master of thieves.


When the group has either succeeded in their mission, or failed, Jarop will have another mission for them to take care off. One that requires more brawn than brains. A former associate of the guildmaster, a notorious brigand, has been seen in Golotha since Jarop's "demise". His name is Tiller and is a well known troublemaker wherever he goes. Tiller has been seen in Nemiran Square a few times by Alvaro's lads and they have reported to their master about the brigand. The mission is simple. Kill Tiller and bring his head back to Jarop. In return the PCs will be able to keep whatever pebbles this brigand has in his packs unless it is too valuable. According to Jarop, Tiller is tall, skinny, and has an eye-patch. He is also always equipped with a crossbow which is often loaded.

Finding Tiller won't be that easy. He will not appear anymore on Nermiran Square and few people has heard or seen him. If the PCs decide to stalk the square they will eventually notice three similar looking women in their twenties, all gorgeous and all kind, having no trouble moving around such a dangerous location such as Golotha is unarmed. These women stands out from the crowd and if the PCs pay enough attention to these they will be shopping more food than they could possible eat themselves. If the group starts to ask questions about the women they have to do it from the right people. Those who never sell, or are unable to sell any goods to the three, will be more keen in talking. Others will pretend, except if being threatened to their lives, that they only sell and know nothing about these odd women. Depending on how many coins the PCs spend they will eventually find out that indeed a man fitting Tiller's description has been seen with the "Orgos Ladies" earlier.

These females are dangerous, each possessing several evolved psionic talents such as mental bolt, charm, telepathy, and pyrokinesis. Tiller is a cousin of theirs and even though these women are known to the people of the city, they have an uncanny ability to be lost in the minds of others. That is why none of the powers that be pay them much attention. Until now that is. Tiller is hiding in the women's house in the eastern side of the square (close to Zaurial's house) and he will stay for an additional five days. The women are named Hara, Elenh, and Mistra, all daughters of a mysterious man named Orgos who lived fleetingly in Golotha over thirty years ago but suddenly left with no clear destination. The three women have lived alone ever since their mother died seventeen years ago, living of people who come to get their fortunes read. Their psionic MLs are in the range of 70-90%.

Attacking the house in daylight is not wise. The women has a few neighbors who enjoy their company and they and their dogs always keep a suspicious eye out for anything odd going on. The best way is to wait long into the night, have a good set of lock picks, and then try to enter. There will be a fight no matter how stealthy the PCs are. A guard dog, an aggressive terrier, is always the king barker and will alert all in the house as soon as the group opens the door. Tiller and his handful of veteran brigands will jump to the occasion to shuffle some steel and fire a crossbow or two. The women will aid their cousin against the intrusion and use some of their talents. This could be a disastrous attack if the PCs are unlucky. The house consists of two floors and a cellar. There is a stairway directly beside the front door and this is where the brigands will come down from (as well as the opposite kitchen door where two are residing). It will however not be more who joins the fray. With Zaurial living closely most people are simply too terrified to add their help to their neighbors when it comes to physical violence. This will be a night of physical violence.

If the PCs succeeds in defeating Tiller the rest of his men will try to make a break for it. The women has an secret escape route behind the walls to an apartment in another building they rent. They will only aid their cousin until either the threat has been eliminated or until their cousin has been downed or killed. Though they might flee, it will come a time when they will avenge their relative. The PCs will find enough loot (each brigand has a worth of about 100d each, and their leader tripled that) and one of the brigands (pick one slain or downed) also has a letter on his body. This letter was taken from

The rumor is not true. The treasure in Selvos has only partially been found. I am not sure if this information is of any use to you but I was told that the Physician the same village had been able to get a hold of map of sorts that seems to be a part of the puzzle. Though I am still uncertain about the credibility, the map does mention captain Aralthor. This information did not come cheap and I expect to get paid accordingly the next time I visit Chakta. I still hope you have the other part of the map. On other notes, the leftover wool batch I was sent to buy has proven to be of excellent quality. Your “master” will have to pay hefty for the load but I suspect he will get it back. There is always a constant need of surcoats especially when there is a war to back it up. I was also fortunate to get a hold of a dye recipe which may, or may not, prove beneficial for your field of expertise.
Say hi to Hurana for me and I will see you in late Kelen my friend.


The note from someone named Kenner, relates to a wool "merchant" named Juren who is also a spy for the Baron of Omnis. Juren has a passion for old maps and treasures and deal in lost parchments whenever time and opportunity permits itself. The note Kenner sent through a messenger (now slain by the brigands) mentions the treasure of Captain Aralthor in Selvos. The brigand who had the note couldn't read but he didn't want his leader to get hold of it if it contained something valuable. Juren works closely with the Golothan merchants and clothiers and is one of the main providers of wool through the western part of Zabinshire. He lives with his sister, a housekeeper, as well as two journeymen in a lavish house in Chakta. The master in the letter refers to a Golothan clothier and not Juren's real master, the Exequer. On his travels Juren, who is slightly over thirty, has been able to create a web of informants who helps him report to the baron about activities south of the Rethemi border as well as from within.

Stealing the map from Juren will be one of the toughest things for the PCs to do unless they are so bold as to attack one of Golotha's most prominent wool providers. He has the protection of the guilds, their members, and not least their guards. The best way is to actually make a good old fashioned burglary in the house and make as silent noise as possible. Juren has the map in his locked chest in his chambers. His secret documents with the baron are well hidden in a small box behind a stone in the cellar. Making too much noise will attract the two guards patrolling the settlement as well as two slightly armed journeymen in the building. If the guards come to the scene there will be a hue and cry and the PCs will be hunted men. If the sheriff catch them it is all over. War does not tolerate common thieves, especially not thieves stupid enough to steal from people in Chakta. Another problem the PCs have is that Juren's sister Hurana is courted by a huge sergeant of the sheriff's forces. His name is Iroch and would do anything for Juren if it meant Hurana would come closer to accepting his hand in marriage.


Time: 6th Peonu Golotha
Days: 6th Peonu - 27th Kelen (51 days all in all)
Characters: Jeremiz, Erol, Boros, Mogger, and Bhurt
Players: Dan, Jonny, Lars, and Darius
Date: Saturday 24th & Saturday 31st July 2004
Length: 16:00 - 02:00 & 20:00 - 01:30

Notes: Rock 'n roll gaming that is what this adventure was all about. Lots of fighting, lots of spying, and a lot of surprises for the PCs. I wanted to create something sweaty and brain stimulating while at the same time have the players enjoy it all. It started out well with the knight and stealing his goods. The two guards were eliminated fairly quickly and though the PCs decided to speed ahead with the looting, they had nothing really to fear. It went smooth as Jeremiz opened the door, and the rest went in sword drawn. There was a small fight but nothing that injured the PCs noteworthy. They got the note and decided long and hard what to do with it. In the end Erol copied it for his own future's sake, and the original went to Jarop with half the loot as well as the two ladies who they found in the basement. The guildmaster promised the group that he would look into what the note and the women could bring him in terms of silver and pay the PCs half if it did.

The next encounter was not as easy. In fact it turned out quite bloody but thankfully without fatalities amongst the PCs. Flargo proved quite skilled with his crossbow as the PCs had hoped though they would probably have preferred to leave him behind had the option existed. It started good but turned bad as Mogger got insulted by a beggar and had Bhurt slay him. That rang a warning bell in the house of the "witches" and they were prepared for trouble, terrier alarm or not. As the PCs finally found out that Tiller had been seen in the house where the three women lived, they started planning their attack. They were a bit nervous that it lay so close to Zaurial's house but decided that with the murderous knight out of town, there was a potential chance of success. Little did they know of the women's powers. The attack was a quick success, Boros clad in Sir Bazor's mail and Erol wearing his own, took the lead and had already cut down two brigands when the witches started their magic. Flargo was charmed for a long, long time (I use Charm as a more potent talent), and both little Mogger and Bhurt were shocked by mental bolts and were out of the fight.

The midget was able to drop his lantern and his clothes took fire. If it hadn't been for an uncharacteristically Erol who after cutting down another brigand, rolled Mogger out of the flames and quenched the fire, the small taverner would have burned to death. Jeremiz kept in the background as usual holding a lantern in the house so Boros could fight with the tough opponent that Tiller was. Fortunately as soon as Erol had helped the midget he entered the fray and helped Boros kill the leader. By that time the witches had fled when one of their own misfired and she had to be taken to safety. The PCs found the note and although Boros and Mogger was severely injured, Erol only slightly, they fled the premises in fear that the witches may come back to turn them into something "unnatural" (he he...). They took the note to Jarop who instructed them to rest and heal while he thought up a plan.

For some the last part of the adventure was a disaster. The PCs found out as much as they could of Juren before deciding to strike against him. Because they had been in quite a lot of fighting prior to this part, they thought that violence would be the best way to approach this quest. To kidnap Juren and force him to hand over the note before cutting his throat. They came up with the genius plan to act as people interested in wool and since Erol had some noble clothes left he posed himself as a prominent lord from a manor near Thiri (that he knew off). Jeremiz pretended to be Erol's servant. What none of the PCs knew was that Juren knows almost all lords around Thiri and Omnis (I thought this quite possible because he travels as much as he does) and the lord Erol tried to pose as was twice as fat and bald, and someone Juren had met before. So instead of falling for the trick of "following" "Lord Ghusten Harzad" to his town house for further discussion of lucrative wool trade, Juren explained that he would return the next day to the Bridge Tower Inn and accompany the lord then. He was too busy this day. Fearing that someone had finally found out that he was a spy he decided to eliminate the threat of the PCs.

He sent note to a handful of people in Golotha he knew to follow the mysterious lord and his servant wherever they went. Juren himself hid and never appeared at the Bridge Tower Inn. Both Erol and Jeremiz suspected they had been seen through, and "fled" the inn. They didn't however do it the silent way so they were not aware that they were being followed. Being as clumsy as they were Juren's spies found out that there were five people connected to this "lord". That is when Juren decided to really find out who these mysterious men were. As one of the men he sent to follow Erol heard the name of the herald, Juren dug deep and found out that indeed this short haired man with a beard and similar scar was indeed the same herald who had been exiled from his clan Lenesque and been found "dead" somewhere south of Golotha. Juren then decided to send the sergeant with the promise that he could see his sister if he did him this favor. He did not know where Erol lived but knew he had been in touch with a midget owning a tavern in the Trevorman. When Mogger found himself surrounded by a large armed soldier and his men, he squealed like a rat. Hence Erol was captured and taken to the Chakta castle gagged where he was interrogated by Iroch.

Jeremiz was also captured and taken to the castle and was held there for half a week. The thief was sold to Jarop with the map for a hefty sum of money. Juren decided the map was not worth his trouble and he could use the connection with the Lia-Kavair. Erol OTOH tried to keep his cool but accidentally revealed information only he could know as Erol, and was kept in the dungeon for a long time until Juren came up with the brilliant idea to hand over him to the queen. Normally he would have been unable to even get in contact with someone as prominent, but a letter from the baron depicting Juren as a man of the king, got him a quick audience. The queen was delighted to hear that Erol was still alive and although still mad at the herald for failing her earlier, she now has a tool against her cousin the earl who thinks Erol to be dead. Imagine the face of Erol as he lay in front of the queen as her slave...
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